Thursday, October 21, 2010

Delawares Elections

Well, after 2 long agonizing years under progressive gestapo control otherwise known as the Obama Administration, we finally come to another election cycle. The big question is, have the idiots who voted for the ass holes currently in power learned anything? When I was growing up in Delaware it was a red state. That was the only thing red about Delaware. Our budget was balanced, our taxes were low. We had one of the most inviting corporate tax bases in the country. Our roads were always in good repair, and jobs were plentiful. DuPont company along with other giants such as Hercules, ICI America's, and Electric Hose and Rubber thrived. Crime was an a minimum, and people had respect for each other and their property. Our voters base was more Republican than Democrat. Slowly over time that all changed. Migration of minorities and other liberal based demographics slowly moved the state from red to blue. In that same time, crime increased, roads deteriorated, and social programs proliferated. The state today finds itself with failing infrastructure, rampant corruption in government, high taxes and fees that only continue to rise, empty coffers, left leaning courts, expanding welfare roles, few big businesses, gay havens and sanctuary's, out of control crime, and rude and insolent people, many of whom are left wing progressives. The government offices are filled with bleeding heart liberals, and progressives along with gutless moderates who don't have the balls to stand up to them. Voters are generally brainless or brainwashed idiot minions who are only interested in keeping those in office who will continue to guarantee their free handouts, progressive agenda's, and political favors.

I can hear them screaming foul now. Well, fuck you too. The destruction not only to Delaware, but to the hole country that these vile anti-American progressive whores have brought to bear has hopefully reached its end. The signs are that the people are finally starting to see through their lies, and manipulations, and do a little digging. Its not that hard if you have a half a working brain. All you need to do is go back and look at all of the empty promises they made and make a list of those that were kept. If they are honest with themselves, they will see not many, and the ones that they did keep broke the country and lined their pockets. All you need to do is ask yourself, are you better off now than you were before the Democrats destroyed the economy by instigating the housing crisis? Sadly, far too many are too fucking stupid to accept the truth, and they keep clinging to their media outlets, the bullshit they are told by their community organizing groups, or they are too stupid to realize that voting along racist lines is a huge mistake.

We have come to a cross roads in Delaware and across the nation. We have experienced an eye opening attack on our country that history has never seen before. The people are awakening from their complacency, and we hope to God they are beginning to use their brains and think about what the fuck they are doing this next election. The race in Delaware has been interesting indeed. Voters were presented, as usual, with the candidates the party's wanted. The party was not looking at who did the best job at preserving freedom and sticking to the party's philosophy, no they were presenting a candidate they felt would be the easiest win, or in the case of the idiot Democrats the best scapegoat. What a fucking stupid idea, and a stupid way to run a campaign. In the end it was so very refreshing to see that the people said NO, we know who we want and voted accordingly. The Democrats had no real choice in the matter, they had no opponents to their sickly choices. The Republicans however sent a loud and clear message, that the RNC has yet to hear. They firmly rejected the status quo, the rich and elite, the entrenched well connected career politician, and they rejected the well connected rich candidate. They knew where they had to go to get change to really happen. They selected a self made man. A man who earned his wealth by hard work, not someone who married into it. They selected the untainted candidate with no exposure to the political elements, the non rich, non-elite candidate with high moral and social standards. All traits that are sorely lacking in the country.

So now we have been subjected to the rhetoric, lies and game playing of the left. The left wing media constantly portraying the Republican candidates in the worse possible light while doing exactly the opposite with the Democratic candidates. The constant harping on meaningless issues and statements made 20 years ago that have no fucking thing to do with the candidates platform. Their desperation has been nauseating at best. The criminal PAC's supporting Chris Coon's making false statements regarding things Christine O'Donnell has not done as if they were truth. The left has pulled out all of the stops on this one. Their puppet liberal groups asking for investigations into unfounded accusations about the last O'Donnell campaign years after it was over. If you had half a brain you'd be asking yourself, why didn't this come up as soon as it happened last election if it were a concern and it were true? Everything O'Donnell says is spun and chopped up to make it sound like she is uneducated and uninformed, or just some sort of nut. The left wing minions just eat it up as was hoped for by the spin masters looking for gullible ass holes to pull into their fold. Its sad to see how stupid and gullible a human being can be.

In the end we shall see how much the people learned and if they were paying attention. Chris Coon's is only the head of the county, technically he has no real experience just like Obama. Yet that's supposed to be an issue with Christine who also has no experience. Amazing how its OK for the fucking Democrat to have little or no experience, but its supposed to disqualify the Republican candidate. Bullshit. In fact and in reality, a person with no experience is still pure and not subject to the connections and temptations of Washington or other public offices. That is exactly why Christine won the primary and is exactly why she should win the general election as well.

The liberals also pick on her because she is poor. One of the biggest problems with our elections process is that it costs so fucking much to run for any office. If you don't have a few million in the bank your basically screwed. What does this do? A lot. It does one thing the founding fathers did not want to happen, have the rich leading the country. They wanted the new government to be open to all men. That's not how it worked out. Today we have elite rich bastards in charge of everything. The average man has no chance to even start a successful campaign. Second, because so much money is needed, the candidates, even if they are rich, need to accept donations, and donations have a price. When a politician accepts those donations, they become beholden to the donor for something if they intend to run again. This is where the career politician comes from, and career politicians quickly lose sight of the real reasons they have their job. Christine O'Donnell should be admired for trying to run a campaign without a ton of money. That is a brave and determined person. But what do we get, she is unable to keep her finances in order, she used funds inappropriately, she hired her mom oh God forbid! Coon's on the other hand is well connected with the elite. He married into it when he married the Gore girl. Not that he didn't make decent money as an attorney for the company, but the marriage really sealed his financial fate. Coon's backers are more elites, and what a lot of people do not know because the liberal press is suppressing it, is that Coon's is already connected in Washington. He's not the white angel that Christine is, no way. See, Coons lobbied hard in Washington on behalf of Cap and Trade because his company, Gore, would benefit greatly by selling its products which would be required by millions of industries affected by the law. So before he is even elected Chris Coon's has a head start on more of the same old same old the people are trying to avoid. Christine on the other hand has no such prior contacts and connections and that is exactly why Christine is the right candidate for real change, and another reason she soundly defeated Castle.

