Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Let Them Fail!

Its fairly quiet today, just a few letters about the diploma issue. This is really a non-issue that the Liberals and their crap have made into a huge screwed up mess. Nothing new actually, they make a screwed up mess out of everything they attempt to "fix". Why they insist on coddling to kids who fail out of school because they are slackers and losers is the big question. There should be no multiple diplomas, there should only be one. If you do your work and stop worrying about partying, sex, trying to be 'cool', and drinking/drugs you pass and you get a diploma. If not, your failed and you take the year over again. Its as simple as that. This excuse that Bush's no child left behind plan forces them to pass every child even if they fail is bullcrap. The states can make legislation to address the issue, and are therefore exempt from the federal guidelines. So all that the state has to do is set up the correct guidelines that a student makes minimum grades throughout the year, and they graduate and get the diploma, otherwise they fail and they take the year over again until they do. This Liberal idiocy about not failing a child because they would be traumatized and made to feel inferior is a crock. Students who fail should be humiliated and made to feel the embarrasement of their inactions. Why, because they are failures. Otherwise they will never learn the correct path to take. Its far more damaging to keep giving them a gimmie and letting them think well I don't have to work, there is no way I can not pass. Believe it, they will utilize that loophole for all its worth, and in the end you have a lesser educated population of illiterates and lazy idiots. If you don't believe me, just go to public BBS's on line where a majority of younger generation kids hang out like a Honda Cars forum or Jessica Simpson forum, and look at the attrocious spelling and grammer. Get a clue people!!

One other thing I must comment on today. Ted Kennedy is the biggest piece of Liberal crap in the pot. He is the one that simply refuses to flush. This pathetic excuse for a man had to today get up in front of his Liberal Democrat buddies and rant on about it being the one year anniversary of Abu Graib. Big deal senator. No one cares about Abu Graib except you Liberal jackals who cannot let the damn issue go. You want to continue to bring it up, and attempt to tie the Bush administration to everything that happened there, which in the over all scheme of things was no big damn deal. Some humiliation events took place, and you jackals react like we were carving their internal organs out with a dull spoon and eating their eyeballs on ice cream. But do we hear one word of appall towards the murdering jackal Al-Zarqawi... hell no. That f'ing bastard was carving the heads off of innocents and blowing up Mosques killing innocents hand over fist, and not one word of indignation or outrage from you Liberal Democrats. But let our people do a little humiliation to get information and its the end of the modern world. Get a life Kennedy, your a complete and total disgrace to your family and to this country.