Friday, July 29, 2005

Money Talks, Bullshit Walks

We have some state issues to bitch about today.

What is it with crooked politicians who are part of a political power strucutre? I mean people who are or were trusted to run a city or county who blatantly abuse the power of their positions and get off scott free? Former (thankfully) county head Gordon and his heanchwoman Freeberry basically got off scott free on charges that they abused the power of their offices by taking bribes and conducting other such criminal activity on the job. It was obvious that something was going on between Freeberry and her pal building the golf course. Suddenly Freeberry gets this boatload of money and then Freeberry is sticking her nose into the golf course project making sure its moving along. Yet some moron Liberal judge tosses all of this out saying he does not see any wrongdoing. Huh!? I know when I smell poop and this is a big pile of poop. All I can say is that all of the loosers, the judges, elected officials, DA's all of them are in cahoots with each other, and basically they make the legal system a pathetic joke. Gordon and Freeberry should be IN JAIL, but this is not likely to happen, and I'm ticked off about it.

The Department of Transportation has been pissing and moaning now for months about budget shortfalls and the lask of funding for much needed road improvement projects. We as residents of Delaware are quite concerned about this as we desperately need many of the legitimate projects to get started and finished. Namely a new interchange at Christiana for I-95 and Rt 1. So we see and read article after article about how legislators are going to try to come up with more funds but they don't want DEL DOT to hold their breath. The Governor will appeal to the feds for some funds and see what she can do. So this morning we see the headlines. More funds for Del Dot, but not enough to cover the 200 Million dollar shortfall. Now we have all of these jackal legislators down in Dover patting themselves on the back because they found a few bucks more for old Del Dot and closed the deficit gap. They claim that now roads will be paved, bridges will be built, and although they won't be paved in gold, the job will get done. Then we see the list of billcrap they are allocating millions of dollars towards. I find $41 MILLION dollars worth of bullcrap projects namely the items in the following list:

20 Million for a Riverfront Interchange. (Un-needed, there are several capable access routes into this area, we don't need a specific interchange built for a minor league staduim and a shopping center.)

6.75 Million for StreetScape work in Rehoboth. (This is a total waste. Its another feel good lets beautify the main street with trees and pretty flowers so the birdies will come and sing project. Spare me!)

4.77 Million for a Bike Trail. (Another total waste. This is a Parks and Recreation item, not a DelDot item.)

5.979 Million for University of Delaware Fuel Cell Bus Program. (This is another special interest waste of money. DelDot should not be funding private enterprise research projects.)

2 Million for Hydrogen Storage Research Facility for Delaware State U. (Yet another special interest waste of money. Again, DelSot should NOT be funding private enterprise research projects out of highway funds.)

1 Million for Dover Transportation and Community preservation project. (Yet another Liberal feel good waste of money on a needless beautification project. This should also fall to Parks and Recreation.)

1 Million for Energy Exploration Center in Rehoboth. (A third waste of highway funds on private research centers and projects that have nothing to do with highway improvements.)

So there ya go, how to waste $41.5 million dollars and cry that your poor.

Monday, July 25, 2005

I'm Ready

OK, I've withheld my thoughts on Supreme Court appointee John Roberts. At first I was really thrilled that Bush had chosen a solid conservative and specifically someone whom he thought would rule based on the constitution as written as opposed to his or her interpretation thus making law from the bench. After reading all of the articles on John Roberts, and noting the obviously deliberate measured response from the left I was thinking this was a good thing. But my decision making did not stop there. I later read Ann Coulters' writing and she was clearly against John Roberts, and for some valid reasons. Ann is a smart cookie and I value what she has to say. I agree, we do not want to make another mistake like George senior did with his appointment and get a secret Liberal in there who will only reveal himself after the deed is done. This appointment is so critical, we really need to know for sure. So, I've been on the fence for some time now. This past weekend however, I think I was pushed into the I favor John Roberts arena. What happened was, one of the biggest slanted Liberal morons published by the news journal opened his big mouth. Yes, Bill Press gave his words, all of which were as usual scathingly negative. Thats what I was waiting for. I wanted a true Liberal radical a-hole to open up and let us know how his or her side really felt. I got what I needed, and I am now supporting the John Roberts appointment.

