Tuesday, May 03, 2005

They Can't Let It Go

Things are a little slow again today, but I want to comment on something thats been in the news the last several days and has no business being there being all blown out of proportion. I want to address this RunAway Bride fiasco the media and police have created. This whole story really shows how anal and vindictive authroities can be. Jennifer simply got cold feet and ran away. There are no rules for adults to call authorities or family members and let them know when they are running away and why so they don't waste their time and resources. Typically if an adult runs away and you go to the police, they tell you to come back in 48 or 72 hours. Then they just fill out a report and dispurse the info for the patrol officers to keep an eye open. Jennifer did not cause a country wide manhunt, the media and over zealous officials created that mess. Jennifers only mistake was when she saw how big this was getting, she tried to make up some excuse to make it not look so bad on her. She had no reason to feel that way, but she did, and she did a dumb thing in making up a story. Outside of that minor infraction, nothing out of the ordinary happened. The authorities all acted like this was a 5 year old who had been kidnapped by Chester The Molester. It was not, it was an adult who had every right to walk away, take a trip unanounced for a week, a month, or even a year. That was her choice and was completely legal. But now we have these bleeding heart stories about some cops who missed a funeral and now she is a criminal. This is disgusting. The authorities need to admit they were sucked in by the media hype, and way over reacted. It was them who wasted their resources on this matter. There was NO evidence of foul play to justify them going into a national alert mode. Her stupid story was caused by the hype they and the media created, and came long after they had already needlessly wasted money and time, and God forbid, missed a funeral. Charge her with a misdemeanor false statement infraction and cut her ass loose.