Monday, July 18, 2005

Blind Mans Bluff

As I write nearly every week day that I can in my Blog, I find it harder and harder to come up with different adjectives to describe the pathetic actions of Democrats and Liberals. There just isn't enough to go around. But, Liberals cannot let a dead issue die, so here we are writing again. Since the end of last week Karl Rove has been exonerated, the people investigating him and his alleged criminal actions have filed no charges. In fact they have uncovered facts that prove Rove did nothing wrong and that it was in fact a zealot media Liberal who committed a crime if anyone did. But this was not good enough for the Liberals. They cannot let it go. Here we are 4 days later and they are desperate. So desperate that they are now playing blind mans bluff and changing track and pointing fingers to a Cheney aide as the administration official who made the leak. So what next, just keep on picking aides until we get one who you can get some dirt on and make a big deal out of nothing about?? Outside of you looking in the mirror and finding the criminal looking back at you, no crime was committed, get over it!

Finally some good news. It seems that the FBI is investigating the ACLU and GreenPeace. Its about time. Both are nothing more than destructive communist entities who serve no useful purpose. I say Hurray! Keep up the good work FBI and we all hope you find a ton of terror related commie activity in your work and expose them once and for all, officially, for the anti-American organization that they truly are, and you shut them down. Especially the ACLU. But there all in an uproar claiming and attempting to show how the government is now abusing the civil rights of individuals who are acting in a perfectly legal way. CRAP! Outwardly supporting terrorists such as those in Gitmo, openly supporting known muslim terrorists, openly supporting known terrorists entities that supply supplies and funding to known terrorists is exactly why the FBI is allowed so look into all of your affairs. This is not to mention at all the violations of US citizens rights in the name of civil rights and other crimes against democracy your organization supports and takes part in.