Not much else has been happening here in good old Delaware. Just the typical brain dead idiot Liberals writing in with the same old tired worn out crap. Its either Bush lied, the war is a big mistake, its all about the oil, Rove must go, Rumsfeld is a criminal, we need to be compassionate towards those who attack us, Bush is responsible for the wart on their behinds, and what ever. So I just have nothing of value to write about and bore readers to death with. There was one or two readers with working brains however. They both wrote in and said if Biden ran he would lose. I agree, he's a loser already, so he has nothing to lose.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Baffle Them With Bull

Many times when we read responses to Conservative writings by Liberals, its apparent that illiteracy reigns supreme amongst their ranks. But if one really pays attention, there are some Liberals who have mastered the trickery of slight of word. Many Liberals and Democrats are gullable saps who are teken in by catch words and phrases that Liberals and Democrats have used to their advantage many times to win them over. Its not that sometimes any one of us can be fooled, but I'm talking about those feeble minded dolts who are repeatedly take in by Liberal Democrat rhetoric and bull.

Liberals love to use the catch phrases to win support for themselves, and their beloved Democratic party. Currently, the Democratic party is realing from the constant exposure of the error of their ways. They are like lost bees looking for a hive to call their own and restore their twisted semblence of order. They are torn between the idea of making real change, or staying in denial about what their party represents. They just cannot accept the fact that they are wrong and need to change. They keep on attempting to cling desperately to old, outdated and corrupted ideals, and the proof is in their words.

I'll give some examples. First: They say the party stands for healthcare for every single American. This touches the hearts of all of the gullable followers who hear those words. Those heart warming, touchey feely words of love and hope. Bunk! For decades the Liberals and Democrats have promissed the same thing and to date have failed miserably to ever deliver! This translates into: Its an empty promise idiots. They say these words to touch your feelings, and get your vote then never deliver, ever. Second: They say that the party stands for public education that works and gets the necessary resources, with strict accountability. This again is a touching phrase meant to grasp the hearts of those with children in our schools. Sob... thats so touching....sniff. Oh yes they think, I want my child to have the best edication in the bestest schools and with the bestest resources. Well, again, the Liberals and Democrats have been promising the same crap over and over again, and have delivered NOTHING. Well, I will give credit where credit is due. They have delivered something. What we got was schools that are controled by Liberals, and who insist on teaching impressionable children that prayer in schools and anywhere public is wrong, and teaching impressionable children that gays are normal, and teaching impressionable children that if you don't even try and are in danger of failing that they will not hurt your feelings by telling you the truth about your progress or lack thereof, and other such Liberal nonsense. We've gotten an education system that is so structured to the left that teachers cannot do their job and no one gets diciplined. We have a system where the rules are bent to rediculous proportions to cater to the failures so they don't have their feelings hurt. But we also still have schools in serious states of disrepair, lacking qualified teachers and staff, and in desperate need of funding. So much for the Liberal Democrat promises. Third: They say that the party stands for a foreign policy that demonstrates both strength and respect for multinationalism. Golly gee that sounds so nice and peaceful, and euphoric. Let me take another hit off this bong.....(bubbling noises). The only foreign policy that the Liberals and Democrats ever delivered was one of appeasement. The same one that got thousands killed on 9/11, the same one who let North Korea get nukes, and the same one that let Iran fall into the hands of Islamic radicals. Spare me. The Liberal Democrats are exactly the reason things are the way they are today. Bad! Fourth: They say that the party stands for a tax structure that is fair. This is interesting because this has not happened either. Another touchey feely, feel good catch phrase meant to capture the hearts and votes of the lower and middle class, which is where the votes are. Thats all they want is the damn votes. They could give a rats ass about those people. All these Liberals and Democrats ever do is raise taxes. Every single time they get elected into office one of their first moves is to raise taxes. As usual, Liberals and Democrats cost me money! They cry poor while signing off on wasteful needless bleeding heart handouts to the undeserving. Its IS true about the label thats been affixed to this party, its IS the tax and spend party. Only they spend on the wrong things that help no one except their cronies, and some undeserving system warts. Fifth: They say that the party stands for jobs for every American. Oh, that would be woooonnnnddddfeeerrrrffffuuullll. Yet again, another slick catch phrase used by the Liberals and Democrats to win the hearts of the gullable working class (who happened to be out of work). They can no longer create jobs out of the blue than the pope can take a health crap in the woods. It can happen, but its not likely.

