Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Let It Go....

Well, today we have another hapless dolt who insists on continuing the argument about the differences between Christians and Jews. Basically in the article the writer is trying to compare the Christians who are standing up for their rights in Sussex county and complaining that Christians today are not martyrs. Where do these people get their information from, and why do they think they can write such garbage and expect anyone with an ounce of common sense to say yeah I can see this mindless point exactly. There are some serious similarities between what happened back in 70CE and what is happening today in regards to the Christians. These zealots just cannot come right out and start killing and slaughtering Christians these days, that would be too obvious and "appalling". But its not like what they are doing today in their off handed sneaky way is not the same, by any stretch of the imagination. Back in 70CE when the Romans were publicly persecuting the Christians and actively went out of their way to hunt down and persecuted the Christians, they were not only singling them out because of their faith, but they were slaughtering them for no other reason. But simply being slughtered does not make one a Martyr.

What we have today is minority faiths who cannot accept the fact that there are other faiths in the world and they all have the same right in the USA to pratice their faith when ever and where ever they wish. These minority faiths are so narrow minded that its basically their way (IE: Their religion), or the highway. Today we have a systematic erosion of one faiths rights (the Christians) in the USA. Anything and everything Christian is slowly being eradicated from public life, by abuse of the courts and legal system. IE: Legal discrimination based on faith. Claims of indoctrination, claims of the violation of the minorities rights, and the ever present and ever bogus seperation clause arguments are brought up at the mere mention of anything Christian, but amazingly all is silent when any other faith like say one of Islamic faith mentions or practices same. So yes, christians today are being singled out and persecuted, the same as they were back when the Romans were in power.

Christians today are not being murdered outright, but they and their faith are slowly being violated and systematically, symbolically murdered each time they attempt to participate in anything related to their faith. So yes, todays Christians are Martyrs the same as their bretheren who lived and died back in 70CE. Its time for these other faiths to back off and start practicing what they preach, getting along, being tolerant, and accepting others from all walks of life. Anything else labels them for what they are, hypocrites.

Another subject I just have to touch on today is a prime example of how ridiculous our State government can get and how lost they are when it comes to prioritizing issues. Today we were treated to an article about how the state house of representatives have been wasting time debating, and have decided on, which insect to name as the State bug. Yes, the little Stonefly is the hero of the state. What a pathetic waste of our time and money. Its a Liberal thing.....

We did have one very laughable letter to the editor today. Some idiot wants us to stop sinking old ships and to raise all of the sunken warships and other military and marinetime scuttle to preserve the "exceedingly wonderful and beautiful" oceans from the decay of these relics. These natural resources are being contaminiated and destroyed. GASP!!!! The sky is falling the sky is falling........... What this total idiot does not realize is that these old ships and other equipment make new habitats for undersea wildlife to use to florish and grow. In contrast to his "the sky is falling" rehtoric, quite the opposite results from the process of scuttling old ships and equipment at sea. Again, another bleeding heart moron Liberal spouting off before they did an ounce of research on the matter. They're probably imagining a ship full of debris and garbage and old fuel and oil being lowered to the bottom to leak and seep chemicals for years to come. If they did an ounce of research into the matter, they would know that these old ships are stripped and cleaned of anything that may remotely be harmful to any marine life, or the marine environment before they are sunk. After they are sunk they provide excellent artificial habitats for marine life to nest, feed and flourish for years to come. Somehow people with working brains will not be "Outraged" by this at all.