Thursday, April 10, 2014

Oh My GOD How Bad Can It Get?

    Pretty fucking bad, and I see no end in sight. I am getting more depressed each day as I read and see our state and country going down hill so fast. What pisses me off more is that those perpetrating this destruction on us are smug and insolent about it. I love to piss off Liberals and Progressives. You cannot talk to them and get them to understand. They are too fucking stupid. That is why I just say it like it is profanity and all. In short I am exercising my right to free speech. That is a real right protected by the real Constitution of the US. Not some imaginary right made up by some left wing Government or court.

    A lot has happened in the last few years as I predicted as soon as this piece of shit Obama was elected. I said he would bring in his own people, meaning his fellow blacks who are too stupid to see him for what he is, instead they only see a black guy. He could be the anti-Christ, if he really isn't, and they would still blindly vote for his racist ass. That is a huge problem with this country. But not the only one. So he brought in his own people, and those dumb ass hymie whites like Biden, Pelosi, and Reid, he could count on to either sell out their country, or just be the dumbest ass holes on the planet and be his boot lickers.

     At first he pushed this Health Care bullshit on the country. He illegally had it pushed through the congress, used bribes, intimidation, and closed door meetings to get the votes he needed and lied in the faces of the country to gain support for this crime. The projected costs were a lie, the promises that you could keep your policy were a lie, the promises that you could keep your doctor were a lie, the promises that 30 million uninsured Americans would then be covered was a lie, and the promise that it would be affordable was a lie. Either the fix was in, or the American people were so fucking stupid they believed this liar. I still stand by my decades old philosophy, never trust a nigger under any circumstances.

    But now we have even more unforeseen repercussions. The violation of peoples Constitutionally protected right to religion, and freedom. Both are attacked by this law in violation of the Constitution. These communist inspired policies mandate that contraceptives and other sexual preventatives and abortion inducing drugs and procedures must be provided in the plan. Good people who have a moral compass left are now being forced to provide coverage that violates their Constitutionally protected religious rights. Sadly, the cunt liberals in the courts are again used to violate the Constitutional right of the people in favor of an imaginary right as put forth by the courts. These no longer free citizens are now forced to violate their faith to conform to the liberal medical plans. Kind of takes you back to the good old days of 1930's Germany. Old uncle Adolph and his crew only wanted what was best for the country and its people. It was their way or the highway. The highway to a death camp that is. But you cannot make this glaring comparison, the liberals get all pissed off and start name calling. Fuck them.

    So it seems that things have come about full circle. These pieces of shit communists liberals destroyed the family unit, promoting sexual promiscuity (they call it sexual freedom), removal of morals, removal of responsibility, removal of God, support for the murder of the unborn, support of single parent families as normal and acceptable, and now the not free, free healthcare plan to pay for those abortions, and sexually transmitted diseases. Lets heap on some social programs to pay for all of the negative consequences of these acts too.

     Talking about sexual promiscuity that brings us to the faggots again. Liberals are emboldening these perverts to fight for their so called rights. Never knew being a pervert and a sexual deviant was a right. It was always a metal disorder and a crime to me and always will be becaue that is what it is.
It used to be these perverts would keep to themselves and do their thing behind closed doors. Not any more. Now they get into your face and into your life and into your fucking businesses at the blink of an eye. They have learned well from the liberals. They have excelled in using the intimidation thing, and character assassination thing, and the shutting down of opposing views thing. They have been indoctrinating our kids for decades in the schools. Instead of learning math and english and science, they are being taught that homo's and perverts are normal people and they should be treated as equals, after all they are only two people in love right. And don't dare mention common decency or morals, they are the new taboo. You cannot have a dissenting opinion or support any group that does not embrace faggots as wonderful caring normal people. Again, your Constitutionally protected religious rights are no longer protected. They have been set aside in favor of the perversion of society.

     Another observation in my state and country generally are the overall ignorance of people. Delaware used to be a wonderful state. We had low taxes, plenty of jobs, well maintained roads. We had big business banging on our door tripping over each other trying to get into the state and set up shop. We were regulation free, and we had jobs galore for educated, hard working middle class people. These people, mostly whites, came in droves. They set up house here. Construction was a good business back in the day. Houses and businesses were being built. These corporations made cutting edge advances in products that improved our lives. People were happy, polite, and friendly. They said hello, and came over to shake your hand and talk a bit. They welcomed you into the house and offered you something to eat. They drove like educated people, obeying the traffic laws. They lived like good citizens and didn't commit crime. They lived within their means.

