Monday, May 09, 2005

They Create Their Own Troubles

I would rather not pick on a demographic group more than once in a row, but sometimes things just work out thay way. The other day I was bitching about how ignorant people park in the fire lane, and the way it worked out the two examples were with black people. I just want readers to know that I have nothing against black people as people. In fact four of my five neighbors are black and I get along with all of them quite well, and could not ask for nicer people to be next door. I also have black friends as well. So just because I blast a demographic group, does not mean I am prejudiced or racist. I firmly believe that if any person does something wrong, they should be called out on it, irrgardless of wheith they are black, white, yellow or any other 'color'. This is especially true if a black is acting.... well... black.

With that aside, I'm going to pick on blacks again today. My beef is this habit they have of pushing the racisim envelope. In Saturdays paper there was an inflamatory article about racisim in health care. There was a Dr Primm who was black who was making insane statements about how blacks and other minorities do not have access to health care services on the same level as whites. She uses as some sort of proof a report showing that more blacks die of medical conditions than do whites. What a bunch of bullcrap. We ALL die of some medical condition. This has nothing to do with racisim what so ever, and prominent blacks such as her need to stop using race as a spring board to keep the racial tensions going so they can somehow justify getting more services for blacks from the bleeding heart Liberals as opposed to other demographic groups.

All of this unsubstantiated bullcrap does is actually create an imbalance slanted in favor of blacks where no imbalance existed prior to them opening their racist mouths. Not only does Dr Primm do this, but high profile racists such as Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Louis Farrikahn(sp), and others. They make a living off of keeping the racial pot stirred up. Its their life blood. Why blacks do not see that these racists are only making twice as difficult to move froward and past the old era of racisim is a good question. But people of color will stick together even in the presence of overwhelming evidence that supporting such racists is the worse thing they could do. They need to be empowered to think for themselves and make the decisions based on real facts and not be hymies to the racial pot stirrers. Blacks today have unlimited access to medical care for a wide range of problems including ones unique to their demographic group. They are dying in larger numbers for obvious reasons that blacks do not want to admit exist. They live much less favorable lifestyles. They eat less healthy foods, they drink more, they do drugs more, and they live much more stressful lives, part of which is caused by their worrying about being accepted, not discriminated against, and constantly being angry over conditions that do not exist. They need to relax and have an open mind instead of falling for the hype and negativeisim that is preached to them by these "activists". They need to look in the mirror and be honest with themselves about their lifestyle and their attitudes. More importantly, they need to stop listenting to the racial bullcrap being preached by social icons in their demographic group such as Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson etc.

They need to understand that they today have every opportunity to get a full education, access to health care, access to assistance etc just the same as and at the same level than hispanics and whites. The more they keep playing the race card for every little thing, the more they continue to force their lifestyle on eveyone else, the more they rebel, the more they abuse the system, the more the disobey the rules, then the more they are resented by society as a whole. THAT will cause any forward progress to be lost and must stop. So far blacks are not willing to do this, and the biggest proof I have to back that statement up is asking readers to look at Bill Cosby. I've always thought Mr Cosby was a funny guy, and usually made a lot of sense. I have had mixed feelings about Mt Cosby because of some people I know who have had business dealings with Mr Cosby said he tried to insert racial favoritisim into the dealings. But recently Mr Cosby has spoken out to black people and said basically the same thing I am trying to get across here. Stop with the attitudes, stop with the arrogance, get back to good basic family values. But Mr Cosby was cruicified by the same black racists for speaking out and saying what needed to be said. So it proves that blacks are in denyal and they will continue to abuse race as a tool as long as they are allowed to do so, and as long as they get something out of it like preferential treatment and handouts. Blacks get all outraged and indignent when they are told that they are wrong, or when the rules of society are imposed. They attempt to use racisim as a get out of jail free card for just about everything. People are tired of this crap. But, until this stops, the situation will only get worse, not better. Just remember the tale about the little boy who cried wolf too many times.