Thursday, April 14, 2005


Hello, and welcome to my personal BLOG. I'm a 50 year old white male, college educated (Before Liberalisim took over the educational system), a Replublican and conservative. Why did I decide to create this Blog. My local news paper, the Wilmington News Journal, unaffectionately called The Wilmington News Urinal, is the most left sided Liberal rag in the area. Normally this would not be a major big deal, except that this is the largest and only paper in this area. Yes, local residents do have access to The Wall Street Journal and USA Today. Although the latter is just another Liberal rag as well. Over the years I have read far too many misleading and destructive articles and public commentary that put down solid conservative ideals, promote the Liberal agenda, and basically send the wrong message to the gullable masses. I've finally reached a point where I've decided to do something about this unacceptable situation. A BLOG seemed to be the answer, provided the existence of this BLOG becomes known to the masses in the area, and they start reading it and getting the truth for a change. Some may ask, why don't I just write letters to the Editor expressing my point. I have done this, and on numerous occasions, only to be ignored, and therefore never published. The truth will do no good if its not published. So here I am, and this is my BLOG. I will try very hard, as time permits, to address specific articles or opinions on a dailty basis. The Blog entries will be by the date the item appered in the paper. Thanks for reading, and if your a whiny Liberal jerk, and hate what your reading here because the truth hurts, then why don't you go screw yourself, and while your doing that try practicing what you call "Tollerance" and get over it. I will tell it like it is however, so for the weak of heart, you better prepare yourself for a little swearing once in a while and subject matter that Liberals deem off limits, like blacks, religion and Liberals to be addressed head on.