    What the fuck happened? Minorities. Yes, blacks. They started using, or I should say abusing this new blanket of protection called the Civil Rights bill. Kennedy died because he was going to support this bill, but Johnson who was supposed to be the southern Democrat who would not dare sign it capitulated without a fight. That was the beginning of the end. Once that farce went into effect the minorities used it to gain access to jobs they were not qualified for, then houses they were not qualified for, and the ball kept rolling. A racist attitude, a smile while holding the knife for whitey behind their back, and a few bleeding heart dumb fuck whites were all that was needed to open the door. Once they get into positions within a company, they would roll out the discrimination wagon and complain that there were not enough blacks in management positions. Dumb fuck bleeding heart whitey caves in and moves a few unqualified blacks into positions of power. The ride down the slippery slope gains momentum. Next thing you know these black managers are hiring blacks simply because... they are black. In no way are they qualified for the jobs, they only get them because they are black. Companies that held back and stood their ground were met with protests and out comes the discrimination wagon again with complaints that now they don't hire enough minorities. So dumb fuck whitely caves again and hires more unqualified blacks.Liberals over take the state government. then comes the environmental Nazi's with their bullshit lies and manipulation. The liberals in Government, too fucking dumb to tell them to fuck off, cave in and start opening departments of Environment Control. I call them the Gestapo. Now businesses who are over burdened with lazy over paid blacks and union goons, have to deal with the regulations, and fines, and constant pestering. Many have closed up all together, others have shrunk so small they may as well be gone. Along with this shrinking comes the layoffs. More people out of work, less big companies with jobs. The white educated middle class move elsewhere to get the good paying jobs that have not been destroyed by Liberal policies elsewhere. More minorities move in, and the downward cycle continues. Eventually we get to where we are now. A smaller and smaller group are educated and hard working, while the state continues to grow and expand social programs that do not work, and will not ever work. All used to support the ever growing influx of losers and freeloaders.

   This cycle goes on for a decade or so and then we find ourselves with these people having money. They move here and buy houses, and this destroys once nice neighborhoods and makes them into places that make the inner city slums look good. Shootings, crime you name it begin to rise. Then they start to vote. Delaware when it was beautiful was a Red state, we had Republican governors. That all changed with the new demographic. We started seeing Democrats being elected, and things went downhill fast from there. These Democrats with their liberal agenda played on these gullible people and got themselves elected on false promises. Once in office they continued with the we care charade, and started setting up social programs. These are sold as a way to help the poor, the starving poor, or the children, we have to save the children. Over the years more and more of these bullshit bleeding heart programs have been put into place, for the poor and for the children. Funny though, for all of the promises, the poor seem to never get away from being poor, in fact exactly the opposite has occurred, more poor come into the ranks. Why is that? Because if you enable these free loaders to continue to get something for nothing, they will have no motivation to self improve and will figure out ways to work the system and use it to get what they want instead of improving themselves, which requires actual work, and move up the social ladder.As a result the state is in shambles. It is deteriorating at a rapid rate. Social programs are eating up bigger and bigger chunks of the state budget each year. Sadly, the state pays out more to maintain these systems and doing a vain attempt at fraud prevention than the programs themselves cost.

    But the slippery slope keeps working its magic and now we have high taxes, crumbling roads and infrastructure, poor job prospects, big corporations leaving because they are fined and regulated out of business, rude ignorant people moving into the area, but plenty of social programs. And there are new calls for more. Blacks have now gotten into the government like a cancer. Under the guise of helping the poor or more recently, helping the poor children, more and more social programs are being introduced so they and their buddies can scam themselves into living large. We have TANF, WIC, Food Stamps aka EBT, Free Schools, Free Lunch, Free Transportation, Free Medical Help, but we cannot pay for the military, police, roads, elderly care etc. What is more maddening are the sophisticated methods of abuse these groups have come up with. They use children's names to apply, they use dead relatives names, they use pets, you name it, its not off limits. They lie on forms and cheat the system at every turn.We have these pieces of shit driving around in Mercedes, BMW, Lexus and other luxury cars that are way beyond their means, buy there they are at the supermarket buying lobster, TBone Steak, Catering and a host of other garbage. How is this possible. Well they had the rules changed. All they had to do was cry poor and roll out the race card and all of the restrictions on Food Stamps aka EBT are removed. They can use the money as they see fit. So now we have low life pieces of shit buying furniture, vacation trips, lawn tractors and a host of other items that should not be allowed. Then they have the gall to come and say the kids have no lunch, and no breakfast. We need the schools to provide a lunch and now a breakfast and it has to be free. Total bullshit. A majority of these ass holes should not even qualify for assistance. If they can afford a Mercedes or a BMW they do not need fucking assistance. But as usual, the jackass Democrats start seriously considering their request instead of saying no, lets investigate this first and find out why these families cannot afford to send the kid to school with a few bucks or a packed lunch but there is a Mercedes in the driveway. Fucking ridiculous.

   I can go on and on and on with examples like this. I have not even started on the union pussies yet. Union greed is another cluster fuck the Democrats have gotten us into. No government job should ever be allowed to unionize. Its simply a money grab. These fucks could be getting $20 and hour to empty trash which they do not do anyway while they sit around and talk, and full benefits and these greedy cunts would still start crying about a fair wage or a wage they can support their family with. Oh but the CEO makes millions. Yeah, he runs a milti billion dollar company dickwad. Your cry babies clip a part together or run a machine or bake bread. Sorry, no brain surgeon pay for you, your not worth that much. Unions are nothing less than legalized extortion, period. The sooner we get rid of them the better we will be. We have a lot of union goons here. A small hand full are nice people. The rest are just a bunch of greed miserable cunts.

    Let me touch on driving here. These fucking cunts don't believe in obeying traffic laws. They do not understand what the fuck STOP means. They are so fucking ignorant selfish, and rude its pathetic. They run red lights, they run stop signs, they speed, they tailgate, they cut you off, they speed, and yield is not in their limited vocabulary either. They are the most impatient cunts I've ever seen. They cut through a parking lot of a corner business to get past having to stop at a light or stop sign. That is the most selfish ignorant thing I've ever seen.

