Wednesday, May 04, 2005

No More Free Ride

I hope its as obvious to everyone else as it is to me when they read this story about Delaware State University and Mr. Sessoms. Here you have a predominantly black university, run by a man of color who is actually doing a good job. He is making the changes that are required and approved by the board, yet the students hate him. Why is this?? I've read the whole article and there is no obvious reason for anyone to not like Mr Sessoms. He's doing a wonderful job. He's closing loop holes and clamping down. The students only complaint are an unexplained statement about Sessoms chipping away at the legacy of the university. They never give any details, just bitching and lame examples with no substantiation what so ever. Let me venture a wild guess. Before Sessoms arived on the scene there was a buddy system in place maybe? Something like previous presidents showing favoratisim towards certain staff, and not addressing gaps and low standards and requirements for passing classes, admissions, and graduation. Now all of those favors are being eliminated and/or just plain not offered any longer and everyone is in an uproar because their free ride is now gone. This is suprising in a way, but I guess even blacks can attack blacks when their handout or easy road is being eliminated. It seems to me that Mr Sessoms is being unfairly attacked for doing the right thing, and Gasp!, against blacks to boot. No more lax requirements, no more lax admissions standards. Sounds good to me. People need to "Earn" their way. They have to put out some good effort to get into places and do well in them. Universities, or workplaces it makes no difference. This is particularly hard for blacks as most of them live for the easy road, and the freebie. Too bad, their just going to have to bone up and actually put an effort into something for a change. I hope Mr. Sessoms continues on this correct path and does not cave into the whiners and crybabys. I also hope he does not face any type of power play to remove him or reduce his abilities to do an outstanding job.

Speaking of colleges and universities. Its very sad that Liberalisim has infiltrated our learning institutions as much as it has. We all need to fight this and get this situation turned around as soon as possible. The other evening in Texas, Ann Coulter was a guest speaker. Ann is a very intelligent woman with a sharp whit and sharper toung, espeically when it comes to Liberals and their crap. During her appearance she was constantly hackled by Liberals which is about the most shallow, infantile, and ignornate thing anyone can do, but we all know Liberals have no shame. It got so out of hand that Ann said she would take no more questions unless things calmed down. They did, but very little. She continued and answered a question about her view on Marriage. She correctly stated that marriage was a commitment between a man and a woman. Hackels again, followed by an ignorant and vile question by some Liberal hymie who was promptly arrested and rightly so. There of course was a mass exodus as God forbid any other chicken little Liberals should have to pay for their ignorance, and disrespect.

First, its a huge red flag to all of us with working brains that Liberalisim has taken root well in our colleges and universities and this is unacceptable and dangerous. Secondly, it shows a true example to Liberalisim and how its twisted logic works in real life. Liberals are always spouting off their big mouths with words of peoples rights and how everyone has a right to protest, everyone has a right to dissent, and everyone has a right to express their ideas and they should all be accepted warmly and embraced even if one does not agree with what that person had to say. So now we have this example, an example of Liberals attempting to not allow another person to speak their mind and offer their views. The Liberals are all in an uproar because they disagree with what Ann had to say. So where is all of the compassion, the tollerance, the acceptance now Liberals? Well, true to form, their ideals only apply to those who believe the same as they do. Any opposing views are not subjected to the same rules. Hypocracy at its best. My motto is that Liberalisim has no place in the classroom. This proves my point exactly. Leave the younger impressionable, gullable people grow up and observe and make their own conslusions instead of having to be indoctrinated into a position which Liberal teachings are doing.

Is it just me or is anyone else getting sick of these murdering jackals over in Iraq? Every damn day you hear of some jackal Islamic jackass blowing something up and killing multiple numbers of innocent people. Why are the Iraqi people not outraged and in an uproar?? Why are they not taking to the streets and raiding the houses they know are havens for these murderers? This is a huge mystery to me. I also do not quite understand why we do not position a huge contingency of troops on the back and side borders of a town and have just as large a contingency come in from the front border and start a systematic house/building by house/building shakedown to find these jackals and kill them. Something is missing here and I cannot nail it down. Its seems that its far too easy for a jackal Islamic radical jackass to perform his deeds. You'd also think by now that its obvious that these jackals are targeting police stations, recruiting stations, and government offices, and that barrier walls would be errected around such places so as to prevent damage from car bombs and missiles. Why is this type of defense not happening? There is power in numbers, and the Iraqi people need to all get together and go ballistic and drag these jackals out into the street and shoot them.