Thursday, April 14, 2005

Oh, That Word Tollerance Again

Earlier in the week there was an article which told about several families in the southern part of the state who are sueing the school district because they allow people to use and express religion in their school activities. GASP!! These narrow minded Liberals just don't get it. Freedom in this country means, they are "Free" to ignore and/or not participate in anything religious they do not believe in or wish to participate in at the school. Maybe they could just say one of their own prayers or something? No, that would be too easy. On the other hand, all of the other people in the school are also "Free" to practice what religion they see fit. Its quite simple a theory really, and would work quite well if the Liberals would let it work. But this is too much to ask. What this "Minority" group wants, is to violate the rights of the majority of the people in that area so they can feel a part of the community and schools etc. Where is the fairness in that. They have no right to demand that everyone else be banned from doing something just because they don't believe in it. What that amounts to is pure communisim. But today we get some jackal writing to the editor about how because the majority of the people in that area want to be able to practice some religion in and around the school, and they are justifyably angry at this assult on their freedoms, that they are aghast that these so called religious and all forgiving people are not more "Tollerant" of these families feelings. Well, it doesn't work that way in a Democratic society. In this case a majority of the people wish to participate in prayer and/or song at the school. So the minority who don't should be the ones practicing "Tollerance" and stop trying to force their way on everyone else. Then the writer goes into this old Liberal standby, the Seperation Clause. Well, Liberals, this Seperations Clause is just like Santa Cluse, it does not exist. Stop tossing it around! There is NOWHERE in the Constitution anything that says there must be a complete seperation between anything government and anything and everything church/religious. If you engage your brains, if you have any, its quite clear. It says that the Congress Shall Make NO Law Establishing a Religion. What pat of that is not perfectly clear?? If a school board has no problem with people freely saying prayers before a game or singing hymns after class thats NOT Congress Making A Law Establishing A Religion. But while we are on this Blog, lets use the Constitution the way it was written. The next line clearly states that the Government shall never do anything to prevent people from freely practicing their religion. This is proof positive that these Liberal jackals are way off the mark, as usual, with their so called Seperation Clause. In fact, for them to get any judge, who is an agent of the state or federal governements appointed to uphold and rule on the law, to forbid any people from practicing their religion anywhere, IS a violation of the law and should be disallowed. So letter writer, go back to sleep, get a life and try reading the Constitution again and getting it right. As for you Liberals, stop trying to violate our rights so your minority can impose their will on the rest of us. IE: Get a Life!!