    I will be retiring in a few years. I'm working on the financial part of it now if this fucking prick racist in the white house and these liberal fucks in Dover don't run me dry first. I cannot wait to flip Delaware off in my rear view mirror as I drive off to bigger and better things. I'm going someplace where whites dominate the population, are educated, polite, and business is allowed to thrive and taxes are low because the government is run by good conservatives and not a bunch of fucking liberal Democrat pricks. Someplace I can go out for a drive and not fear for my life because a majority of the other drivers are not selfish ignorant pricks. Someplace where there is peace and quiet and I can enjoy life again and be around respectable people. I have my sights set on a few places, just need that number 62 to flip over on the calendar.Until then, I reserve my God given right to say what ever the fuck I want including words liberals want to ban like faggot and nigger. I also reserve my right to associate with, deal with or reject any person for any reason including my being offended by their lifestyle or put off by their racist actions.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Sick Of Black Racism and Trayvon Martin Lies.

      I for one am sick and tired of the black racism in this country, and even more sick and tired of hearing the racist lies being propagated by the black race baiters regarding Trayvon Martin.
      When I was born nearly 60 years ago I was raised and taught to treat all people equally and with respect, and not to steal from them, or use them, and not to be prejudiced against them as we are all the same on the inside.  Over the years I have observed a different world first hand. Black people are nothing like me. I don’t steal, I do not murder others, especially those of my own culture, and I do not thrive on racism and use it in every facet of my life. I have observed blacks stealing, killing, raping, committing a variety of other offenses most often with a racial intent. I’ve watched as they rioted and looted and burned down buildings in cities like a bunch of animals. I’ve watched and listened as they marched and pleaded for equal rights. And I watched as they won over the legislature in Washington and obtained special laws that protected them above all others in the guise of Civil Rights. Worse yet, I watched and observed as they abused that special protection and those rights to gain unfair advantage in every facet of life.
       Today I simply avoid black people. I don’t hang out with them, and I have no desire to befriend them, and it's all because of their actions that I have observed over the last several decades. I am not racist or prejudiced, I’m informed. I’m informed of the reality of what black people are all about and what their goals are in life. I find that those who scream and yell racism the loudest, like NAACP, Al Sharpton, and other race baiters, are more likely the real racists, not me.
    George Zimmerman was a neighborhood watchman. All he was doing was watching, nothing more. He was not stalking anyone let alone some black teen who he did not know or see. He was aware of high crime in his neighborhood, and was watching for unusual activity. He spotted Trayvon acting in an unusual manner and watched him for a short while then called police to report a suspicious person. He never confronted Trayvon, and Trayvon never faced him either, so how is it that he knew this kid was black, or that Trayvon thought Zimmerman was White? They did not, but the race baiters continue to present that Zimmerman followed Trayvon simply because he was walking black. Wrong, that is simply race baiting. The 911 operator had to ask Zimmerman what the guy looked like and Zimmerman had to guess he was black. However, more accurately, as proven by the real facts in a court of law, Zimmerman had returned to his car. He did get back out when the suspicious person was no longer visible to him. Meanwhile, Trayvon, who was brought up in a typical black family gets angry because he was always taught to hate white people, and to never respect authority figures. He was angry because he felt some white authority figure was after him and following him around. So it was he, Trayvon Martin who snuck back around and snuck up on George Zimmerman and viciously attacked him, got him to the ground, got on top of him, and viciously beat him, not the other way around. But to hear the black racists tell it George Zimmerman continued to follow Martin, provoked a fight with him, and when it went south and he was losing shot him for no reason. More back racist denial and race baiting. Trayvon got killed because of the very culture that raised him, and millions of other black kids in the US today and the last several centuries. Their own racism and hate caused that boys death, period. 
     They do have on thing right though, nothing is going to change regarding the racial divide in this country until some serious changes are made. Those changes do not need to come from whites, Asians, Hispanics, and other non-black demographics, they need to come from blacks. They need to stop the racism game. They need to just as actively oppose and eliminate the NAACP, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and other black racist haters who thrive off of the propagation of race when there is none as they would a NAAWP or white supremacist preacher. Blacks need to teach their kids to respect authority, to respect the laws, to do good in school, and be honest with their dealings with others. Blacks need to stop teaching their kids how to insert racism into every facet of their lives and useing it to take advantage of others. Blacks need to stop the denial that their race is the cause of most of the black demographics issues today. Statistics show more blacks commit crimes of all types more than all the other demographics combined. They continually work to hide these facts by not publishing that the perpetrators of crimes or suspects the police are looking for were or are black. They need to stop with the denial bullshit game. They need to be responsible for their actions instead of playing the race card to get authorities to back off out of fear of being labeled racist. The word racist needs to be removed from the vocabulary just as much as the "N" word. They are always calling up the profiling issue as well.  They complain that police are only talking to them because they are black, and claim profiling. Sorry, blacks statistically commit more crime, they should be looked at more closely and more often, that is just common sense and quite justified. Until the blacks drop the use of race in all facets of their lives, and more importantly, when others stop allowing them to do that, then the problem of race in regards to blacks will  go away and we can all move on.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Biden Is A Moron, And Other Liberal Idiots

     There was a small piece in the local paper yesterday about Joe the ass hole Biden our embarrassment of a Vice President. The headline states: Biden: Jews drove gay marriage changes. The aritcle goes on to say that jackass Joe was addressing the Jewish American Heritage Month reception hosted by, duh, the Democratic National Committee. Jackass Joe goes on to say culture and arts change peoples attitudes. Social Media, and the old TV series Nancy and Grace were cited as examples. Jackass Joe asked the attendees to think that behind all of that (I assume "that" is propaganda.), that he thinks 85% of those changes regarding homo's wheither they be via Hollywood or other social media were a consequence of Jewish leaders in the industry.

