Friday, May 06, 2005

Its All About Them....

I missed writing yesterday due to a screwey schedule, and basically nothing happening that prompted me to sign in and do a blog. Today, isn't much different, but something has happened for years that really tickes me off, and it happened twice in the last week in a manner that just justifies me sounding off on it.
What I am sounding off on today is these ignornat, selfish, inconsiderate jerks who carelessly pull up to the front of a store, office or other building, park in the fire lane or handicapped drop off lane, and go in and do their business. Last weekend I was running my errands which I do early on Saturdays, to avoid the daily morons and imbeciles on the road. I had to make a special run to a store we only go to, to purchase a special mix for making hot wings. Its the only store in the area that carries it, and its not too far out of the way, but not on the usual route. So I stop in and purchase 5 boxes of the stuff no problem. To get going back in the direction I needed to go on the main highway, I was required to travel across the parking lot, which was almost completely empty by the way, and access a traffic light there. In front of me was an Expedition with a black man and his young son inside. After ignoring the stop sign and almost hitting someone, they promptly pulled up right in the fire lane in front of a card and novelty store and got out. What an ignorant ass. There was plenty of parking and a free legal space not 20 feet away. But no, this was all about HIM. Big black man isn't going to follow no rules. No one tells him what to do. Well I did, I promptly lowered my window and told the ignorant pig to park in a regular spot like everyone else, in those exact words starting with ignorant.... Of course as expected, he was arrogant and said something vile. I hope he is in the building when it burns and they cannot get the pumper in to save his sorry black ass because his piece of crap Expedition is blocking the access lane. Yesterday evening was another incident that stood out and really ticked me off. As I mentioned, I had a busy day. On my late arrival home I had to take my son to his Orthodontics appointment which we were late leaving for, and traffic was horrible. We got there only a few minutes late, and he is usually only in there for about 5 to 10 minutes for an adjustment to his braces. I dropped him off at the patient drop off lane, and went to park in the lot which had plenty of open spaces. In fact I was able to get the first one next to the drop off lane. When we were leaving the building there was a car parked in the drop off lane with a guy sitting in the driver seat. What got my goat was that there was an elderly couple who needed to use the drop off area as the woman was not traveling well. But this selfish pig was parked there. They tooted the horn several times and he ignored them. I turned around and said try parking in a regualr spot. He gave me a dirty look. God forbid whitey would tell the black man what to do. So we get into our vehicle, come around and this pig is still sitting there and the elderly man is struggling to get her out of her van and into a wheelchair. I was livid! I stopped the car, rolled down the window and cussed that SOB out. His only response was FU... typical. As I have said, this typs of selfish, ignorant activity by ignorant arrogant blacks has been going on for quite a many years. Its worse at grocery stores, drug stores, video rentals stores, and fast food establishments. But it also happens at hardware stores, hospitals, and banks as well. Now I can hear the Liberals and blacks getting into an uproar because here is old white bread talking bad about the black man. Well they are going to have to just get over it. They are going to have to accept the fact that they are wrong. Black or white or orange, they should be told they are wrong and they are going to have to accept the fact that its not a racist thing, its a they're breaking the damn law thing. I'm also not saying that its always the blacks that do this, they are not. I've seen people from all demographics breaking this rule. But through years of personal observations, I can say without a doubt that the blacks are guilty 85% or more of the time, and the icing on the cake is their arrogance about it. Its all in the attitude. Its all about them. No one is going to tell them what to do. No one is going to make them follow no rules other than their own. Especially if the rules are police enforced or whiteys rules. They are arrognat, they are inconsiderate, and they are wrong, period. People need to start to complain so we can get something done.

In one local super market center, this problem was so bad people could not get into or out of the store as they parked so thick in the fire lane you could not get past with your grocery cart. The state had tried something a few years back where the fire marshall allowed fire cadets to ticket people illegally parking in the fire zones. Some Liberal jackass sued on the grounds that the cadets were not officially police, and they could not write binding citations. They won, and the cadets went away, and the problem continued to fester. People got so fed up with the violators and the vile attitudes of these people that they got a petition together and petitioned the owner of the complex to hire a guard. The merchants agreed to pay a fee to have the service, which has worked out pretty good so far. There are still hard core pigs out there who pull up and quick get out and get lost in the store for an hour. He cannot do anything about that situation as he has no ticketing power, and no way to move the offending vehicle. But if anyone is present in the vehicle they make them move it and park it. Its a start.

The root of the problem to finding the solution is that these shopping centers are considered private property. Police cannot just patrol them and write citations. The owners or the store managers must specifically make a call requesting the police come out and ask someone to move. These are very low prioroity calls, and sometimes the police just never show up. My idea was a proposal to our do nothing governor to have the state issued license for the shopping center owner have a clause stating that in order for the licesne to be valid they must agree that the police can come onto the property at any time and write citations for parking and other obvious violations without prior consent for the protection of the general public at large. This would produce a lot of revenue for the state, and solve a huge problem. I've requested this at least 4 times and never hear a word from Dover. At least I get a hearty FU from people breaking the law. Write to the governor and your reps, and write often, maybe we can berate them into addressing the issue.