Thursday, April 28, 2005

Scare Tactics

Scare tactics are a favorite tool for the Liberals. I call it the: "The Sky Is Falling" syndrome. Liberals love to take non-issues and work them into a big frigging deal over nothing to help make another one of their meaningless points. They attempt to play on the weak and gullable to get them on their side of an argument, and sadly it usually works. The result is another Liberal following idiot who spouts off about an issue, and has absolutley no proof or facts to back themselves up. Anyway, I'm getting off story here today with that so here goes.

It seems that our esteemed mega-Liberal senator, Joe Biden, is playing the scare tactic game again in an attempt to scare moderate Republicans into abandoning their support for the "Nuclear Option" to stop the fillibuster regarding judicial nominees. You see, the Liberals cannot stand the fact that people are starting to take a stand and say enough is enough with their games. The Liberal Democrats for years have abused the fillibuster, not that both sides haven't used it, but the Liberal Democrats have taken it to an extreme, as usual. We have figured out their game by seeing what happens when they play the lets appoint leftist judges who only support our agenda game. We are now seeing the Liberal corruption of the judiciary in this country. We've witnessed judges making law from the bench that go against existing laws, as well as against everything the people want and need. We see our moral fibre being erroded on a daily basis by these judges who are siding with the radical left, and special interest minorities. We also know how hard it is to get these judgements changed once a judge lays down a decision.

There is an anal retentive thread in the judiciary, and the US legal system in general. This is that judges and prosecutors, the two most dangerous parts of the judiciary, have a serious problem admitting when they make a mistake. They do not understand that if they just admit they made an error, do the right thing and correct the situation before peoples rights are violated, that we would understand. But they have only one goal, and that is to save face at all costs. God forbid if anyone should surmise that the judiciary is capable of error. So it is critically important to get the right people installed into these positions of great and influential power.

Thats what scares the Liberals to death. Losing that power, control, and the ability to promote their sick twisted agenda via the legal system. So what they resort to is the fillibuster, to stall and wasted our time and money. Its their way of throwing a tantrum like sissys who aren't getting their way. They have the gall to blame Republicans and conservatives of having an agenda, and not allowing the nominees to be voted upon, when it is them who are holding up the works. So the Republicans are attempting to correct a situation that the Liberals have slanted in their favor to allow this type of Liberal game playing to happen. Republicans are trying to level the playing field so that nominees are voted on, and the fillibuster is only able to be used in extraordinary curcumstance as it should be.

So here comes Joe "I'm a Liberal" Biden spouting off his big mouth with threats of the big fallout if Republicans succeed in making the required changed and invoke the nuclear option. "The nuclear option was so named because it would cause widespread bedlam and dysfunction throughout the Senate." Biden says. NO! Liberal Joe, let me tell ya a secret, this situation already exists in the Senate because of Liberal Democrats. Want proof, OK, here is what the Democrats are planning: "Democrats are threatening to tie the Senate in procedural knots if the Republican leadership moves ahead with its plan to change Senate rules to stop Democrats from using the threat of a filibuster to block a vote on President Bush's judicial nominees. " Doesn't sound like the Republicans are causing any trouble. But the Democrats have all but admitted they will do what they do best, cause trouble so nothing gets done. So yeah Joe, its all about you, your Liberal buddies, and your selfless causes, and Liberal agendas. What you need Joe is a real job, although I don't know of any open positions for Liberal crybabys. So in the mean time, shut your pie hole, sit down, and actually do some work instead of being a disruptive Liberal a-hole. I know of some toilets that need cleaning, grab your bucket.

This isn't really political, but who cares. What the hell is all the ado about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie?? Brad filed for divorce before he started dating, he is technically a free man. Whats the big frigging deal?? Christ these hollywood types rile me to no end. There just like Liberal Democrats, always trying to make a big frigging deal out of nothing. Oh, I forgot, they mostly are Liberal Democrats. So they are dating, who cares!! They are both single adults. I hope they are banging the crap out of each other and she swallows, good luck to them both. Its none of our damn business what they do, or who they date. Only a cluelss dolt with no life would even care. Get a life and get a real JOB!