Another attack we constantly hear about is her moral values. Oh, they are not presented as values, they are presented as insane ramblings or the mumblings of an idiot. That's the best the left can do. Christine has good wholesome American values. Something the progressives have been whittling away at for decades. There is nothing wrong with having a higher moral standard than the left. Just a little common decency goes a long way. We used to uphold common decency in this country. But slowly the progressives have infiltrated the courts, governments, and schools, and worked hard at removing those ideals from our society and replacing them with homosexuality, childbirth out of wedlock, living off the system, being lazy, tolerance of deviant and/or criminal behavior, anti-religion mantra, and creation of imaginary rights to name a few. God fucking forbid anyone attempt to stop that from continuing. Coon's supports all of those efforts. He supports the lefts imaginary separation clause, the man given right to kill the unborn, the man given right to engage in sodomy and have it be accepted as normal, and the enabling of the system leaches to continue to do just that. What he didn't have the balls to do when he had the chance to do so, was really cut spending in the county. He did cut some, but he went after the usual suspects that always get cut, police and fire and the like. No he didn't have the balls to force the unions into new contracts with reasonable terms. No he didn't have the balls to cut wasteful social programs. No he robbed the people of the county by raising their real estate taxes 54% and their sewer taxes 54% and robbing the emergency fund. No, no, no, he is not going to admit he failed to do his fucking job, he's going to lie to you about it and try to pass it off as something great and hope your too much of a dumb ass to notice. People need someone they can trust and believe in to go to Washington. The person with higher standards, more compassion, and more moral values is Christine O'Donnell.

Lets do one more shall we. Coon's in the last two debates pontificated about the Constitution. Oh, he is a lawyer, he knows all about the Constitution. Yeah, and he could not name any of the rights afforded by the first amendment. The media did its best to make Christine look like she didn't know what she was talking about, but she knows the Constitution better than Coon's ever did or ever will. O'Donnell's responses couldn't have been better each and every time. But after every well thought out answer she gave, Coons would act as if O'Donnell were speaking in tongues and make a dismissive remark to the moderators. Coon's is also completely clueless about the first amendment and what exactly Congress Shall Make No Law Regarding The Establishment Of Religion meant. O'Donnell had it right again, but the sad part was when the group of  indoctrinated law student morons actually gasped at her accurate recounting if its meaning. Coon's is also clueless on world affairs as well. Coons would say something idiotic such as his conspiracy theory about the Australians uniting with the Chinese against America. O'Donnell described the China problem perfectly and accurately, the Chinese hold so much of our debt, we can't hold them accountable in their dealings with Iran or North Korea. Coon's had no reply, just another snide remark. Of course when O'Donnell questioned Coon's idiotic statements by asking  "Are you saying that China has a plot to take over America?" the left wing media immediately pinned that claim on her instead of its original source, Coon's. So the left can portray Christine O'Donnell as some sore of nut, but the reality is that she is very well educated, and very well versed in Constitutional matters and in moral standards. Both things are sorely needed in America today, and are the exact reason people are drawn to her, because they want those things, they want America to get back to its roots and good social values and common decency. They know their best chance is with Christine O'Donnell, not some jackass who cannot even come prepared for a simple debate on the Constitution. Lastly, the voters have to remember one thing. When the DNC thought they were never going to win by going up against Castle, they produced a sacrificial candidate. They put no effort into finding the best candidate, making Coon's more of an after thought and a second choice candidate for them. Now of course he might be in the running they think he is the greatest stink to hit the shit pile. Well, he stinks alright, but he is still a second rate candidate just like the DNC knew when they picked him.

Lastly, let mention Glen Urquhart. Too much media attention has been focused on Christine because she poses the greatest threat to the progressive machine. Poor Glen has hardly had any coverage. Glen is a hard working man, who knows what it is like to start with nothing and work hard to get somewhere near the top. Unlike Carney who was handed the good life on a silver platter. Glen, like Christine, has not been a career politician. He is not tainted by Washington or any other politics. He is not beholden to anyone. Carney on the other had is a three time loser. He has run numerous times for Governor and failed every time. He was impotent as a lt Governor adding nothing but the stains of the Minner administration and their crooked dealings and back door shenanigans and corruption on his resume. The people know his pathetic record, and that in voting for Carney they are voting for more of the same old same old that they witnessed with Minner yet hated and chastised her so much for. As with Christine, Glen is fresh blood, refreshing and untainted and exactly what the people of Delaware and the US are looking for to replace the crooks and liberal progressives in Washington who have destroyed this country.

So it is again up to the people of Delaware. They can wake up and learn from the many lessons of the past where they foolishly voted along party lines or as they were told by party leadership, or PAC, or the media, or they can learn not to make the same mistakes again. Learn the truth, dig for it, and realize that you've been stupid and foolish for allowing yourself to be lied to and used by the liars on the left, and enough is enough. Vote for the best two candidates you can who will bring change and honesty and decency to Washington from the First State. Lets be the First State to vote smartly and send the first candidates for real change and salvation to Washington, Glen Urquhart and Christine O'Donnell.