Friday, May 27, 2005

Told Ya So!

Well, you cannot say I did not call this one. Right on cue the Liberals in the senate found a way around this joke of a filibuster 'deal' the suckered the Republicans into going along with. They were good for about two days and appointed 1 judge, then they started with their old tricks again when it came to the Bolton UN nomination. And Biden, our esteemed embarassement for a state senator and all around Liberal joke, has the gall to send a memo around saying to just not allow a vote on cloture. What an a-hole. Basically, its a damn filibuster because it denies the man an up or down vote. Its another stall tactic. I hope the American public is letting this sink in, and realizing what is really happening here. I'm ticked off that the Republicans allowed themselves to be duped by these liars, but they as always were trying to be fair and cooperative, and that was their mistake. The Democrats are again holding up progress by playing partisan games, and as usual, nothing good is getting done. They are wasting our time, money and resources with their sissy, assnine temper tantrum. I'm sick of their games and stalling, and I am sure that many level headed Americans are sick of their damn games as well. This is a big big hint to the American people, and in particular to the people of the state of Delaware, that they had better stop and engage their brains come next election time and stop voting these childish a-holes into office. We need to put people in office who have a level head, use common sense, and who know how to get the job done. Biden is a disgrace and should not be allowed to represent Delaware after his current term.

Other anal retentiveness in the news. The police and DA's offices around the country are again showing how anal retentive they are. As I've said before, they just cannot accept or admit that they made a mistake. First case in point. A father takes his daughter to an empty parking lot in Philly to teach her to drive a car. This is NO different than a drivers ED teacher doing the same. In an unfortunate accident, a young woman was killed when the girl lost control of the car and ran over the woman killing her. This is a tragic event, but it was a frigging accident. IE: Crap happens! When I took law in college, we learned that for there to be a crime in events such as this, that there had to be an intent to do harm. This was completely missing in this case. Yet this anal retentive she-man Philly DA, Lynn Abraham, who incidently used to model tool belts at Western Auto with Janet Reno, has the gall to actually charge the father and daughter with a crime. Why!!!! This was clearly a hands down case of an accident that happened. Her lame excuse was to say that in Philly they have a requirement that the student have a learners permit. The permit could not be obtained until the student passed a written rules of the road test and eye test. OK, this is all well and good, but how would this have prevented the accident from happening in the first place? It wouldn't. Without the experience of actually driving a car the student would have faced the same turn of events and the same outcome wheither she had a stinking permit or not. So the DA's argument and reasons are total bull, and they need to get over the fact that innocent mistakes do happen and not every damn incident that happens must have a scapegoat or someone to place blame onto. Also, those jackals in the public who come out and say she must pay, she did wrong, she should be made to suffer are shallow minded hypocrites. They need to go look in the mirror and ask themselves if they ever made an honest mistake. They need to ask themselves if when they made that honest mistake would they feel obliged to pay some penalty? I think their tune would change if the tables were turned.

The second incident goes back to this poor woman in Georgia who simply ran away from life for a few days. She was an adult and legally she had absolutely NO obligation to tell a soul where she was going or even that she was just going. The police departments, DA's offices, emergency personnel, and media went bezerk like a bunch of idiots, and started a huge manhunt and wasted a ton of time and money of their own accord. But now that this person ended up just fine, they are looking for a scapegoat to pin their stupidity onto. The only thing this woman did wrong was getting scared when she found out how much the country over reacted to her legal absence, and trying to make up a story to make herself look less bad, which she didn't need to do. No further resources were wasted, no further time was wasted because of a very short lived tale that was actually insitgated by the media who are the entity truly responsible for this entire mess. This fib happened in New Mexico, and wisely New Mexico waived their right to slap her wrist for telling a minor fib in their jurisdiction. But now we have this moron DA from Georgia who wants to attempt to save face for the police, emergency, and DA offices there who stupidly went overboard on an issue exasperated by the media, and he is charging the woman with a criminal offense. For what!?!? Exposing your stupidity? She broke NO laws in Georgia at all. If these idiots who went balistic spending time and money needlessly of their OWN accord want to make a scapegoat out of someone, they need to target the media. They are the ones who helped to blow this WAY out of proportion, not the woman who was an adult and had no legal responsibility to say dick before she took off. I hope Jennifer wins this one and shows them that innocent people should not be charged for exercising their legal right to take off, just because the officials made an ass of themselves.