Friday, April 29, 2005

How Low Can They Go?

Liberals I mean, what else is there? It appears that they have no shame what so ever either, besides having little or no respect for anyone but themselves. Yet they will typically be the first ones tossing the "appalled" word around at the littlest of things that are said and done by people. They chopped down a tree today and ran over a frog in the process making his eyes pop out to make room for the new home to be built..... the Liberal tree huggers and frog kissers are "appalled". That example is so typical. The opposite side of the spectrum is this example, 2800+ innocent people were murdered today by Islamic radical jackal murderers..... the Liberals simply say we must have done something to tick them off. My god they are so pathetic its sickening. What am I getting at in todays writing, I'll tell you. There is a Liberal jackal of the hugest proportions, a former CNN reporter. (That should give you a huge hint as to where this a-hole is coming from.) Who is now a University of Delaware professor. What this jackal has done is file a law suit against the military to have photos of the remains of those who were killed in action released to him and his cronies. This is the most heartless, self centered, and pathetic outrage I've read about in a long frigging time. There is absolutely NO reason for anyone to have access to any of those photos. Having them will serve absolutely NO good purpose what so ever. But this Liberal SOB claims that it is a service to the families to have the photos in public, that its disrespectful not to have them displayed. How do you figure?? This is just more Liberal lies. How is rubbing the death of those who served our country in the faces of the general public, and more importantly, their families in any way respectful? Its not! There is absolutely NO reason to have those photos displayed, none, so its obvious that this jackal has an agenda. What he is clearly doing is looking for anything that he and his Liberal buddies can use as a tool to show how horrible (Gasp!) the war is, and that its all George W Bush's fault that innocent people are dying needlessly yadda, yadda, yadda. The same old tired worn out Liberal rhetoric, only this time they have crossed the line and are using the photos of the dead to promote their sick cause. They don't give a damn about respect, honor, history and preservation, and they certianly don't have any problems with exploiting these people and their families to advance their sick Liberal garbage. This is the lowest of low to have such total and complete disrespect for the men, women and families of those brave people who have given their lives for this country. I would be very hard pressed to come up with anything lower and more vile than this type of abuse, and frankly I am sick and damn tired of it, and any decent human being should feel the same and let their concerns be known. I call for an immediate halt to this action and this lawsuit, and the immediate resignation of this worthless piece of human trash who is stinking up our university.