Monday, May 02, 2005

My Card Trumps Yours

Not too much to comment on today. I was away all weekend and nothing much was in this mornings news. I did want to congratulate the councilman from Elsemere who won his seat. Obviously the residents agree with his position regarding the illegal immigrants, and have sent a message that they want him to proceed. There was a letter on Saturday or Sunday where someone was still bitching about how the ordinance would be a violation of the illegals rights and that they are only racial profiling people that have not broken any laws. Well, they are wrong. If they are in the USA illegally, they are breaking the law. Why is this not crystal clear?? The moment they snuck into this country and set foot on our soil without the proper authorization they became a fugitive. At that point the police have every right to stop and question them in order to determine their true and correct status. Its not racial profiling either so lets get off that bullcrap its getting tired.

The other issue is with this girl in Florida who was handcuffed. She was only 5, GASP!, and its causing a big uproar..... amongst blacks. Too damn bad. If she was two years old and assulting people, and distroying property she chould have been caged or cuffed for acting like an animal. If the shoe fits wear it. But lets all be honest. The real issue here is that she is black. If she was white this would never have been in the papers at all. Blacks need to get over this bondage, and being forced to follow the laws and rules like everyone else = racisim crap. The girl was out of control, she was wrong, and she got cuffed. It was the right thing to do wheither she was black, white, yellow, or green. So take your racial trump card and shove it up your collective black asses, we're tired of hearing about it, and seeing it being abused.