Monday, August 21, 2006

First Of A Series On Liberal Issues That Ruin Our Lives

I know, its been a long time again since I've posted. I have too many irons in the fire honestly. Then vacations came around, and then the new school year is upon us. What little time I had I spent posting to other blogs, writing to my news papers editor, or simply fighting off Liberals. Just this past weekend I crossed paths with a flaming Liberal. You know immediately when they are nearby. All they have to do is open their mouth and they weaken the nation with their rhetoric and bullshit. Its always the same tired disproven bullshit issues over and over and over agin. Can't they be creative and come up with new real issues once in a while? Anyway this moron started out with the Bush bashing crap, and when I asked why he hated the bastard as he put it, he started in on this well he got us into this war crap. Spare me. From there it only went down hill. I spewed out some facts that only pissed him off more and then he started with insane statements like Israel should be eliminated and the Jews should be wiped off the face of the earth. What? I was so pissed off. So I started thinking. What I need to do is sit down and write out the truth about all of todays major issues. There really isn't anything hard or impossible about making things right. Its getting these jackass Liberals to let it go, thats the tough part. But, anyway, here are the facts. We will start out with the Iraq war as they love to use it as a negativity tool and a propiganda tool. And, there are a few like minded people out there that are not clear on some issues and need to put the whole gigantic picture into perspective so they see where the problems really are and who really instigated them.

I think its good to cut loose and be darned angry once in a while. Its gets peoples attention, and things get done. You also feel better too! Typically conservative people are very level headed, considerate and kind. Unfortunately, thats what has gotten us into the mess we are in, in the US these days. As the Liberals came in and took over, and got like minded judges onto benches and like minded politicians into office things began to be implemented but no one was outraged and spoke up until it was too late. Now we all have a long uphill climb to reverse the damage and some damage may not be repairable.

On todays world issues, a person has to honestly sit back and take everything into consideration. The world and world events are HUGE. People get to picking on one or two things that are not what they would do, or that didn't work out, and they get too damned focused on just those points. I think George Bush 2 is a good president. Is he a great president, no, he has done or not done some things that tick me off too. But, I will always respect the man and give him the courtesy afforded as the president of my country. As opposed to Clinton and Carter of the three, he is the best. As I said, put it into perspective. Carter was a pathetic laughing stock. He was a wimpering weakling. It was him and his appeasement administration that allowed Islamic radicalisim to come out of the closet and take a foot hold. He basically had anal sex with the Sha of Iran if you get my meaning. Look at Iran now, they are a serious threat. If he would have given help to a leader who was friendly to our country and a strong ally, we possibly could have defeated radical Isalm before it got a foot hold in that region. That didn't happen. Our country and its reputation were crapped on publicly and embarrassed around the world. Clinton was a known criminal. The man lied to a grand jury and committed perjury numersous times, as well as sexually assulted several different women. Again, at the hands of a Liberal Democrat president we were made a world laughing stock. Yet, the morons love this jerk! George the first was a nice guy I agree, but he too was on the weak side. He should have went all the way to Bagdad and cleaned up. That was his big mistake. Otherwise I think he did a pretty good job. W2 I admire for several reasons. The man had the balls to finally really go after murderers of Islamic descent. When the WTC was attacked in 1993, what did Clinton do? He gave a good talk, and tossed a few meaningless bombs here and there and that was it. Basically he went chicken shit. This further emboldened those bastages as they knew, they counted on us, to do what we've always done the last 3 decades, nothing. Failed Diplomacy crap, and appeasement. Thanks to that moron Clinton N Korea has the ability to make nukes. Great. We were attacked on 9/11, W2 attacked back. Finally, a president with balls. Actually, it seemed that most of the country grew some back then. But as usual, the plastic fakes the Democrats were wearing fell off and they reverted back to their spineless ways. Afghanistan was a must, and its a shame we could not catch the big O. I hope and pray his day will come and soon.

