Thursday, May 19, 2005

Excuse Me, But My Poo Don't Stink

Not too much going on today, but I heard about a story on something that happened the other day in Philadelphia, and it ticked me off, so here goes. The story is about a 35 year old man with cerebral palsy who has worked at a movie theatre for the last 13 years. The theatre after 9/11 had in place a policy, which is a great policy by the way, of having their ticket taker persons check any parcels being brought into the theatre. This is for the safety and security of all of the patrons in an effort to protect them from a terrorist jackal bringing in an explosive device, or for the purpose of theft, a recording device. This is a perfectly legal rule and has been enforced for years. The theatre is a private enterprise who has a right to set the rules for how the public conducts itself within public areas under its control. So along comes my least loved Racist, and in my opinion, the biggest crook to ever hit the streets of the city of Philadelphia, mayor John Street. He is carrying a parcel with him. The employee asked in a very polite manner to please check the mayors parcel. He was met with a tort, no you will not. Oh, so mayor street's poo does not stink? He is somehow better than anyone else going into this theatre carrying a parcel? I think not. This racist pig is subject to the same damn rules as everyone else, period. Again, its a black thing where the black man cannot stand to be told what to do, or be asked to follow anyones rules except those he chooses to. Then during the encounter, some imbecil cop who was with the mayor sticks his nose into the affair and starts interjecting his opinion, and saying that this is the mayor, he doesn't need to have his parcel inspected. Oh really? I don't think so Mr. butt licking cronie cop. They mayor gets his parcel inspected just like everyone else or he is escourted out of the damn building, period. The ticket taker was doing his job, and did it perfectly. It makes no matter wheither he has cerebral palsy or not, and it makes no difference wheither he recognized the mayor or not. He does not need to make any excuses. He was in an unbiased and unracist way applying the rules his employer set for all patrons entering the theatre. Then, this racist has the gall to have his cronie lawyer call the theatre management the next day and demand an explanation of the policy. Are they thick in the head, or are they looking for an excuse to stir the racial pot. I'll place my bets on the stirring of the racial pot because thats exactly the way Street works. They came right out with the violation of civil rights bullcrap line. Street is nothing but a trouble making racist criminal, and its absolutely amazing that he even made it past the primaries in the maorial race years ago. But this again confirms my point that black people are stupid, and would vote for some criminal racist just because he is black, instead of thinking of how much of an embarrassment it would be to even give this pig one ounce of recognition. The mayor was wrong, his cronie butt licking cop pal was wrong, his racists insinuations were wrong, his cronie racist lawyers are wrong, and his poo DOES indeed STINK. Screw you mayor Street, your a skid mark on the shorts of life and a total embarrasement. You should publically apologize to that theatre, its employees and management, the people of Philadelphia and surrounding areas, and then promptly resign.