    Are you fucking kidding me???? Biden has just laid the entire demoralization of American culture at the feet of the Jews. Granted, hollywood and TV and social media do play a big role in indoctrinating the young and easily swayed into a different way of thinking, for example that being a faggot is perfectly normal and acceptable, that murdering fetuses is just Ok and allowable, and ikts OK for women to act like whores, that taking the wealth from those who work hard and giving it away to low life pieces of shit in society is the right thing to do etc etc., but there are some other players involved such as the Liberals and Progressives in general who are not all Jews, special interest groups for athiests, homo's and all other sorts of ilk the general citizenry are opposed to, who may also not be majority Jewish. But this is all on the Jews now, jackass Joe has said so.

    Well jackass Joe, did you ever stop to think that back in the early 1900's over in a country in Europe, the Jews were doing the same thing you are admitting that they are doing here and now today in America. Spreading imorality, promoting abortions, promoting homosexuality, promoting pornography, and basically degrading society and the people in it?? Do you remember Joe what happend when the people of that country had had enough, what happened to those Jews? Your so much of a feeble minded ass your shit forgets to think. People actually do resent what is happening to America, they resent the people doing what is being done to this country. The breaking down of society, the lack of morals and the lack of common decency. We as a human race are supposed to be learning and moving past those social sicknesses, but instead because of people like you and those you endorse, the Jews, for helping we are going backward and embracing those things we shunned for decades becaue they were wrong and unacceptable. Will we have another Hollocaust, not likely in todays world, but there will be reprocussions at some point, and now thanks to you, you fucking idiot, the Jews will be a major target. Because of your actions and words of praise towards the Jews for helping to tear down our society and calling it good, you have made them a bigger target than ever. Way to go jackass.

     Also, today we had a liberal cunt writing into the News Urinal opinion page with his pathetic liberal ranting. His name is Boyle. He goes on like a typical loon, which Liberals are, about venom boiling and how Conservatives are easily duped voters and such bullshit. Then he begins going into some sick liberal mental image of a person stroking a firearm while watching Fox news bimbos. (In reality, Boyle is probably watching the beautiful women on fox stroking his little pecker.) Then he moves on to the typical name calling of a liberal who has no valid argument or anything of fucking value to say, and cuts down Ruch Limbaugh, Hannity and other patriots before ripping into the Tea Party and does some rambling about bigotry.

     Seems to me we can plainly and clearly see who is the bigot here ass hole. YOU are the bigot here. Your too fucking stupid to open YOUR eyes and see what is happening around you. All you know is the brainwashed hate bullshit and name calling you've been indoctrinated into by your narrow minded liberal media. You have gall telling conservatives they are morons for only watching one source for news, and that they should watch more liberal media so they get educated. Well cunt, its quite clear who the uneducated ass is here and its not the conservaitves who gravitate to the source their simple common sense tells them is giving information that makes sense, and its indoctrinating them with left wing bullshit while they protect a piece of shit criminal administration, and spew lies faster than the devil himself. So, Boyle, you can take your liberal rant, and your bullsit rant and shove it up your fucking ass so far you can chew on it and spit it back out onto the liberal spoon it was fed to you with. Then you can get the fuck out of MY country so we can start repairing the damage you and your liberal commie cunts have caused here. Oh and by the way, if you think everything the conservatives say is bullshit, which is what you say in your rant, and a lie, which is also what you say in your rant, then why did you yourself envoke the "low information voters" line towards conservatives if it was such a bunch of billshit. Your the only bullshit here Boyle. Nuff said.

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Sick of the Faggots Pretening They Are Wonderful and Normal

      First we have this Jason Collins and his disgracing the NBA, and the jackasses in the media who fawn over this disgrace like he is wonderful because he is a homo and he is now admitting it publicly. Personally, I find it repulsive that the media is even giving is anything other than scorn. But no not our fucking liberal media, they love this pervert and his gay crap.

     Then, yesterday they were fawning all over Karen Peterson a Democrat from Delaware who came out during the vote and debate on homo marriage issue. What a sickening and pathetic disgrace to Delaware. But the liberal cunts in the media play it up like she is so brave and so wonderful because she is standing up for the right to be a pervert. Sickening. But what is even more galling, is the repeated printing of her insulting and insulent words that she is not broken she does not need to be fixed. Well Karen, you are fucking broken, and you are sick, and you do need to be fixed instead of making laws that force the people of this state to embrace your bullshit stand of denial. Homosexuality is a mental disorder, period.

