Friday, May 13, 2005

A Racist and An Idiot

I'll start with the idiot. Joe Biden is an idiot. Yesterday he went on a rant like some insane person regarding the appointment of Mr. Bolton to the UN position. If the people of Delaware do not see this ass for the danger that he is, they have a serious, serious problem. The veins popping out of his head, the anger in his voice, and the ranting were scary. Biden needs to resign.

Now lets get to the racist. This type of letter should not even be printed as its inflamatory and one sided, but thats why this Blog is here to straighten the Liberally slanted stories the News Urinal prints. There was a black fireman from Elsmere who tells this bleeding heart story about how he is such a good hard working man, who's fire department has good comradery with the police department, or so that should be the case. It goes on to tell a story that portrays him as an innocent man just minding his own business, obeying the speed limit, trying to get home from a long hard day at the firehouse. Suddenly for no reason, so the story goes, this police officer who was sitting on a side street allegedly goes out of his way to get out onto the highway and catch up to this good samaritan, and allegedly run his tag, and then gave him a dirty look. The writer concludes that this is blatant racisim, and the only thing he was doing wrong was driving black is his claim. What a bunch of bull. Here we go again with the poor little Negro being picked on because he's black story. First of all here are the holes in this story. The writer admints that as he is driving along he is looking down each side street. To me this is suspicious activity in an area known for less than stellar crime rates. The officer had every right to check this suspicious activity out and did so. The second hole is the unsubstantiated statement that the officer ran his tags. There is no way to tell if this took place at all. So this statement is purely intended to be inflamatory. Then the dirty look comment is completely subjective. The "black" man already had a chip on his shoulder, yes the black one, and any look the officer gave him when he passed by would be considered to be black biased, so this point is also bull, and therefore moot. This is a prime example that backs up what I wrote about in an earlier Blog. Black people need to get over this problem with respecting authorities and obeying rules. They need to get off this I'm black so therefore I'm always a target of racisim bullcrap. You acted suspiciously, you got checked out, get over it and stop acting like a "RACIST".