Monday, October 31, 2005

Fight Time!

I must apologize for the long delay in writing. My job was taking all of my time, and then I lost my password. But I am back now. My job is still taking a lot of my time, but I hope to write more often as there have been some good writing issues happening recently. Well, today the president appointed Alito as Supreme Court nominee. Unlike Miers, who frankly made me very uncomfortable, Alito has a strong conservative background, and the Liberals are already pissing and moaning. This is a very good thing. So far, I've read that Alito is against abortion, which isn't a big issue for me either way, but more importantly he has voted against the ACLU on two occasions where religion was involved. So already I like this man. We desperately need a judge in there who will rule correctly along Conservative lines, and who will not make law from the bench or cave into Liberal idiocy. I wish him the best of luck and hope that the Liberals give themselves an anurisim trying to stop his appointment. I hope again that people are paying attention to the spectical the Democrats will be making of themselves and realize that their adgenda is not what they wanted when they stupidly voted for them.

Lets comment on the Libby fiasco. This is not a damn legal proceeding, its a witch hunt. The Liberals and Democrats are so desperate to regain some sort of control that they have resorted to trumping up bullcrap charges against senior white house officials in hopes of de-seating key people. What I find ironic is the fact that these jackals are handing down grand jury indictments allegedly for outing Plume. Plume was already outed and had been for years. Her damn neighbors knew she was formerly an agent, and she had not worked under cover for years. But these jackals cannot let it go, they have to charge someone with something. So they scapegoat Libby and say he allegedly lied to the grand jury. Crap! Whats even more revealing, is now the Democrats are calling for the resignation of Rove and Cheney... WHY???? Thats the stupidest thing I've ver heard in my life is for these idiots to start with that crap. There is absolutely no reason what so ever for Rove or Cheyney to step down.

Something on the local level. Again we have the pain in the ass few who cannot understand the principles of the Constitution, and stop imposing their way on the majority. We had a group come to speak at the local High School. This groups was a good group of people who came in to talk to the kids about being responsible and morals. This is exactly what the kids need today, is encouragement where it is sorely needed. God knows if we wait for the slacker parents to do it, it will never get done. The problem was that this group was affiliated with a religious organization. Gasp!!! Right away we have a few parents screaming Seperation, Indoctrination, and all kinds of other anti-religion billcrap. No one was forcing those kids to attend the event and any one of them could have left at any time if they asked. What made matters worse is this local paper writing an editorial comment on the issue and further continuting the presentation of false information as facts. They printed that there was a Seperation clause in the Constitution, and it must be obeyed. This is WRONG. There is NO "Seperation" clause in the Constitution. There is an Establishment clause, and all it says is the CONGRESS shall make no law establishing a religion. Not the local school, not the local officials, not the county officials, not the state officials. The only thing thats forbidden is Congress establishing a national religion and mandating the people to use it. Another thing they keep pandering to is this notion that the Constitution says that the minority must be protected from the majority. This is also incorrect. But the zealots will argue that the Federalist Papers show that the founding fathers wanted the minority to be protected from the majority. This is true, but what they wrestled with was how to do that without the rights of the majority being violated at the same time. Further, the Federalist Papers are not a controlling document for our country, the Constitution and Bill of Rights are. The way the Constitution and the Bill of Rights was written, ensured that the minority AND the majority are protected from each other, and neither can or shall violate the rights of the other. So, the point is that these one or two parents who are so "Offended" will have to understand that their kids had the right to not participate, but they do not have the right to ban the event thus preventing the kids who did want to participate from exercising their right to do so. This is Liberalisim at its worse. Its always all about them, and what they want, and to hell with everyone else. Thats unconstitutional, and needs to stop. This is why it is so critical for this country to have strict conservatives who follow the word of law and not make law based on a radical adgenda on the bench.