Tuesday, May 10, 2005

They Also Need An English Comprehension Lesson

Back on April 25 I wrote a Blog about the Bill of Rights. In that Blog I basically pointed out that nowhere in the Bill of Rights does it explicitly state that the purpose of the Constitution or the Bill of Rights is to protect the minority from the majority. This is a true statement. They were created to protect each individual from the Government, and protect their God given rights as individuals. This partular Blog was published, suprisingly, in the local paper. Today there was a lone Liberal who just had to interject their unsubstantiated babble in an attempt to prove me wrong. The first thing out of their mouth was that I needed to do my homework, well I already had done my homework, so they are starting off on the wrong foot. They then proceed to rant on about James Madison, and a few other founding fathers and the Federalist Papers. They make a point to tell us that many of these articles were in fact incorporated into the Bill of Rights. What is interesting first off is that they never give any references as to where in the Federalist Papers the alleged statement that "the minority must be protected from the majority" is located, and what else was said in clarification of that statement. So some research was in order.

See, I got stuck doing homework anyway, but it was their homework I ended up doing. Anway, the founding fathers were big thinkers. They knew all too well what had happened in England, and other countries where they had opressive governments. They wanted to ensure that this country was different. They realized that every country must have a government, and it must have certain powers. What they wanted was to have that Governement with all of its powers, yet they also wanted to empower the citizens and ensure that they were always in control of the Government, not the other way around. The Federalist Papers were their ideas for the perfect republic. They were not laws or rules, but their ideas on how this new form of government should be assembled. They discussed many important subjects such as the Milita, Taxation, Religion etc. Most importantly, they wrote about individuals rights. They knew that typically Governments were run by the rich and powerful. These rich and powerful, and their friends, made up a good percentage of the populous at the time, and they knew their numbers would continue to grow. They looked for a way to prevent the smaller groups of citizens from always being trumped by the larger groups. Hence this Majority vs Minority issue that the Liberals love to toss out and abuse in order to get their way.

The founding fathers knew one more thing. When they had formulated the final plan, it had to do two things in unison. It did have to give the minority an equal means of due process in all areas of Government, politics, and lawmaking etc. However, and this is the part the Liberals conveniently miss, this must be done in such a way as to not violate the rights of the majority and vs a vs. In laymans terms, the rights of the person who is a part of a minority group on a matter, should be upheld as much as possible, but not to the violation of the rights of the person who is a part of the majority group and vs a vs. So, what they came up with was a set of rules that kept the Government in check as I originally wrote about, and this included making sure than both the majority AND the minority are both protected equally as to their individual rights.

In applying this theory to the issue of a Jewish family objecting to others of other faiths saying prayers at a public school function, the Government is forbidden to tell the Jewish family they MUST join in, and its equally forbidden to tell the other faiths they MUST stop. This also means that this Jewish family cannot use their individual rights as a part of a smaller group to violate via the Government, courts, or laws, the individual rights of the people of the other faiths, and vs a vs. That way no ones right are violated by the Government, and neither the majority or minority consensus trumps the other. As I've said so many times before, the Jewish families have every right to pray in their own faiths words, walk away from the situation, ignore whats happening and not participate, what ever, just the same as the other persons of other faiths have a right to say their prayer in their faiths language, or even they can choose to not participate if they so wish, that is their right. They do NOT have the right to violate the rights of the people of other faiths simply because they happen to be a part of a smaller group just the same as the people of the other faiths have no right to violate the rights of the Jewish family simply because they are part of an alleged larger group. Its a two way street where neither sides rights can be violated by the solution, and it must remain that way. Its a very simple principle thats become corrupted by the Liberal left and anti-religious zealots, NOT the religious right. The founding fathers were brilliant in their putting together our Government. Lets not corrupt that work.