Now one has to really look at the over all world theatre to try to understand what the white house was and is up against. They most likely have intelligence we'll never know or hear about. It has to be that way. We have no way of knowing how much info and what type of info the people in Washington had since 9/11. But the house and senate got the same GD info as W2, so all of this crap about W2 lied is just that, crap. They read the same intelligence everyone else did and voted on it. Now they are in denial, bullcrap. Look back at Afghanistan. We captured a boat load of intelligence there. We effectively wiped out the Taliban in short order. When that happens they tend to leave everything, papers, computers etc. Afghanistan was and still is a poor pathetic country. They were not like Moscow or some place where there are factories all over the place to manufacture weapons and chemicals etc. Its prudent to assume, (and Democrats are never if rarely prudent with anything.) the Taliban were supplied by outside forces. Exposed were wimpy France and two faced Russia, the two strong adamant opponents of the Afghanistan war. But, although these countries were doing business with the Taliban, I don't think they were nuts either. So I don't think they were willing to sell them Nuclear or chemical materials. For those they had to go to a willing country with the same ideals and goals in mind. I believe that we found intelligence in Afghanistan that suggested Syria, Iran, Iraq and maybe a few other players were involved. All of those were Islamic ruled, and not US friendly. So, if you knew this and were president what would you to? How would you decide who to go after. We'll even throw N Kroea into the mix to make it interesting. So the president gets up in front of the press and annouces the US will no longer tollerate terrorisim, meaning quite clearly Islamic radicals. He gives fair warning to the world that we will come after you and take you out. (God, if only the Liberals would leave him do his damn job!) He specifically names N Korea, Iran, and Iraq. I cannot recall if Syria was mentioned or not but they are in there and part of the axis of evil. The president was coming right out and telling these SOB's we knew about them. Lets get back to making that decision. First, why the decision to fight any of them. Its possible that they knew something we have not gotten wind of yet and frankly I don't want to know. But for far too long the US stood by and did nothing. We tried the diplomacy, we tried appeasement, we tried everything outside of war. We refrained so long from a good ass kicking that the Islamic radicals were counting on us to continue to do the same for decades to come until they took over the world. So, do we sit back some more and wait for another 9/11 or do we take the fight to them for a change. I agree we did the right thing and took the fight to them for a change. It sent a loud and clear message that we would not longer bow to the wimpy whining dimplomacy crap of Europe and the UN that helped to ruin our image and our ability to defend ourselves effectively. Ok, so who to go after. Liberals just gall me when they start with the Saddam had nothing to do with 9/11 bullcrap. No one ever said he did, and 9/11 had little to do with why we attacked any of the countries on the list. We still have letters to the editor being printed in our paper today from idiots who start out the article by saying that when the Republicans started the war because of their claims that Saddam was involved with 9/11.... I start seeing red. Lets analize. N Korea. Little Kim L, just a tiny little asian dude looking for attention. He has been blowing his horn for decades and has never attacked anyone, just makes threats. He also violated or ignored the least amount of UN resolutions. To the bottom of the list with Lil' Kim. Syria. These jackasses are pretty much major players behind the scenes. This was exposed by the Israeli war last week. I'm still waiting for the outpouring of press reports..... But again, they have never really outwardly been agressive, and they have violated or ignored very few UN Resolutions. So they join N Korea at the bottom of the list, for now. At the time, Iran was relatively stable. They had a moderate but Islamic supporting ruling party. But they were not agressively seeking WMD's. They had also not attacked anyone inside or outside their country. So they get bumped to the lower parts of the list. This leaves Iraq. Good old uncle Saddam. Attacked his own people, murdering thousands, engaged in state authorized rape and torture. Attacked Iran, attacked Kuwait, threatened Israel, and was known to have large amounts of WMDS and other such supplies. As icing to this cake lets add several hundred UN resolutions ignored. Ding, ding, ding, ding. We have a weiner.

