Thursday, May 23, 2013

Biden Is A Moron, And Other Liberal Idiots

     There was a small piece in the local paper yesterday about Joe the ass hole Biden our embarrassment of a Vice President. The headline states: Biden: Jews drove gay marriage changes. The aritcle goes on to say that jackass Joe was addressing the Jewish American Heritage Month reception hosted by, duh, the Democratic National Committee. Jackass Joe goes on to say culture and arts change peoples attitudes. Social Media, and the old TV series Nancy and Grace were cited as examples. Jackass Joe asked the attendees to think that behind all of that (I assume "that" is propaganda.), that he thinks 85% of those changes regarding homo's wheither they be via Hollywood or other social media were a consequence of Jewish leaders in the industry.

    Are you fucking kidding me???? Biden has just laid the entire demoralization of American culture at the feet of the Jews. Granted, hollywood and TV and social media do play a big role in indoctrinating the young and easily swayed into a different way of thinking, for example that being a faggot is perfectly normal and acceptable, that murdering fetuses is just Ok and allowable, and ikts OK for women to act like whores, that taking the wealth from those who work hard and giving it away to low life pieces of shit in society is the right thing to do etc etc., but there are some other players involved such as the Liberals and Progressives in general who are not all Jews, special interest groups for athiests, homo's and all other sorts of ilk the general citizenry are opposed to, who may also not be majority Jewish. But this is all on the Jews now, jackass Joe has said so.

    Well jackass Joe, did you ever stop to think that back in the early 1900's over in a country in Europe, the Jews were doing the same thing you are admitting that they are doing here and now today in America. Spreading imorality, promoting abortions, promoting homosexuality, promoting pornography, and basically degrading society and the people in it?? Do you remember Joe what happend when the people of that country had had enough, what happened to those Jews? Your so much of a feeble minded ass your shit forgets to think. People actually do resent what is happening to America, they resent the people doing what is being done to this country. The breaking down of society, the lack of morals and the lack of common decency. We as a human race are supposed to be learning and moving past those social sicknesses, but instead because of people like you and those you endorse, the Jews, for helping we are going backward and embracing those things we shunned for decades becaue they were wrong and unacceptable. Will we have another Hollocaust, not likely in todays world, but there will be reprocussions at some point, and now thanks to you, you fucking idiot, the Jews will be a major target. Because of your actions and words of praise towards the Jews for helping to tear down our society and calling it good, you have made them a bigger target than ever. Way to go jackass.

     Also, today we had a liberal cunt writing into the News Urinal opinion page with his pathetic liberal ranting. His name is Boyle. He goes on like a typical loon, which Liberals are, about venom boiling and how Conservatives are easily duped voters and such bullshit. Then he begins going into some sick liberal mental image of a person stroking a firearm while watching Fox news bimbos. (In reality, Boyle is probably watching the beautiful women on fox stroking his little pecker.) Then he moves on to the typical name calling of a liberal who has no valid argument or anything of fucking value to say, and cuts down Ruch Limbaugh, Hannity and other patriots before ripping into the Tea Party and does some rambling about bigotry.

     Seems to me we can plainly and clearly see who is the bigot here ass hole. YOU are the bigot here. Your too fucking stupid to open YOUR eyes and see what is happening around you. All you know is the brainwashed hate bullshit and name calling you've been indoctrinated into by your narrow minded liberal media. You have gall telling conservatives they are morons for only watching one source for news, and that they should watch more liberal media so they get educated. Well cunt, its quite clear who the uneducated ass is here and its not the conservaitves who gravitate to the source their simple common sense tells them is giving information that makes sense, and its indoctrinating them with left wing bullshit while they protect a piece of shit criminal administration, and spew lies faster than the devil himself. So, Boyle, you can take your liberal rant, and your bullsit rant and shove it up your fucking ass so far you can chew on it and spit it back out onto the liberal spoon it was fed to you with. Then you can get the fuck out of MY country so we can start repairing the damage you and your liberal commie cunts have caused here. Oh and by the way, if you think everything the conservatives say is bullshit, which is what you say in your rant, and a lie, which is also what you say in your rant, then why did you yourself envoke the "low information voters" line towards conservatives if it was such a bunch of billshit. Your the only bullshit here Boyle. Nuff said.

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Sick of the Faggots Pretening They Are Wonderful and Normal

      First we have this Jason Collins and his disgracing the NBA, and the jackasses in the media who fawn over this disgrace like he is wonderful because he is a homo and he is now admitting it publicly. Personally, I find it repulsive that the media is even giving is anything other than scorn. But no not our fucking liberal media, they love this pervert and his gay crap.

