Monday, May 16, 2005

Now Here's A Liberal For You

I have to write about this inane article that appeared in the Saturday News Urinal. One of their staff Liberal "Opinion" writers, Bill Press, attempted to open his pie hole and succeeded in making an ass out of himself. Bill Press is one of the biggest Liberal jackals the News Urinal has. I told this to my wife a week or so ago when she told me she thought his rant about the first lady was a good article. I read that opinion, and felt that although Press attempted to throw the reader off with an opening story about the wonderful Mrs Bush, he in the end just set her up for a typical disrespectful and uncalled for Liberal bashing. On Saturday he attempts to address the filibuster issue. I say attempts because all he does is rant on about how evil the Republicans are and how they are all but criminal in their attempts to stop the legal and constitutionally allowed use of the filibuster. He twists and spins lie after lie, and of course completely avoids the truth because he knows that it would destroy an otherwise healthy Liberal bullcrap story.

First he goes into the its unAmerican rant, then attempts to paint the people as innocent dolts who's afliction for following the rules is being violated by those evil Republicans. Then he goes on in a vain attempt to justify this crap shoot by calling Replublicans liars, unfair, wrong, short sighted, and sore losers. For the third course he attempts to make it look like this fillibuster is nothing new. In and of itself, its not new, it has been around for years, its just never abused by Liberal Democarats in such a way as it is today. His closing paragraphs are a laughing stock. First he comes up with these alleged rules that we Americans sopposedly live by, and he tosses this one out as his second attempt at this twist. He says that Americans live by the rule that if its not broke don't fix it. Finally in closing, he has the balls to actually accuse the Republicans yet again of trying to change the rules, and states that this matter is no different than what the Republicans did during the 2000 Election in Florida, and with Terri Schiavo.

I've seen and heard some pathetic Liberal rantings before, but this one ranks up there with the best. Ok you Liberal jerk, now its time for the truth. First of all, your Liberal regurgitation of the 2000 Florida Vote is pathetic, but your use of Terri's fate and subsequent death crosses the line of decency. First off, the vote was declared legal by the courts and for your information, in fact, it was Al Gore who kept pushing the matter in the courts in an attempt to force a false win in Florida. Second, your statement about the Schiavo matter is grossly incorrect. The Republicans did not sponsor the bill or do anything in regards to the bill that was passed on their own. It was IN FACT a bi-Partisam effort, which means your beloved Liberal Democrats were equally involved. You have, as usual, no proof to support your bogus claim, I however do have proof to support my claim. From the CNN.Com web site: WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Members of Congress said Saturday that they have agreed on a compromise, bipartisan bill aimed at saving the life of Terri Schiavo, the brain-damaged woman whose feeding tube was disconnected Friday by order of a Florida court. (Italics and bold my emphasis added.) This is from a typically Liberal news outlet.

Now lets address the Americans play by the rules comment. First of all, there are plenty of American who feel that the rules do not apply to them. Just look at how people act on the highways and check out the no parking zones in shopping centers. To sit there and have the gall to say that Republicans do not want to follow the rules is assnine. They, if anything, are trying to enforce the rules. Why would they need to do that, because Liberals and Democrats keep breaking them!! Judicial nominees deserve an up or down vote. To fillibuster any nominee in an attemopt to disrupt the natural and legal course to that vote happening, and without good reason, and on a repeated basis like the Liberals and Democrats insist on repeatedly doing, is the wrong here. The Repbulicans are only attempting to close a loop hole opened by the Democrats, and abused by the Democrats that as usual stymie progress. There is nothing short sighted about wanting due process to prevail Press, and thats what the Republicans are trying to do, ensure that due process prevails, not Liberal game playing.

Now lets address this lame example about how and when fillibusters were used, and by whom. Fillibisters have been around for a long time, they are a part of congrsssional and senate proceedings. They do have a place and should be used in extreme circumstances. The Liberals keep pointing to the 1968 Abe Fortas nomination by then president Johnson, a Democrat. The real point here is that, that was ONE instance back in 1968. What we have now is Liberal Democrats abusing the filibuster and using it 10 times in a very short span of time! Hypocracy! Also, in typical Liberal fashion, Press tries to bolster his lies with shallow and unsubstantiated facts by attempting to argue about the "every nominee should be entitled to a vote" argument, stating that more than 60 Clinton nonimees never made it to a vote and now the Republicans are trying to argue that every nominee should and must be put to a vote. Whats important there is that Press gives absolutely NO details on these alleged 60 nominees. What were their names, who were they, what happened that caused them not to get a vote. Note, he never comes out and states that they never got a vote because of a filibuster. No, that would blow his attempt at sensationalizing a non-relevant point into a believeable argument. In fact, many Clinton appointees never made it to a vote because they're names were removed from the list of nominees, they withdrew, or they never made it past the Judiciary Committee, NOT because the Republicans filibustered. So lets get our facts on the table Press before we open our big liar mouth.

Now we'll move on to the next idiotic statement in which Press goes after Frist who claims that controlling the filibuster would be fair, which it would be. Frist wants everyone to know that the filibuster for appointing judges needs to be controlled to stop abuse by the Democrats, and that other issues should remain as they are in regards to filibustering. Press makes another lame argument that appointing judges is the most critical and important thing that the Senate does, and that nominees should demand the most scrutiny. No one is arguing that fact. These are critical appointments, and that is exactly why Republicans are trying to remove the opportinuty for game playing with the process by Democrats. The way Press describes it if there is no filibuster then all hell will break loose and judicial nominees will be approved by a simple rubber stamp. Wrong! The nominees will still be thoroughtly screened by the Judiciary Committee, and the Senate before a VOTE would take place. Currently, if the Democrats continue to play their games with the filibuster, then due process is not afforded each nominee, and they would affectively be rubber stamped out of the running, which is more wrong.

So we actually have the Democrats and Liberals calling the kettle black in an attempt to make one of their meaningless and incorrect points. Lastly, we'll address this quote that if its not broken don't fix it. Well, I'm sure that is said in typical Liberal fashion where the speaker has no clue as to what the facts are. In fact, the system is technically not broken, but its being abused, so it may as well be broken. So yes, something needs to be done to fix the system that the Democrats have broken by their abuse of it. So get off your high horse Press, and stop writing this Liberal bullcrap and get a real job.