Wednesday, April 27, 2005

A True Example Of A Liberal

Today again we are subjected to more Liberal anti-religion morons writing to impose their view on the rest of the world. This is nothing new, except that today was a doozie. There is a writer who tries to impress us with the amount of restrainit he has by coming right out and telling us how he has restrained from commenting on the issue until now. He should have continued to keep his Liberal mouth shut. He goes on to make note that the Supreme Court banned school prayer in 1963. I'll concede, this is an important point. First off, the Supreme Court is a federal governement entity. According to the constitution which these Liberals love to use to further their garbage, it correctly states that the governemnt shall make no law which prevents the people from practicing their religion nor abridge the rights of individuals to practice the same. For the Supreme Court to make such a ruling is a direct violation of the first amendment as it prohibits the individual citizen from practicing their religion as they see fit, and is therefore illegal and unenforceable. The justices are human, they make mistakes all the time, and this is one big example. They let themselves be berated into making the wrong decision by an athiest whore with a big mouth. Shit happens. Unfortnately, bad decisions by courts are very difficult to correct, and the Liberal anti-religion zealots use this to its full advantage. He also makes a vain attempt to pathetically show that the seperation clause is in the constitution by explaining that the document does not say exactly those words, but that it does say that "the governemnt shall not condone the establishment of religion." WRONG! If our Liberal imbecile did a little bit of research and dropped the biased agenda, he would know that it says: "Congress shall make no law regarding the establishment of a religion." That is a big difference as condoning is nowhere near the same as establishing a religion by enacting law. Then this dolt continues to rip down some of the suggestions made my other writers in an attempt to find a middle ground. But as we all know with these Liberals, its their way or no way, so these suggestions would not do. Then he continues to show his anti-Christian bias by berating Christians in general and the concerns they have justifyably expressed recently. Then he issues his edict stating that religion of any faith has no place in public schools, or anywhere the education of children are concerned. To that I say Heil Hitler!! Your a commie dictator! We don't do dictator here jerkoff. As a final proof that the writer has a serious problem, he makes some sort of wierdo quote about not praying in his public buildings, and he won't think in our churches. First of all moron, they are not your buildings to make rules over, they belong to every single citizen in the community. Second its obvious your not thinking about anyone or any thing but 'you' wheither your in a church or not, or maybe its just that your brain is dead. In any event, its not about 'you' if you read your precious Bill of Rights you Liberals love to twist and manipulate to fit your twisted ideals, you'll see that its about each and every citizen, not just about 'you'. So think about that... if you are capable.

My second writing today will address the BP natural Gas Terminal. First off I would like to say good luck to BP, and I hope they get their terminal and its a huge success. Today the paper published an article describing how a New Jersy environmental group has jumped on the bandwagon, and is now sending their rants to the federal regulators on the matter. Basically, they, and DNREC need to keep their damn noses out of other peoples business. These tree hugger, fish kisser Liberals are nothing more than obstructionists hell bent on preventing this country from moving forward. They make assnine unsubstantiated claims of doom, gloom, and disaster at every turn. Frankly I'm getting sick of hearing their crap. The country and this region in particular are in dire need of this natural resource, and these jackals are holding up progress. Their complaints are laughable at best and never substantiated with any facts. Occasionally they will have a cronie Liberal pal spout off some ramblings that sound important and official, but basically say nothing. Claims, such that in the event of an explosion at the pier there would be a catastophic loss of life, come with no particulars or facts. If one surveys the area on the river, they would be hard pressed to make sense of the claims of immenent doom as the pier would be so far away from northern Delaware that anything more than some heat and broken glass from a complete and total explosion would be felt on Dealwares shore there. Then we need to worry about the little fishies who might be harmed in such an event, or maybe we should worry about the shrubs that may get burned up, and leave the birdies nowhere to land. Please, get a life people. Nature will survive, and the people will survive even if an event was even possible in the magnitutde that they allude to in their scare tactic stories. Bottom line is that these jackals need to stop obstructing commerce. The LP gas resources are needed, the location is perfect and safe, build the damn pier. The surrounding area would easily survive any mishap that may occur, and a disaster of the magnatude they describe is very highly unlikely to ever happen. So DNREC and other environuts, keep your noses out of business affairs, and go kiss a fish or hug a tree or something.