In addition to the well known as mentioned above. I firmly belive that W2 and all of the house and senate read that WMD's were verified as existing with proof. So we had two facotrs that lead into the vote for war. Our recently having been attacked and witnessed 3,000+ of our innocent civilians murdered in cold blood, and most people as I had said had grown some balls. Second they were reading some scary intelligence. They ALL voted for it, and it was done. I have no issue with that at all and would not have any with going after Iran and Syria too at this point. Its kick ass or be killed. These radical bastages have made it quite clear that they will kill us when ever and where ever they can find us and succeed in doing so. Just like the old Terminator movie. They cannot be reasoned with, they cannot be bargained with, and they absolutely will not stop until we are dead. Now, the rest is history and of course the Liberals including the drive by Liberal media have been relentless in their finger pointing, blame and baseless accusations. Its not an issue of wheither we should have gone to war with Iraq, hell yes we should have. The problem arises with the Liberals and anti-war pathetic. Yes, those morons who would, like the old priest in the 1956 version of War Of The Worlds, to attempt to walk out onto the battle field confronting the enimie thinking they can save the world and change these murderers ways with spirituality and love. (That would be something to see, seeing that many Liberals are hell bent on removing anything and everything religious from public and private life these days.) What has gone wrong with the war is them. They, as usual are part of the problem not the solution. Right off they started with their stalling and delays and lawsuits. All of their damn red tape and diplomatic crap. Bush made his first mistake by caving into those morons and going to the UN and asking pretty please can we get another UN resolution for Saddam to comply just in case he grew a brain since my putting him on notice. So then we wait and dick around for a few months while they do their pathetic thing. In the mean time over in Iraq..... trucks, of which we did see some satellite surveilance photos of but they quickly dissapeared never to be heard of or seen again, were hurridly moving all of the WMD's they could load and moving them to Iran and Syria. By the time the UN got off their asses and played through their dimplomacy bullcrap game, Saddam had removed all proof that Bush and the Congress had read about thus setting us up to be the bad guys, and of course giving the Liberals food for more Bush bashing. So we finally get to go into the new cleansed and sanitized Iraq. Then the Liberals and Anti-War spineless start on their next move. The killing of innocent people!!! (dramatic music a must daaaaa daaaaa dadadada....) They bitch and protest and complain and the drive by media go ape crap with the stories of innocent people being killed in Bushes illegal war. Oh the humanity!!! So then Bush makes his second mistake. He then attempts to appease these gutless morons and orders that we fight a kinder gentler war. (That is impossible of course) War is war. Innocent people will die, soldiers will die. Its a trade off. Leave well enough alone and leave Islam methodically murder for time into infinity until we are all dead, or we fight to kill and take them out before they take us out. Hmmmm.... lemme see now..... hhhhmmm...) Its a no brainer for those of us with working brains. So as a result we do these little skirmishes in towns only when we are absolutely sure of who is there and that not too many civilians will be killed if we go in. Then we deem off limits schools, hospitals, and religious buildings because we know that these Islamic murderers adhere strictly to the Geneva Convention which forbids setting up command centers or housing or storage for warfare in those places. After we make our slightly effective strike we roll back out and deem the job a success. To be honest with you, I cannot pin this on Bush except that he keeps Rumsfeld in office and he ultimately makes those calls. I like Rummy, but I think he is way off on this new way of warfare. As soon as we can verify that they enimie is not adhereing to the Geneva Convention all bets are off.

So we have two stupid things going on that will guarantee us a loss. No worries mate, there are a few more. Lets talk about the press. As far as I'm concerned, the press can shove their freedom of the press amendment right crap up their kazoo. If I were Rummy or Bush I'd say no press, period, and when they start with their crying and law suits just continue to slap them down until they shut up. The lawsuits issue is another topic we will cover. There would be none of this embedded press crap. They get press releases only, and that information is cleared and cleansed. My blood is starting to boil with this press crap. I can just hear them with their the public has a right to know crap. No we don't. In matters of national security and warfare, its none of our god damn business. As you well know however, this was not the case and they snooped their asses around and found a loud mouth, whom I believe are deliberate Liberal plants as part of their left wing conspiracy, yes thats the real conspiracy, who exposed the interrogation tactics we were employing. Of course the Liberals and media, which include the Democraps, went ballistic again at an opportunity to bash Bush. So fraternity games like naked leap frog, and posing in the nude became vile methods of inhumae torture. Spare me! Even if they stuck 110 volt wires up their Isalmic terrorists asses it would be justified if it meant getting the job done and saving countless American and Jewish lives. All that I would ask is that they be damn sure they were bad guys, then everything goes. The Liberals have stopped at nothing to undermine this war effort. They have humiliated our troops, they have exposed sensative intelligence and national security secrets, they have relentlessly criticized the president, and they have delibertaly engaged in tactic that endanger the lives of Americans. Then they have the unmidigated gall to call that their right to dissent.

So basically, I'm not happy with the war. Not that it was not justified or called for, but because of how it is being fought. We could have been done and out of there, or at least a lot closer to that goal if Rummy and W2 would not have caved into the touchey feely Liberals, attempted to appease them in hops of getting them off his damn back for 5 minutes so he could do his job, and attemtped to fight a kinder gentler war. None the less, I still respect my president, even if I think he's made some poor decision and even some mistakes regarding the war. I refuse to embarass him, myself, or my country in front of the world by acting like a Liberal moron, and behaving like a sick spoiled child because my sick Liberal plans are being messed with.

In tommorrows rant, we can either talk about the Liberal Press, Illegal Imigration, the ACLU, Church and State, Gay Marriage, or some other topic that the Liberals have screwed up or are trying to screw up. Stay tuned.....