 Psychology was one of the first disciplines to study homosexuality as a discrete phenomenon. Prior to and throughout most of the 20th century, common standard psychology viewed homosexuality in terms of pathological models as a mental illness.

     It was, in fact, on the books of the mental medical field as a mental issue for decades. Then in the 1960's the advocates started hacking away at this designation and fighting to have it removed. Eventually they did, which opened the door for them to promote this sickness as normal human behavior.  Now today, nearly everyone has been indoctrinated into this way of thinking. Its high time to put a stop to this bullshit and start getting back to the true classification of this problem that it is a mental illness. People with this illness are predatory in nature. They prey on those of weak moral standards, they prey on those weak of self esteem. They lie to them and coerce them into believing that its normal and OK to have sex with a person of the same sex. Wrong, it is a perversion. That is why for centuries they were called perverts and queers. Sexual predators is more accurate. It always galls me when these homo's get caught molesting young boys. Then they are quick to roll out the Pedophile label and quickly hid the fact that its is a predatory homosexual act. Typically an adult male, homosexual, attacking a young innocent boy sexually. Male on male sex, that is homosexuality. Now these perverts and their fucking advocates want, no demand, that institutions such as Boy Scouts allow them to be troop leaders?? Are you fucking out of your minds? Sure just toss a few predatory foxes directly into the hen house. Then these boys get destroyed mentally and physically and sexually and they act all outraged like they didn't see it coming.

    Homosexuality destroys lives, period. If the victim is young it is especially pronounced as they are marked for life. But there are many more victims of this sick disease. The parents of the person. They ae usually devastated to find out their daughter or son is a pervert. They have to live with that stigma, and the face that they will never have a normal life, and that they will never have a legitimate family with legitimate children, and grandchildren. The parents will always say they love their child and will always love them, but deep down inside they are heart broken. I know because a member of my family was stalked by a homosexual and talked into turning to this sick lifestyle. It devastated her parents,, and her family. Her mom and dad support her and lover her, but she will never have a normal life and never experience the joy of giving birth and having legitimate grandchildren. The family unit will cease to carry on. Oh, yes, the faggots have tried to get around this by adopting, and some states have allowed this child abuse to occur, which is another abomination in and of itself. So do not think for a minute that this is a victimless disease, it is not, it affects whole families.

    Collins and Peterson are sick, and pathetic as are all of the other in your face supporters of this farce. They are a disgrace to their professions, their families, their towns, and their states. And Karen, if you don't think you have horns now, you will.

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Delaware, The Latest Disgrace

Sadly, late yesterday Delaware has become another state to lose its moral compass and join the ranks of those who have embraced the faggot perversion as normal and acceptable. I am talking about the abomination of Gay Marriage. I am so fed up with special interest groups rolling in on the Equality and Civil Rights bullshit issues, and abusing them to change the way our country was made great.

This is not a equality issue at all. There is nothing in the Federal or State Constitution that says living like a pervert and exercising sodomy is a right that must be equally afforded to all citizens. It is yet another huge slap in the face to the churches and people of any faith that an institution that they created as a sacred sacrement, marriage, would be hijacked by the state and disgraced. Why and how the states got involved with a church issue, one of their sacrements, is beyond me, but if I am not mistaken, it was so the states could keep a record of who was married, and ensure that no person could be married to more than one spouse. I'm quite sure too that money as collected by fees for the applications and license came into play. Then once the state got their hands into the mix they started to control and manipulate the sacrement eventually destroying it, which is what the government essentially does, destroy everything it gets its hands onto. Homosexuality is a disease, a mental disorder. What would you say if you observed someone cutting themselves and bleeding because they got off on it, the thrill or it, the rush they get when they do it. You would say that person has issues, that they are not right in the head. They would be promptly sent in for mental evaluation. This is no different than Homosexuals. They are attracted to humans of the same sex, they get off on the thrill of sodomy, and other sexual perversions, and think they are in love when actually the only thing they can have is lust. These sick freaks need mental help, but laws that help promote what their disease makes them do and gives them no help for recovery. At one time Homosexuality was on the books as a mental disease and these patients were treated for their condition. But the advocacy started in the 1960's when they went after the AMA and made them remove Homosexuality as a mental condition. Once they succeeded in doing that, it legitimized being a faggot, and they quickly moved forward with infusing the problem into our society and forcing us to see Homosexuality as an accepted normal thing.

