Friday, April 22, 2005

Illegal Means Illegal...

There are a few annoying issues today to clean up. First of all are the whiners who are now being published in our favorite Liberal rag who are "appalled" that an Elsemere councilman would have the audacity to enforce the law. GASP!!! Councilman Jaremchuk is suggesting legislation to place on the Elsemere books a law that will allow any illegal immigrant encountered by police to be fined. I applaud the councilmans efforts and hope he is successful.

On the other side of the fence, are the Liberals who are in an uproar. They are bringing out all of the old keywords like discrimination, opression, appalled, unconstitutional, profiling, racist, and hostile. Oooohhhhh. Their lame argument, again, is to say that these "ILLEGALS" have rights just like a naturalized US citizen. Wrong! They are in the country illegally, they therefopre have no rights. That is they are breaking the law, IE: They are criminals. To simply fine them is far too leinient, they should be arrested, jailed, and then promptly deported. I don't want to hear this Liberal bullcrap about they are only here to seek a better life, and they are hard working individuals and now not only themselves, but other citizens of the community are living in fear. Yeah... stir that pot. We are back to the old Liberal playbook, and lets see which one they are using today.... AH! The sky is falling the sky is falling, my favorite. Legal citizens of the community have no reason to fear. If they are legal, they will have their papers and ID in order and the police move on. On the other hand, for those who are here illegally, the Liberal argument holds no water. Nothing new here. Buy any one of these illegals can go through the very leinient and free process of registering, getting the required papers, and working to become a citizen legally. If this is not acceptable, then get out before we legally throw you out. Its that simple. So stop with the Liberal bleeding heart rehtoric, its sickening. The law is the law they always say and the law must be enforced. Well then start practicing what you preach Liberals, or does the law not apply in this case because it screws up your adgenda?

In another opinion published, we still have some moron spouting off about the Religious Right secularists, and how people that are having their rights to freely express and practice their religion violated are just right wing extremests. Screw you Jim, your the worse kind of Liberal imbecile. You sit there and write how no one is shoving anything down anyones throat, and your wrong. That is exactly what is happening. The complaining family is not simply expressing a concern as someone wrote, they want action taken to completely stop the christians from practicing their religion. That IS shoving it down someones throat. The complaining family is wrong, and so would any other family who did not know how to simply not participate and ignore that in which they do not wish to paticipate or believe in, but wanted to impose a no religion zone simply because they didn't like what was happening. Thats narrowminded Liberalisim, and its is wrong. Again, in true Liberal fashion, the writer tries to bring up the non-existant Seperation clause again. Give it up Jim, your a bigot and a narrow minded anti-christian Liberal.

We did have one letter writer start with the pissing and moaning about how so called conservatives are enacting laws in favor of corporations. They list as proof such legislation as restricting Class Action Lawsuits, Caps on Malpractice Awards, and Limits on Gun Manufacturer Liability. Well mister Liberal, these law changes were all much needed and required. Not because fundamentally there was anything wrong with the original laws, but because Liberal morons like you misused and abused the system so much, that it got to the point where action had to be taken to make the system fair and balanced again. If the Liberals and other lawsuit zealots would have used some common sense instead of greed, then this situation would not exist. So don't come crying now that you've probably lost a revenue source or a get rich quick path, and try to blame it on the Conservatives. Try looking in the mirror.

We also have one lost soul who is now blaming the right wingers for attempting to change the rules when it comes to the appointment of judicial nominees. She writes that the debate required to scrutinize the candidate should be allowed to happen, and that this would be a good thing, but then accuses the right of trying to change the rules to sidestep this important part of the process. WRONG! Another Liberal spouting off before they have any of the facts. Again, nothing new. If she bothered to do some research, she would find that its the Liberals and Democrats who are the ones stalling, and preventing exactly what she thinks is a good thing from happening. The Liberals and Democrats are the ones fullibustering and holding up the process. Its their sissy whiny way of saying I don't like to eat my veggies so I'm going to stand here and stomp my feet until I get my way. The Liberals are so afraid that good level headed smart people will actually get appointed to the judiciary, and that they will lose an important area of control that they use relentlessly to progress their twisted ideals, they they are doing anything they can to slow down and/or stop the process. What the Republicans are attempting to do is simply stop the stalling and get down to business. They want the debates and the appointments to move forward. This cannot happen with the cry baby Liberals using the fillibuster to stall and piss and moan to the point where nothing is getting done. Then these same Liberal jackals will stand up and accuse the current administration of doing nothing while they had the power, and use that as an argument to convince the gullable to vote for them. I don't think so.

As for regular news articles the News Urinal is trying to make Tom Carper look like an environmentalists hero. In short, he's nothing but an obstructionist. He is holding up the appointment of a well qualified candidate to the Environmental Protection Agency because he didn't get some nonsense report from the department. This is more Liberalisim at work, and is indicative of how they operate as outlined in the above blog article regarding the appointment of judges. The Liberals always have to have their way which is typically dangerous, destructive or anti-progressive in nature, or they start playing their little pouting games in an attempt to get their way. Again, they are stalling and holding up progress because of their infantile antics. Grow up Tom and appoint the man to the damn position, and stop stalling around and holding up progress to gain favors for your personal agenda. After all, you don't want to catch up with Joe Biden in being the most Liberal moron to represent Delaware now do you?

One last note I forgot to mention yesterday. I see that Acela is now grounded until June due to basically shitty parts quality in the braking system. I'm glad Amtrack is doing the right thing and grounding the fleet even though they know it will hurt already strained revenues. My only advice is this.... stop buying junk trains for millions and billion from other countries! This country at one time had the most effective and complete mass transit infastructures in the world. We had the biggest, most efficient rail service infastructure on the planet, and we foolishly let it go to waste in favor of irresponsible, inefficient, destructive and wasteful trucking. This was the biggest mistake this country has made in modern times was to let our rail infastructure be systematically erroded and dismantled. Now we have trucks burning copious amounts of fuel to haul a single trailer of goods, they are a serious and deadly hazard on our highways, they are destructive to our highways and their infastructure and pay nothing for its upkeep and repair, and they are far from cost effective. We've exchanged this for one large motor or two pulling hundreds of trailers of goods, off and away from our highways running on their own super efficient highway of rails, who would not be endangering every driver on the already congested roads, who would not be destroying the highway infastructure and not paying a dime to repair the damage they made that we as taxpayers are paying for via our high taxes, and who are the most cost effective means on the planet for moving goods and people. Trucking should be restricted to the fullest extent possible, and rail transportation should be supported fully.