What they consistently fail to understand, and what their blind followers fail to see, is that when they tax the businesses and the people out the kazoo, it stymies business and business growth and the economy. If the businesses are struggling due to high tax overhead they do not hire, when they do not hire, they do not have people putting money into the economy, and its a domino effect. They constantly chastise Republicans for favoring businesses, but this is the right thing to do. Healthy businesses that are not burdened by taxes for needless crap programs are able to hire more people, pay higher wages, and in turn that flows back into the economy, and has an over all positive effect. So on this promise, they also fail to deliver as usual. Sixth: They say that the party stands for protecting the environment. Maybe so, and I'll say this is not all bad. The problem is that they take it to negative extremes. They go overboard with restrictions and rules that its symies progress and costs us and businesses money. I see that as a negative. In moderation, I have no problem with watching and controlling issues related to the environment. Seventh: They say that the party stands for energy independence. Now as soon as I stop laughing, I'll continue my writing. ROFLMAO! This has got to be some kind of joke. They bitch when we want to drill in Anwar, they bitch about when we want to drill in the Gulf of Mexico, they bitch about coal mining, they bitch about coal buring emissions, they bitch about pollution caused by refineries, they bitch and protest about nuclear facilities. Basically the way I see it, the only thing thats OK for these Liberals is manual power, that is if it meets their guidelines. They would be that everyone has had their health certifications allowing them to pedal, and of course they have the required permits, and have paid their pedal taxes which would be used to subsidize those who cannot pedal on their own. If they had their way we'd all be pedaling our way around on manual generator machines and watching TV as we pedaled our generators to run that TV, the light, and the Flintstones Mobile charger. Trog no like pedal generator no more! I've written before about how Liberals and Democrats do nothing but stymie progress and this is a prime example. They offer NOTHING of any use for the American public. They offer hollow words that to gullables who would vote for them, touch a heartstring and get won over. The gullable voter then votes for them thinking these things will come to fruition, and they never do. You'd think by now that these idiots would get it and wake up that voting for these jerks is a lost cause. Just look at their record, its speaks volumes.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Blind Mans Bluff

As I write nearly every week day that I can in my Blog, I find it harder and harder to come up with different adjectives to describe the pathetic actions of Democrats and Liberals. There just isn't enough to go around. But, Liberals cannot let a dead issue die, so here we are writing again. Since the end of last week Karl Rove has been exonerated, the people investigating him and his alleged criminal actions have filed no charges. In fact they have uncovered facts that prove Rove did nothing wrong and that it was in fact a zealot media Liberal who committed a crime if anyone did. But this was not good enough for the Liberals. They cannot let it go. Here we are 4 days later and they are desperate. So desperate that they are now playing blind mans bluff and changing track and pointing fingers to a Cheney aide as the administration official who made the leak. So what next, just keep on picking aides until we get one who you can get some dirt on and make a big deal out of nothing about?? Outside of you looking in the mirror and finding the criminal looking back at you, no crime was committed, get over it!

Finally some good news. It seems that the FBI is investigating the ACLU and GreenPeace. Its about time. Both are nothing more than destructive communist entities who serve no useful purpose. I say Hurray! Keep up the good work FBI and we all hope you find a ton of terror related commie activity in your work and expose them once and for all, officially, for the anti-American organization that they truly are, and you shut them down. Especially the ACLU. But there all in an uproar claiming and attempting to show how the government is now abusing the civil rights of individuals who are acting in a perfectly legal way. CRAP! Outwardly supporting terrorists such as those in Gitmo, openly supporting known muslim terrorists, openly supporting known terrorists entities that supply supplies and funding to known terrorists is exactly why the FBI is allowed so look into all of your affairs. This is not to mention at all the violations of US citizens rights in the name of civil rights and other crimes against democracy your organization supports and takes part in.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Narrow Minded Idiocy

I'm going to write today about a subject that I am very sensative about, Americas' railroads. I've made mention of them in a post some time ago, but in todays opinion section there was a full column dedicated to the insane ramblings of an Opt Ed writer. This writer was writing about funding for Amtrak and railroads in general. He stated that by the government funding Amtrak they were essentially throwing billions of tax dollars away as railroads were the biggest waste of money anyone could invest in, particualarly the government. In his words, sinking more money into Amtrak is not economically justifyable, and cannot be justified with any argument.