These advocates for perverts used the equality game to convince these elected officials to embrace their sick cause. There is nothing equal about two people of the same sex engaging in perverson vs a conventional, normal non-perverted real marriage as defined by the church and tradition of over several hundred years. I am angered that these pieces of shit would even dare to tresspass into our traditions and destroy them by attaching this sick perversion to the point of making it meaningless. But that is how these sick fucks work. The politicians are not much better because not a one has the backbone to stand up and do what is right and decent. No, they are to afraid of the character assasination that these ignorant liberal advocates will be bringing to bear upon them. They have no balls for that. They also will cave into the worry that they will be cut off funding wise, and not be able to continuously get re-elected, but that is probably less of a worry now that the unions and Liberals have the fix in on the elections. But these advocates for faggots will use the equality and rights issue to make their bullshit argument. They continually hijack the Equality and Civil Rights train and twist it from what it was meant to be, and abuse it to get changes for their cause. This is not really surprising but its getting old. The Civil Rights act was the single most destructive legislation to ever be enacted in this country, and its signing by President Johnson was the beginning of the end for America. Originally intended to help Black people escape from the grips of racial injustice, it has now become the tool for every concievable advocate that comes down the pike. It has now gotten to the point where faggots whom we were always taught were sick perverts are now to be embraced and accepted becaue after all its just two people in love right. Parents cannot repremand their children, no we cannot scare the pants off them and teach them right from wrong, we have to take the useless passive way and coddle them and allow them to be insolent and rude without any repercussions. Criminals were always scorned and the police were allowed to do their job and actually arrest these losers. If they sassed back or hit the officers they got the beating they diserved for being disrespectful and ignorant. But no, today the pol,ice have to allow these pieces of shit to kick them, spit on them, call them names, damage their property and they have to stand there and take that abuse or they get drug into some court and treated like they sodomized mother Theresa, not that Liberals or Athiests give a shit about mother Theresa. The list goes on and on and on from the home to the schools to the job. Just sit in your fucking bubble with your hands on your lap and be quiet unless told to do soemthing or talk, then only do exactly what you are told. Makes Hitler look like a pansy these liberal cunts do. I always say the difference between Hitler and the Third Reich, and Liberals in America today is at least Hitler did what he did because he actually loved his country.

Our government is courrpt, no doubt. Delaware used to be a great state. Clean, good roads, big corporations, good jobs, low taxes.... not any more. The last of the great governors was Pete duPont, a republican. We had a balanced budget every year, roads were immacualte and well maintained, people were respectful, most had pride in their homes, work, job, and family. The state knew its boundries and was prudent about its money. It spent on things it should have been spending money on, roads, infastructure, schools etc. Since about the mid 1980's things have started to go down hill. More and more minorities moved here from Philadelphia, Trenton, New York and other areas. As these transients infested our area and their numbers over took the native Delawareans, the state took a turn for the worse. They as usual voted for Democrats stupidly thinking that Democrats cared about them and their issues, and that Democrats would give them what they needed on the government dime. They got themselves elected into positions of power and promptly seeded their offices with their friends and people of similar ilk. Traditions started to be questioned, laws started to be changed, corruption started to grow, and the state started to control more and more of our lives, and not for the better as promissed. More and more advocacy was  enacted to help the poor, or the needy, or the children. Whom ever they could make a victim they did, women, children, gays, it did not matter. Eventually they state was spedning more money on advocacy issues then it was ono its true responsiblities like roads, and infastructure. Taxes keep going up and up as more spending is approved for needless social advocacy. Corporations are either taxed or fined out of existence. Many have closed or moved including some long standing banking institutions. Our idiot governor Markell is an advocates wet dream. He is a Hymie for them and their liberal causes. Any special interest or advocate that walks into his office and asks for money, or a law in their favor for their cause he says yes to. The faggot issue is no exception and just another prime example. Liberals predominant in the government, closet faggots writing the laws and pushing them through then suddenly announcing they are a pervert too.

I am sickened by what has happened to my state, and my country. There are a small hand full of states who are holdiing their ground, but no one knows how long they will be able to hold out before they too are infiltrated and promptly corrupted. I used to love Delaware, it used to be a great state, good jobs, low taxes, nice people, plenty of opportunities... not any more. I had already decided that I was moving out of Delaware to a state that still had nice people, respectful people, people with an ounce of common decency, a state where they still stood for the good and proper things. As soon as my parents pass away and I can retire, I am out of this disgrace of a shit hole.

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

America - The Joke We Have Become

Each day now since the last joke they called an election, yes, that fixed event that took place back in November, the Liberals have gotten more arrogant and more ridiculous. Even the media has noted the increased arrogance and heightened sense of anger from the arrogant Socialist. Biden didn't wait until after the election to show his true arrogant colors. He was right out there being a condescending ass during the debate that he lost. Each day we see more Liberal idiocy in the local Liberal rag The News Journal. Just this last weekend, we had an opt-ed from a Neanderthal named Harry Themal, who ignorantly and arrogantly went on a rant calling the GOP Troglodytes. Only a Neanderthal would know the difference Harry, and you can retire and go fuck yourself any day now so the world can be rid of another Liberal cunt. Many other letters are from morons who believe the Liberal Media, and constantly try to berate the Republicans and blame them for all the country's ills in spite of the fact that they have no majority and no power and the blatant and often reported Constitution run arounds and Congressional procedural violations of the Democrats. These are the voters who re-elected the Socialist Community Organizer and the new Nazi Party of the US, the Democrats, because they were dumb enough to believe their lies in spite of overwhelming evidence that they could give a rats ass about them, except if your a union pussy.

