Tuesday, April 19, 2005

What Ever!!

Today we still have the non-Christians harping on the tollerance issue. We have an entire corner on the opinion page devoted to a block of bullcrap written by Samuel Horowitz (Shemp?). Again they ramble on about how they as a minority should not be subjected to the will of the majority in regards to any issue, particularly religion. Well Sammy, thats not whats happening so get over it. Where in the hell did this the minority rights trump majority rights bullcrap argument come from? AH! Let me start by saying I've never had any problem with people of the jewish faith, and usually heald them in high regard as compared to other demographic groups. Anyway the point is that this minority vs majority argument is bullcrap. In a our democracy and under our Constitution the will of the majority nor the minority takes preceidence. If this were not the case, we'd be living under the rule of John "I'm a Liberal traitor" Kerry. Shudder..... thats a scary thought this early in the morning. Yes, if that were true, that the minorities rights trump the majorities rights then the election would have been argued away and W would have lost because a majority of Americans were 'Intollerant" to the desires and needs of the minority. Enough with the intollerance bullcrap. We all have the right to practice our respective religions where ever we wish, (and this includes governement property which we all own), and those who do not wish to participate have the right not to do so. There is no indoctrination here, no one is forcing anything down anyones throat. Its just the non-Christians being intollerant, nothing new. One letter writer got it right in their written, and suprisingly published, opinion in which they state exactly my point. We all have the same right to participate or not to participate and its the non-Christians in this case who are obviously wrong, and intollerant, and are trying to force their will on the majority. Again, it does not work that way. But we all know, money is power, and many different people have a ton of money, and many are lawyers and politicians, and lawyers and politicians basically run this country. This is a dangerous situation for this country to be in at this time, and its becoming a danger to the very fabric of our socitey. As I wrote in a seperate article in this blog, this division of the peoples with all of these petty issues, and the attempt by the minority to appease every little minority gripe will be the demise of this country.

The second item I'll talk about today is Norm Lockman. I never liked Norm, but there we go, a know nothing racist Liberal gets a huge front page write up on todays News Urinal. This is big news for Liberals when one of their bigger trouble makers croaks off. I'm not really suprised given that the News Urinal is such a Liberal piece of garbage run by the worse Liberals in the area. So they sit there praising old Norm, and I'm not impressed at the least. He won a Pulitzer for contributing to a very racist piece with a group in Boston. Wow, what a highlight to ones career. They state that Norm loved getting people to think and riling up the masses. Basicaly, he simply stirred the racial pot. I wrote to him on several occasions and reamed him out for being such a Liberal, and a racist. His articles were not informative at all, many were in fact inflamatory in nature, very slanted, and bordered on outright falsehoods. But old Norm had to get his racist point across, and he had found the perfect outlet, a Liberal rag like the News Urinal. What ever.... I say no loss, good riddance. One down, how many to go?