Thursday, May 12, 2005

Liberalisim As A Means To Stop Progress

I actually wrote this blog yesterday, but when I attempted to post it, the servers were down and I lost everything. So I am re-writing it today along with a few more articles. Today is expose the Liberals and their plans that never work. Hint: That would be all of them.... Liberals are constantly coming up with touchy feely do good ideas that sound so nice and warm and considerate and helpful. In reality, all these ideas do is stymie progress, and cost the public money and in many cases violate their rights. One case in point is the fact that in this good state, Delaware, they successfully had put on the books a law forbidding the incineration of trash and other waste. There tired old unfounded argument was that burning leads to the release of soot and toxins into the air. So this is their goody two shoes feel good Liberal excuse for holding up progress in solving the waste disposal crisis in the state. Simply put, more scare tactics were used to dupe the public and legislature into putting a law into place thats wrong and obstructive.

There was an article in the News Urinal where the chief of the solid waste authority claimed that incineration was the answer to the states solid waste problems. He also stated that by incinerating waste, we could reduce the need for landfill space by 70%. He was correct on both counts. Of course the Liberals are in an uproar instantly pointing to their almighty wasteful law prohibiting incineration of waste because its would cause "soot". Are all these idiots blind to everything thats happening in the world. Do they only see a narrow view consisting only what they want to see? It appears so. Landfills are a hazard and a waste of resources and cash. They must be permanently maintained, they smell, they leak, they are a poor solution to a serious problem. If you don't believe me take a ride on a hot summer day after a hard rain up I-495 and breath deeply. When the stench burns your nose and brings tears to your eyes, you know you've experienced the smell of Liberalisim. Its lowered property values in the area, and lowered the quality of life for anyone living within miles of the thing. No one wants one in their area, and who can blame them. Maybe we should go to the Liberals developments and put one in their back yard and see how "tollerant" they are to use one of their key words.

Liberals also started tossing around their solution, recycling. Recycling is not a bad idea. The biggest problem is getting the snotty people of Delaware to actually recycle, and participate in the program. Keeping piles of old newspapers and bins of dirty nasty cans and bottles in their garage is taboo. The Liberals answer to this is again wrong. They want to ram it down our throats by making yet another goody touchey feely law that mandates recycling, then they also want us to pay for the service. My God, where do they come from? Are all of their brains dead? You don't mandate a 'voluntary' program then charge the people your shoving this down their throats to pay you to do it. A better idea would be to leave the program voluntary, but give the people an incentive to particiapte, maybe by giving a credit to their trash bill for the value of recyclables collected??? Naaaaw... that makes too much damn sense!

The chief of the solid waste authority had the right ideas. First, do a recycling plan, this is a good thing if done correctly. Second, and more of an impact, build the incinerators and burn the solid wastes, use the energy that is created to produce a sellable byproduct such as electricity, which is used to pay for the whole operation. The whole recycling and incineration operation could be self sufficient and pay for itself if the idiots did this right. What about the "soot". As I said, if they did this right, this would be no problem. Build the incinerators with stack scrubbers that clean any emissions to acceptable levels. Problem solved. So again the Liberals and their bullcrap are holding up progress in resolving a important issues. Even the News Urinal today printed an editorial in support of the incinerator idea. It is the right idea and the obstructions the Liberals have somehow gotten into place must be removed, and we should then move forward and do what needs to be done.

More Liberal obstructionisim. Today they had yet another article on the Liquified Natural Gas terminals that are so desperately needed by this country. Again the Liberal obstructionists are at their old game of scare tactics. Today they are using the terrorists threat cry. They are now claiming that besided immenent unreversable damage to the eco-systems, that these terminals would be an easy and open target for terrorists. They would be susceptable to attack by air, sea, and land. NO!! Imagine that, only LNG terminals are able to be attacked by terrorists and on multiple fronts. Wow, so I guess any and all office buildings, refineries, chemical plants, nuclear facilities, hazardous materials operations are all now exempt from attack by terrorists via air, land or sea. I feel much better now knowing that all of those other operations are safe and mass destruction and death cannot occur unless we build a LNG terminal nearby. What a bunch of scare tactic bull. So they actually think that we are going to believe that these terminals are any more or any less vulnerable to terrorists attack than any other favored target? If they do they are truly as stupid as they sound. The LNG terminals are needed and they should be built. Delaware should not hold a monopoly on who and what can use or build in the Delaware river. They need to stop obstructing commerice in this country, get a life, a real job, and stop with the Liberal scare tactics crap.