Another topic we hear a lot about is the uproar about gun control. I for one am sick and fucking tired of hearing the calls from the feeble minded idiots who do not understand guns, fear guns because of the media hype, and know nothing about the Constitution. They would all have us believe that guns suddenly sprouted legs and waked into a mall or school and fired themselves killing numerous people. Wrong ass holes, guns are inanimate objects like knives, cars, rocks and nail encrusted 2X4's. It takes a human to wield and operate them in an inappropriate manner to make them kill as unintended. But you cannot tell these pea brains anything, all they see are dead people, dead kids and they start with the cries of banning guns, banning ammunition. In fact, proven fact by the way, if you take the means of defending yourself from the law abiding average citizen then they more often become victims. Now we have Joe the arrogant ass Biden being appointed to look into and make changes to gun laws. I can see this will be a sane, fair, and well though out process so as to not violate the peoples right to bear arms. NOT! Biden will be an arrogant ass, as usual and rant and scream and toss his seniority status around to get what his party wants as soon as he finishes groping the new female senators. What a fucking disgrace. The banning of guns is solely so they can feel safe in doing their destruction. For those educated enough to know, this is exactly the same MO that the 3rd Reich used. They disarmed everyone except the military and the police thus ensuring there would be no armed uprising against the Reich and its actions and/or policies. The Liberal Democrats and their pal advocates are attempting to do the same thing for the same reasons.

Guns, or knives or any other weapon is not the problem. People are the problem, specifically mentally unstable people. You can ban guns and these mental midgets will find a different way to commit their crimes. They'll concoct a gas to release, or build a bomb, or use a vehicle as a projectile. All of the major incidents that have happened in the last decade or so were committed by mentally unstable people who should have been committed and locked away. But no, we have the bleeding heart morons out there, the mental people civil rights groups. These jackasses are the ones with the blood on their hands, not gun owners and manufacturers. It was these so called advocates who stuck their noses into the business of the medical field and law makers and had the rules changed so that these metal freaks, these dangers to society, were set free, because "They have a right to go out into society and make something of their lives." Bullshit. They need to be locked the fuck up in an institution where they are away from guns, cars, knives, bombs and other people, particularly kids. If these so called advocates would have kept their Liberal fucking noses out of the issue nearly all of these incidents would never have happened. The shooting of people in a theater in Aurora, Co, the killing of 20 innocent kids in a Connecticut school would never have happened if the perpetrators who were known to have had mental issues were locked up and institutionalized as they should have. But no, that didn't happen because of the abuse of the "Rights" issue again by Liberal advocates. The blood is on their hands and their hands only. I can hear the outrage now. Fuck you, be all the outraged you want, the blood is on your hands, period. The Liberals can never accept the truth and the facts, they always express outrage when it is presented in their face. This is particularly true of protected groups like the blacks or the Jewish. God fucking forbid you expose their crimes on society, then your a racist or an anti-Semitic, all bullshit labels meant to intimidate. I'm not fucking intimidated. Guilt is guilt and no one demographic group should have protection advantages over any other because of anything that might have happened in the past, period. The sooner that shit is cut off the better. What we need to do to fix the violence problem is to lock up the mentally unstable. The advocates have it set up so that the doctor is required to violate your rights as a parent or guardian if they even suspect any type of child abuse. They are required to call some social services moron who will invade your privacy and violate your rights solely on a suspicion, on a hunch. I say lets have the same thing for the mentally incompetent. If the medical professional even suspects that a person is or can be a danger to others, they must by law be required to lock them up. Sounds fair and it would work too.

I've heard many arguments against this, many of them are ridiculous. I hear that there is already overcrowding in institutions and they are grossly under staffed. Well if the government wasn't spending money on bullshit entitlements that they have no business being into, or even of they stopped the rampant fraud that takes place in these programs, they would be able to build bigger and better institutions and staff them properly, and that would be a perfect example of how the State should protect the well being of its Citizens. I've also heard similar arguments about the cost. Oh its much cheaper to have the loons out in society then we are not paying $3000 a month on them. So your saying the lives of innocent citizens, school kids included, are not worth $3000?? Interesting. The shoe is on the advocates other foot when they come begging for money for "The Poor" or "Disenfranchised". Then no amount is too much to spend. Of course not, the more their group that's running the show gets, the more they can skim off the top and get rich quick. Why do you think so many blacks are in these organizations, because they care? If you think so your a fool. All one needs to do is go look at the vehicle they drive. Bet its a Mercedes, BMW, Lexus or some other "status" symbol.

Lastly, I have to comment on a letter some Liberal idiot had published in today's paper the Liberal News Journal, that by the way is Racist too as the never give the description of the person  or persons police are looking for. They always say something like tall male wearing jeans and a dark top. Fucking worthless. One can cut out 50% or more of the population if you print the male was a black male or a hispanic male or a white male jackasses. Anyway, some moron wrote in today and told us all that WE didn't understand the Constitution particularly the 2nd Amendment and that the News Journal would do better work to educate the people. They claim that the second amendment states: “A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state” and therefore State regulation of guns is Constitutional. Well sorry Liberal moron your wrong, you cannot even get the fucking quote right. The 2nd Amendment actually says: "A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." See, you forgot the second part that says emphatically and concisely that the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed upon. Liberals just love to take little snippets out of context and use them to attempt to prove a point. Its the only way they can attempt to win an argument because of all of the facts were presented they would always lose.

I am sure in the weeks to come that we'll be subjected to yet more Liberal idiocy and the infringement by them and their policies upon our rights as semi-free citizens. Until and unless we do exercise our Constitutional right to stop our government from infringing on our rights they will continue to do so until we no longer have that power and freedom will be lost forever. 