I strongly disagree. One needs to do a good bit of research to route out the entire picture about Americas railroadds, and what really needs to be done. As usual, this is an area, research, where Liberals fail miserably. One thing that really ticked me off was the insinuation that railroads are a waste of money and inefficient economically. Pure crap. Well, lets disect that and see what the truth really is on that matter. Currently, and sadly, America's railroad infastructure is fairly fractured. This happened because of several things happening over a long period of time. Commonly the excuse that is given is that the advent of the automobile and cheaper air travel costs precipitated the decline of passenger railroading. This is only partially true. If one looks at the over all picture, it shows a horse of a different color. In their beginning, railroads did enjoy government subsidies and land grants which helped them to grow rapidly. But in 1887 when the regulatory entity ICC was created, things started to change. From that point onward, the railroads were harshly regulated. So much so that they found it difficult to make a profit. Railroads have a rather lopsided business model which requires a large expenditure in plant and equipment, so revenues must remain on the high side to accomodate these expenses or the railroad will fail. By the time the Railroad revitalization act was put into place in 1976 it was already way way too late to turn the tide as Americas railroads were already in ruins. Further, back in circa 1920's the railroads also had to contend with new competition from other transportation methods coming onto the scene. This along with unchanged and unfair ICC regulations made the situation worse. When the airlines and trucking industries were first being formed, they were also heavily subsidised by the federal government. Railroads by this time recieved no such funding. They did, as mentioned earlier, recieve high taxes on revenues, plant and equipment, and rediculous ICC regulation however. Highways and road construction were also very heavily funded by our government. This was particularly evident during the Eisenhower administration who signed off on the interstate highways act which basically had the government paying for the roads, bridges and tunnels we now sit on during our daily commute. At this same time they tried to use the excuse that the railroads were falling apart, that they were inefficient, and they were slow and outdated. Lets look at those claims now as well. Why were the railroads falling apart? Because of insane regulations starting in 1887, heavy subsidization of competition, heavy taxation, and WW2. They were run into the ground during the war effort, hauling goods and people across the country 24/7 in an endless patriotic endeavor. While this was happening, they got NOTHING from the government in the way of subsidies or even a tax break. Further, they were all but forbidden to perform any maintenance or new design work that would use materials that were in short supply due to the war effort. These materials happened to be those used extensively by railroads such as Steel, Iron, Brass, Copper etc. So the railroads were forced to do as little as possible in keeping their infastructure in good repair, and up to date. These areas were already hard to keep up due to lack of operating capital due to ICC regulations. As a result, after the war, the countries railroads were in shambles. They were all used up, and found themselves facing massive infastructure refurbishing costs, and still no help coming from the government. In fact, exactly the opposite was taking place. The government was still regulating them into the ground while subsidising air lines, roads and trucking. As life returned to normal after the war, the railroads struggled to keep up, and hold onto prescious revenues. Passenger service was in horrible condition. There were constant breakdowns, equipment was old and outdated. The railroads had nothing to offer the riding public, and no way to make the required improvements needed to attract and keep ridership up. As a result we saw a swift decline in passenger rail service and eventually its collapse. So thats the passenger saga in a nutshell. If the government would have continued to provide subsidies for the railroads the same as they did for the air lines, trucking industry and highways, and if Congress would have gotten the ICC off the railroads backs, then we would have a better, efficient, and intact rail system today.