     Then, yesterday they were fawning all over Karen Peterson a Democrat from Delaware who came out during the vote and debate on homo marriage issue. What a sickening and pathetic disgrace to Delaware. But the liberal cunts in the media play it up like she is so brave and so wonderful because she is standing up for the right to be a pervert. Sickening. But what is even more galling, is the repeated printing of her insulting and insulent words that she is not broken she does not need to be fixed. Well Karen, you are fucking broken, and you are sick, and you do need to be fixed instead of making laws that force the people of this state to embrace your bullshit stand of denial. Homosexuality is a mental disorder, period.

 Psychology was one of the first disciplines to study homosexuality as a discrete phenomenon. Prior to and throughout most of the 20th century, common standard psychology viewed homosexuality in terms of pathological models as a mental illness.

     It was, in fact, on the books of the mental medical field as a mental issue for decades. Then in the 1960's the advocates started hacking away at this designation and fighting to have it removed. Eventually they did, which opened the door for them to promote this sickness as normal human behavior.  Now today, nearly everyone has been indoctrinated into this way of thinking. Its high time to put a stop to this bullshit and start getting back to the true classification of this problem that it is a mental illness. People with this illness are predatory in nature. They prey on those of weak moral standards, they prey on those weak of self esteem. They lie to them and coerce them into believing that its normal and OK to have sex with a person of the same sex. Wrong, it is a perversion. That is why for centuries they were called perverts and queers. Sexual predators is more accurate. It always galls me when these homo's get caught molesting young boys. Then they are quick to roll out the Pedophile label and quickly hid the fact that its is a predatory homosexual act. Typically an adult male, homosexual, attacking a young innocent boy sexually. Male on male sex, that is homosexuality. Now these perverts and their fucking advocates want, no demand, that institutions such as Boy Scouts allow them to be troop leaders?? Are you fucking out of your minds? Sure just toss a few predatory foxes directly into the hen house. Then these boys get destroyed mentally and physically and sexually and they act all outraged like they didn't see it coming.

    Homosexuality destroys lives, period. If the victim is young it is especially pronounced as they are marked for life. But there are many more victims of this sick disease. The parents of the person. They ae usually devastated to find out their daughter or son is a pervert. They have to live with that stigma, and the face that they will never have a normal life, and that they will never have a legitimate family with legitimate children, and grandchildren. The parents will always say they love their child and will always love them, but deep down inside they are heart broken. I know because a member of my family was stalked by a homosexual and talked into turning to this sick lifestyle. It devastated her parents,, and her family. Her mom and dad support her and lover her, but she will never have a normal life and never experience the joy of giving birth and having legitimate grandchildren. The family unit will cease to carry on. Oh, yes, the faggots have tried to get around this by adopting, and some states have allowed this child abuse to occur, which is another abomination in and of itself. So do not think for a minute that this is a victimless disease, it is not, it affects whole families.

    Collins and Peterson are sick, and pathetic as are all of the other in your face supporters of this farce. They are a disgrace to their professions, their families, their towns, and their states. And Karen, if you don't think you have horns now, you will.

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Delaware, The Latest Disgrace

Sadly, late yesterday Delaware has become another state to lose its moral compass and join the ranks of those who have embraced the faggot perversion as normal and acceptable. I am talking about the abomination of Gay Marriage. I am so fed up with special interest groups rolling in on the Equality and Civil Rights bullshit issues, and abusing them to change the way our country was made great.

This is not a equality issue at all. There is nothing in the Federal or State Constitution that says living like a pervert and exercising sodomy is a right that must be equally afforded to all citizens. It is yet another huge slap in the face to the churches and people of any faith that an institution that they created as a sacred sacrement, marriage, would be hijacked by the state and disgraced. Why and how the states got involved with a church issue, one of their sacrements, is beyond me, but if I am not mistaken, it was so the states could keep a record of who was married, and ensure that no person could be married to more than one spouse. I'm quite sure too that money as collected by fees for the applications and license came into play. Then once the state got their hands into the mix they started to control and manipulate the sacrement eventually destroying it, which is what the government essentially does, destroy everything it gets its hands onto. Homosexuality is a disease, a mental disorder. What would you say if you observed someone cutting themselves and bleeding because they got off on it, the thrill or it, the rush they get when they do it. You would say that person has issues, that they are not right in the head. They would be promptly sent in for mental evaluation. This is no different than Homosexuals. They are attracted to humans of the same sex, they get off on the thrill of sodomy, and other sexual perversions, and think they are in love when actually the only thing they can have is lust. These sick freaks need mental help, but laws that help promote what their disease makes them do and gives them no help for recovery. At one time Homosexuality was on the books as a mental disease and these patients were treated for their condition. But the advocacy started in the 1960's when they went after the AMA and made them remove Homosexuality as a mental condition. Once they succeeded in doing that, it legitimized being a faggot, and they quickly moved forward with infusing the problem into our society and forcing us to see Homosexuality as an accepted normal thing.

