Thursday, April 21, 2005

Good Little Boys

Before I get into my writing for the day, I'd like to comment on the Jane Fonda incident. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! That guy spitting in her face was funnier than stepped in dog crap. OK, now tht that is behind me, I'll move on.

First I'd like to say a word or two to the Liberals and other jackals stalling on John Boulton. Vote the man into the damn job. He is the best qualified man for the position. He is tough, he is gruff, and thats exactly what those spinless dolts at the UN need is someone who has the guts to step on a few toes and get things done. These damn Liberal jackals keep harping on non-issues and making a big deal out of absolutely nothing. They're looking for a softy, a Liberal touchey feeley do gooder to put into that position. Someone who they can control and manipulate to fit their agenda. That is crap, and they've done this time and again when it comes to appointing the right people to an important postion of power. They him and haw and stall and complain when a good solid unbiased candidate is suggested, and dilly around until they get one of their hymie lackeys into the position. Then we have our rights violated and freedoms curtailed by these Liberal dolts making law from the bench for example. Vote the man IN!

Today, as is typical to form, the News Urinal does up a huge front page article about our Delaware representatives and how their travel is so important and therefore justified. Please, spare me the rhetoric and bullcrap. What this Liberal piece of crap is doing is getting out ahead of the pack and attempting to beautify and justify needless spending made by such losers as the king of Liberals, Joe Biden, who ranks very high in the amount of money he wastes on needless trips paid for by the taxpayers. I believe old Liberal Joe ranks about 26th or something out of 582. Thats pretty rank if you ask me. Then they go off on this tangent trying to paint Biden as an every day guy who has a heart and wanted to be with the soldiers, and he bathed with them using his bucket and stood around in the buff. Spare me.

Why would the News Urinal do such a thing. Because the Liberal Democrats and a few spineless Republicans are on a witch hunt with Tom Delay about a few trips he took which were perfectly legal and exactly the same as hundreds of other trips take by Liberal Democrats themselves such as Barbara Boxer, Stephanie Jones, Nancy Pelosi, and Ted Kennedy. No body is ready to hang those Liberals Democrats out to dry. So the News Urinal comes up with this rediculous article and tried to explain away the multitude of trips taken by Biden, Carper, and Castle and attempts to make them all sound very legitimate and worthwhile. They even supply a nice little listing grouped together by representative showing that these trips were all on the up and up.

Interestingly, they are all in exotic locations, and in many instances they took their spouse. They tried to explain this away by saying that it was the sponsors choice as to location, and they pick such places so that those attending can get away from the pressures and distractions of their daily lives. PUKE!! What a pile of crap. You don't need to send these jackals to Cancun, Aspen, and Spain. Try Atlantic City or Dallas for christ sake, and save a few thousand bucks a pop. Another interesting point, is that if one looks at the neat and orderly listing they have prepared, not one of those trips were listed as paid for by taxpayers. Thats the list I want to see. I want to see the huge list and expendatures that we the people are being forced to pay, and where they are going and for what alleged business. I'll bet my dime that this list would incriminate every damn one of the Liberals. It also does not address any of the alleged off limits type of trips that they are badgering Tom Delay about. They only list the supposed "allowed" sponsored trips. How the hell is the average reader to know the difference anyway. So bottom line is, the article is a smokescreen and basically useless as it provides no information or proof that Biden, Carper or Castle are any more, or any less guilty than Tom Delay. It will smoke over the brain dead Liberals which is the easy part. By many working brain conservatives will see it for what it is, bunk.