But this is not the case. Today we have meager passenger train service on a limited basis, and as the writer pointed out, each train run loses money becase there are not enough of them to support the infastructure expenses required to run such small numbers of trains. But this is not the fault of the railroads, its the fault of the federal government and their failure to sibsidize all modes of transportation equally, and by their unfairly regulating the railroads so as to prevent them from making the profits required to stay alive. What we don't need, as the writer suggested, is to scrap this loser entity, and move on to bigger and better things. That would be the wrong thing to do. To reverse this situation I'll agree, we don't need subsidies equal to just enough to keep it limping along, we need a serious and comprehensive effort to rebuild the rail infastructure that was foolishly lost over the last 50-75 years and left to rot. Lets move on to the freight side of the equation for a moment. Railroads use the same infastructure to move freight as they do for passenger fare. Thus if the infastructure for passenger service is in shambles, the infastructure for freight service cannot be much better. Even if the rediculous argument that people would prefer cars over the train were true, there is always the freight side to consider even more seriously. Freight service is where we really need to concentrate our efforts, as this is where the revenues are, and the problem with the highway system as it exists today lies. As I said before, what galls me the most is when these uneducated asses make statements like railroads are inefficient, slow, inconvenient, not econimical, and unreliable. Its the inefficient and not economical part that galls me the most. How can anyone sit there with a straight face and make such a statement when the facts show overwhemlingly otherwise. Do they mean to tell me that one loaded freight box pulled by one large diesel engine, as in a truck, is more efficient and more economical than 25 or 30 loaded freight boxes pulled by one larger diesel engine as in a train is more efficient and economical? Are they going to tell us that trucks who are not only subsidised by the federal government and use our highways for free, and who ruin our roadway/highway infastructure continuously paying nothing for their repair but costing tax payers even more money for bridge, tunnel, and roadway repairs are more efficient and economical? Are they going to tell us that because trucks move slowly and tie up traffic endlessly costing drivers on the countries roads millions in additional gasoline costs and lost hours is more efficient and preferable economically? Are they going to sit there and tell us that these massive trucks are safer for us on the nations highways, and therefore more efficient and economical health cost wise? Are they going to tell us that the added pollution trucks cause with the related environmental, and health cost impacts is more efficient and more economical? You have to be a complete moron to believe this bullcrap. The benefits of rail movments of freight and if possible passengers over trucking/bussing/automobiles are multiple in numbers and vast in the amount of dollars saved. Fact: Railroads are the most economical and efficient means of transporting people and goods that man has ever devised, period. So I ask, whats wrong with this picture? We have people screaming for all of those causes in this country. Pollution, gas prices, the cost of oil, our dependency on foreign oils, health costs (they went after the tobacco industry, why not the trucking industry?), road congestion, and higher taxes, but no one is targeting the trucking industry. Its so sad what has been allowed to happen to the great railroads of this country. I just returned from a vacation in Pennsylvania. A state who was once home to the greatest railroad in the world. Several great railroads in fact. I was so ticked off sitting for endless hours in traffic at congested intersections with short lights where only one or two cars were getting through each long agonizing light cycle because the damn trucks could not get moving fast enough. While I am sitting there in this nightmare wasting my time and burning $2.34 a gallon gas getting nowhere and polluting the air, I look up to my left at the abandoned rail line and shook my head. I know that if all of the loads these trucks are inefficiently hauling while wasting hundreds of our minutes of time, and hundreds of gallons of gas, and constantly polluting our air. and continuously ruining our highway infastructure were on that rail line, as they should be, I would not be in this mess, and these wasteful, inefficient, uneconomical things would not be happening. If that happened on a national level, it would be of great almost unmeasurable benefit to this country. Its a national travesty what has been allowed to happen in this country to our railroad infastructure. This must be reversed. So, Mr editorial writer, you can shove your rhetoric up your anus. Your argument is unresearched, unsubstantiated, one sided, pathetic, lame, and wrong. Your underlying goal is to free up the funding not allocated for Amtrak and railroads so you can waste it on yet another Liberal feel good needless giveaway program. The federal government should be made to invest heavily in restoring the countries railroad infastructure its helped to destroy, and work towards a massive transition from road shipments of freight and goods to rail shipment as well as a revitalization of the passenger rail services. Thats the correct direction to go into, and the one where we would clearly get more bang for our buck..... economically.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Stupidity Is Requirement

I'm convinced that to be a Liberal, you have to be a stupid person. I may have touched on this or something similar before, but what the hey. One thing that bugs the hell out of me is stupid people. Hence, Liberals bug the hell out of me and I don't like them. We as a race of so called intelligent beings are constantly tossing out that fact, that we are the intelligent race on the planet. Well, in my opinion, maybe some of us, but in limited numbers. It does not mean that someone has to have all knowledge, or even a high IQ. It means that someone must have a bit of common sense, and be able to think and reason correctly and make sense. Liberals seem to lack these qualities. Most of how they do things and the stuff they come up with makes no sense. Many times when they speak they cannot prove their point, and its obvious they have not thought anything out, but rather blindly looked for tidbits of an over all picture that key in on the twisted idea in their heads if taken out of context, or twisted into a meaning not originally intended. So what we get is a mishmash of nonsense. Today we had a writer in the opinion page that just had to write about the media. But what they said made NO sense what so ever. Besides the usual diatribe about how the administration hates the press because they allegedly tell the "truth", and people in the administration don't like what they hear, they made statements such as: "It is not the responsibility of the press to be fair and balanced, but to speak the truth." Well yes it is!! The media cannot be telling the truth if they are only giving a slanted one side of an over all story. For example, if we constantly see only the bombings and murders in Iraq on the news, we would assume, as is their intention, that things are going horribly wrong over there. But thats not the true story. The true story is that things are doing pretty well over there, so well in fact that the administration has begun to suggest possible troop reductions. What we don't see are all of the citites and towns where peace reigns. We don't see the new schools and children in class. We don't see new homes being built, we don't hear about new roads, and new businesses opening up and doing well. All we hear is the negative. To tell the whole truth about Iraq, the press must present a fair and balanced picture of both the good and evil sides. Otherwise they are not telling the whole truthful story, and that is wrong. The administration has nothing to do with that, its a Liberal/Media thing. If the administration were to desire to do something, they would in all likelyhood press to have the good success stories told as well by the media. This has not happened because the administration respects keeping their nose out of the media, and not using it as a propaganda tool. This is a sign of a great administration, an honest administration, and a fair administration.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Catching Up And How To?

