Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Trying To Save Face

I'll be brief today as yesterdays Blog was quite long, and today I am short on time. Today I will comment on an Opinion article by our states Liberal blabbermouth Senator Joe Biden. It appears that the senator is getting a lot of heat about his and his fellow Democrats stonewalling on the vote for John Bolton for UN ambassador. In a nutshell, the Liberals and Democrats are stalling on an up or down vote for this nominee because they are in fear that he may actually get approval. Liberals don't want this because they are in cahoots with members of the UN and this would all go away if we had a real leader in there to set things straight. The only way to ensure that he is not approved is to stall the vote, and delay progress. This, as has been mentioned before, is what the Liberals do best. So here we have Senator Biden mouthing off in an attempt to save face, and as usual, trying real hard to turn the tables and make it look like Bush is the one who is holding up progress. This is not true if your paying attention. Biden attempts to use this bullcrap excuse of blaming the white house for not releasing information on John Boltons' previous job performance. They already are harping on some alleged abuse because the man used intelligence in a way the Liberals and Democrats don't like, so they surmise he must be the wrong man for the job. What I find most interesting is the fact that they insist that the information they are requesting on John Bolton, is information that they say will prove that he abused his powers with previous issues. Wait a minute.... why would they need the information to be released by the administration if they already know what it contains? It seems to me that the administration is 100% correct in that there is nothing more in any personnel files on John Bolton than they already know, and that the Democrats insisting on this information being released as an excuse to hold up the vote, and at the same time finger point to the administration as the hold up, is just more of the Liberal Democrat game playing as usual. So senator Biden, stop with the backpedaling, bullcrap stories, and lies, and start doing some real work instead of holding up progress as usual.