Thursday, June 23, 2005

Like Lost Children

Did you ever notice that Liberals and Democrats are like lost children? It must be summer, as things have been pretty slow lately, and I've not really had a hot subject to write about unless I started to rehash issues I've already set straight in previous blog posts. So, until a really new and truly hot issue surfaces, things may get a little quiet around here. One thing that bugs me is repeating the same thing over and over again. My mom did that when we were kids. She'd say her piece, and then proceed to repeat it to make sure we got the message and justify what she said the first time around. When she was done, she started all over again until we finally just politely left or yelled for mom to stop! So I've been going over the news the last few days and looking for a good subject to write about such as someones rights being violated, or some assnine law being enacted, or some infantile protest that was happening that was suported by Liberals or Democrats, and all I've found is the same old rehashed crap coming around for another turn at the whipping post. Why are Liberals and Democrats so pathetic? At least my mom was just trying to make sure she was understood. But Liberals and Democrats do this crap to continue to stir the pot. Like this is going to magically change their wrong way into the right way. Sorry, its not going to work. They keep rehasing the non-existant torture issue at Gitmo. Each time the regurgitate this story they come up with more vile adjectives and more flagrant bullcrap in hopes of shocking people into thinking their way. Frankly, all it does is tick normal people off, and they end up alienating themselves further. This can be a good thing however. They also continue to stall in voting for the presidents appointees, be they for the UN abassador or a judgeship. They also stall and come up with nothing in regards to the issues that face our nation such as the Social Security problem. Its the same rhetoric over and over again. With the UN appontee, its we want the papers or we're not voting. Please. How infantile can you get? They're like unions, they're going to stomp their feet and cry like a bunch of sissies unless they get what they want.

Today I read with a groan, an article where they are still persuing the election issue. Look, you lost your butts in Florida in 2000, and you lost your butts in Ohio in 2004, get over it. They insist on picking, and investgating, and constantly bringing up this dead issue. All they ever come up with is some racist ploy about disenfranchisement of blacks and the poor. CRAP! They also keep bringing up fodder about the 2008 presidential run. Oh, Biden is going to run, but he may back out. Hilliary will run, but no she's not committing. Who cares! If either of those two Liberals get in the running this country is in deep deep trouble. I don't want to think about that right now, we all just got past two years of Liberal bullcrap antics and lies, and we need a break before our heads explode. Lastly, they continue to pick on the war on terror. They insult our troops, and they trump up lies and exploit simple opinions into what the gullable would believe to be a true and complete story. The latest example is this crock of a memo from the Brittish intelligence agency. Just because Dr Rice talked about ousting Saddam at a dinner, and was attempting to get their angle on the issue, then now its Bush had intended to go to war the whole time crap. What a crock. The Liberals know damn well that Saddam was in the sights of several presidents including Clinton for decades. The only thing W2 did was to see how other countries felt after 9/11 if an opportunity came up to take him out as he had proved time and again his ruthlessness and distain for the US as wel;l as his support for terrorists friends. This was a legitimate concern given the magnitude of 9/11, and very prudent of any president to do after 9/11 given Saddams proven track record. So here we go round and round, round and round, round and round. The same old stories brought up again and again in endless circles of mindless rhetoric by the Liberals and Democrats. Enough is enough. Maybe if these Liberals and Democrats wasted their energy on useful, meaningful, and justifyable causes, we'd see some real progress for mankind and the US.