I am back from vacation. It was good to get away for a short while with no TV, no Blogs, no newspaper, and no phone. Not too much has happened since. The Liberals are still going back and harping on previously rehashed issues for the most part. Joe Biden is still a jackass. Karl Rove seems to be their whipping boy for now. As usual, the idiot Liberals want to lynch the man because he is a conservative and made a comment perfectly within the legal guidelines. Mr Joe "Jackass" Biden is already calling for him to be fired. No Joe, you should be fired, and the sooner the better as far as I am concerned. I cannot belabor this issue as there is nothing more to say as its the same old story. The London bombings were the only incident that happened of any significance. Of course now we have these Liberal idiots out there who have the unsubstantiated gall to say that London got hit because of their alliance with the USA, and the war in Iraq. Can't these mindless dolts come up with a new line? Of course they are wrong again. London got hit because Islamic murderers hate anyone who is not of Islamic faith to their liking. If the Liberals assnine statement were true then why did these murderers bomb or commit Ilamic based murders in Israel(5/1/05), Somolia(7/11/05), India(7/6/05),Thailand(7/6/05), Dagestan(7/5/05)+(7/2/05), Saudi Arabia(6/18/05), Russia(6/12/05), Chechnya(6/9/05), Algeria(6/7/05), Philipines(5/27/05), Yeman(5/7/05), and the list goes on and on. Many of the places listed above have been bombed or witnessed murders repeatedly. None of these places have soldiers or other personnel fighting terror along with us. As is usual, Liberals blab off their big mouths without knowing the facts. Shut up unless you know what the hell your talking about. So this brings me pretty much up to date. My posts may be sporatic for a while due to time restraints caused by my job. But I will post as often as I can and as issues warrant.

One thing I did get a chance to think about when I was relaxing. I have this Blog, and there are a ton of other excellent conservative Blogs out there. There are also a lot of great Conservative web sites around, and the number thankfully is growing. But I have to wonder. We always see news about the supreme court making horrendous decisions, many times regarding law suits brought by the likes of Liberal special interest groups, and the ACLU. Its depressing to work so hard to keep a web site going and to do a Blog on a day to day or even weekly basis only to see these things still happening. What twists the knife for me is we never hear about Conservative wins. We never see or hear about anyone challenging the supreme court, or filing suit against the ACLU, or filing suit because they wanted to say a prayer before class but their rights were violated by the courts or ACLU. We never see this, and we certainly never see a win for our side obviously. So, are we all just preaching to the choir? We all have excellent words. Excellent rebuttles for Liberals, and corrupt organizations like the ACLU or MoveOn etc. But if we are not actually taking actions and winning judgements, are we really making any progress or are we just making a lot of noise and its otherwise status quo? I want to know as concerned Conservatives, what have we done, and what can we do to be pro-active and make statements, and get permanent changes, and get correct judgements? How can we get an assnine judgement reversed? How do we actually go after courts, judges and groups like the ACLU, and actually get things changed and the ACLU stopped/barred? I not only want to take names, I want to kick butt too. There must be a way.....

Friday, July 01, 2005

An Opportunity For Great Change

Today a great opportunity for the good conservative people of this country opened up wide with the resignation of justice Sandra O'Connor. Justice O'Connor was a middle of the road centrist judge who sometimes played both sides with her decisions. However, one must note some of her more recent decisions and watch how she moved to the left as time went by. She was the swing vote in the wrong direction when it came to the seperation issue. If this country is going to get back on track, and restore its former values, moral structure, and correctly applied law based on the constitution and not on what the justices think, then it is imperative that her replacement be a solid conservative. If and when justice Rhenquist retires or passes, which may be soon due to his failing health, then it becomes even more critical to have a solid conservative replacement appointed to the court in his place. With both of these critical positions filled with solid conservative american loving justices, then maybe we will see correct constitutional based decisions coming from this court, and a lot less successful bullcrap actions from the likes of such communist outfits like the ACLU. Urge your president to appoint a solid conservative to these positions, and urge your representatives and senators to support their appointment, and vote them into office.