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

The Insanity of Liberalism

Everything some liberal jackass or "advocate" touches turns to shit. They are always coming up with some bleeding heart bullshit to grasp onto and have laws changed to stop their perceived wrongs. A good case in point would be the example I came across last evening on Facebook.

For years now we have groups of advocate morons working for so called animal rights. First of all, they are animals, animals have no rights. Should they be treated properly, sure, no one wants to see any animal deliberately abused. However, the advocate ass holes for years have been spinning their misinformation regarding what is animal abuse and who's responsibility it is to police for the animals. Its gotten to the point now that a pet owner cannot look at their pet the unapproved way or its some kind of abuse. What is worse is that they now have the feeble minded idiots out there all worked up about these made up animal rights, and now they are "motivated".

As I said earlier, when Liberals get involved things are going to get worse. To common sense people, kicking a dog or whipping a horse with a stick are examples of animal abuse. To the rest of the morons, simply chaining pup up outside for some fresh air is now a major crime. Yup, believe it, its happened. Several states have signed into law, legislation that says you cannot chain pup up in the back yard any more. The bleeding heart advocates say that is abuse, and cruel to the animal. I'm convinced that these idiots never took a walk in the woods, probably because of the gays they advocated for last week as being perfectly normal are having sex in those woods. Anyway if they did take a walk in the woods they would see that all day long, winter, summer, spring and fall, animals are out in the elements and coping quite well. We see reports all the time, dog lost for 4 years returns home. Oh my how did pup survive out in the cruel cruel world. 

This insanity leads us to come across postings on Facebook like the one I had the misfortune of seeing last evening. Some one of my wife's friends posted a photo of a dog sitting in a car. It was a straight on shot through the windshield. The person posted the photo and said "today I saw this". Pup looked quite happy and didn't look like he/she was in distress at all. More importantly, you could not see if the windows were down, or if the car was actually running with the AC on. But in spite of this there was an immediate flurry of hate filled and insane comments that gave new meaning to the phrase "humans are idiots". Here is an idea of what some of the posts were like (with my observational comments.). Wait and confront the owner. (And get stabbed or shot). Call the police. (How about minding your own business?). Call animal control. (How about minding your own business?). Throw a brick through the window and take the dog. (Destruction of private property and theft.) Slash the tires. (Destruction of private property.) You get the idea.

My first thought after reading the first few posts was these people are idiots. They are over reacting, and not one of them asked any questions to validate what they thought was happening. They all jumped to a conclusion and started posting insane and illegal postings. I posted that it was amazing how many people jumped to the conclusion that it was hot or freezing out and the windows were closed in the vehicle and the climate control system was off. I also pointed out that maybe this was the result of more liberal meddling. That the pet owner could not leave pup at home because the dog would eat the furniture or crap the floors. Pet owner could not longer chain pup out for a few minutes while they went to the store thanks to new liberal idiocy laws making it illegal. Pet owner was therefore forced to bring pet with them. Pet owner was courteous enough to not bring an animal into a store that was not a trained seeing eye dog, and that the only other recourse was to leave pup in the car possibly with the AC or heat on while they ran in for some supplies. The responses I got were in cap letters so they were shouting like 5 year olds. One was that this was not a liberal problem that it was a stupid pet owner problem and that I had no business laying this on liberals and that the pet owner did have a choice a KENNEL. Really?? So I am a pet owner, I have to go to the store for 10 minutes to buy some supplies. I cannot leave pup at home or chain him up so I have to take him to a Kennel, fill out paperwork, pay $80 and go to the store. Travel all the way back to the Kennel and pick pup up and go home. A simple 20 minute trip turns into an hour and a half menagerie and costs me $80 doing it the liberal idiot way. I don't fucking think so. Then another moron posts that they would bust out all the windows in the car and take the dog. Are you fucking serious? Its a God damned dog!! Its an animal not a human. If the owner is dumb enough, and at this point its still an assumption on the part of the feeble minded, to leave pup in a closed car with no climate control and they lose the pup then its their loss. The bleeding heart morons need to first and foremost mind their own fucking business. Second they need to get a fucking life and not start calling for people to commit crimes of assault and/or destruction of private property.

This is just one example of how these bleeding heart liberal ideas are always total failures and invariably lead to higher prices, more expense to us, invasion of our privacy, destruction of property, and total mental meltdowns. Recycling is another example. The liberal advocate morons get up and start with their crap about the environment and how we cannot burn trash without incurring billions of dollars in costs for scrubbers and the like. So we resort to landfills. Garbage is piled into smelly mountains that stink to high hell in the summer especially after a rain. I call that the smell of liberalism. So then the landfills get too full too fast. Everyone is suing and fighting because they don't want the new landfill in their back yard. To buy a new landfill and set it up according to the liberal EPA guidelines costs the governments money, our money. Then another liberal moron comes in and says our landfills are filling up too fast we need to ban certain items and mandate recycling. This idiocy is implemented and now you see trash that should be being picked up and taken to the landfill dumped along side the back roads. This is never cleaned up because the government is broke paying for social programs and landfills, and the snowball continues to gather more snow. A simple problem, complicated beyond imagination and all because of liberal idiocy. So yes, its IS a liberal problem. The question is how do we put a stop to it.