These advocates for perverts used the equality game to convince these elected officials to embrace their sick cause. There is nothing equal about two people of the same sex engaging in perverson vs a conventional, normal non-perverted real marriage as defined by the church and tradition of over several hundred years. I am angered that these pieces of shit would even dare to tresspass into our traditions and destroy them by attaching this sick perversion to the point of making it meaningless. But that is how these sick fucks work. The politicians are not much better because not a one has the backbone to stand up and do what is right and decent. No, they are to afraid of the character assasination that these ignorant liberal advocates will be bringing to bear upon them. They have no balls for that. They also will cave into the worry that they will be cut off funding wise, and not be able to continuously get re-elected, but that is probably less of a worry now that the unions and Liberals have the fix in on the elections. But these advocates for faggots will use the equality and rights issue to make their bullshit argument. They continually hijack the Equality and Civil Rights train and twist it from what it was meant to be, and abuse it to get changes for their cause. This is not really surprising but its getting old. The Civil Rights act was the single most destructive legislation to ever be enacted in this country, and its signing by President Johnson was the beginning of the end for America. Originally intended to help Black people escape from the grips of racial injustice, it has now become the tool for every concievable advocate that comes down the pike. It has now gotten to the point where faggots whom we were always taught were sick perverts are now to be embraced and accepted becaue after all its just two people in love right. Parents cannot repremand their children, no we cannot scare the pants off them and teach them right from wrong, we have to take the useless passive way and coddle them and allow them to be insolent and rude without any repercussions. Criminals were always scorned and the police were allowed to do their job and actually arrest these losers. If they sassed back or hit the officers they got the beating they diserved for being disrespectful and ignorant. But no, today the pol,ice have to allow these pieces of shit to kick them, spit on them, call them names, damage their property and they have to stand there and take that abuse or they get drug into some court and treated like they sodomized mother Theresa, not that Liberals or Athiests give a shit about mother Theresa. The list goes on and on and on from the home to the schools to the job. Just sit in your fucking bubble with your hands on your lap and be quiet unless told to do soemthing or talk, then only do exactly what you are told. Makes Hitler look like a pansy these liberal cunts do. I always say the difference between Hitler and the Third Reich, and Liberals in America today is at least Hitler did what he did because he actually loved his country.

Our government is courrpt, no doubt. Delaware used to be a great state. Clean, good roads, big corporations, good jobs, low taxes.... not any more. The last of the great governors was Pete duPont, a republican. We had a balanced budget every year, roads were immacualte and well maintained, people were respectful, most had pride in their homes, work, job, and family. The state knew its boundries and was prudent about its money. It spent on things it should have been spending money on, roads, infastructure, schools etc. Since about the mid 1980's things have started to go down hill. More and more minorities moved here from Philadelphia, Trenton, New York and other areas. As these transients infested our area and their numbers over took the native Delawareans, the state took a turn for the worse. They as usual voted for Democrats stupidly thinking that Democrats cared about them and their issues, and that Democrats would give them what they needed on the government dime. They got themselves elected into positions of power and promptly seeded their offices with their friends and people of similar ilk. Traditions started to be questioned, laws started to be changed, corruption started to grow, and the state started to control more and more of our lives, and not for the better as promissed. More and more advocacy was  enacted to help the poor, or the needy, or the children. Whom ever they could make a victim they did, women, children, gays, it did not matter. Eventually they state was spedning more money on advocacy issues then it was ono its true responsiblities like roads, and infastructure. Taxes keep going up and up as more spending is approved for needless social advocacy. Corporations are either taxed or fined out of existence. Many have closed or moved including some long standing banking institutions. Our idiot governor Markell is an advocates wet dream. He is a Hymie for them and their liberal causes. Any special interest or advocate that walks into his office and asks for money, or a law in their favor for their cause he says yes to. The faggot issue is no exception and just another prime example. Liberals predominant in the government, closet faggots writing the laws and pushing them through then suddenly announcing they are a pervert too.

I am sickened by what has happened to my state, and my country. There are a small hand full of states who are holdiing their ground, but no one knows how long they will be able to hold out before they too are infiltrated and promptly corrupted. I used to love Delaware, it used to be a great state, good jobs, low taxes, nice people, plenty of opportunities... not any more. I had already decided that I was moving out of Delaware to a state that still had nice people, respectful people, people with an ounce of common decency, a state where they still stood for the good and proper things. As soon as my parents pass away and I can retire, I am out of this disgrace of a shit hole.