Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Responsible Journalisim and Communisim

The news the last day and a half has been in regards to this false news story by Newsweek about the Quran. Personally, I'm more sick and tired of saving Islamic asses only to have the ungrateful pigs go protesting over a worthless book. The interogators have every right to do what they need to do to extract the information that they need to save American lives. If that means wiping their butts with pages from the Quran and burning them or flushing them after peeing on them, then thats what happens, and the Islamic radical jackals will just need to calm their asses down and get over it. Try being a little appreciative for a change instead of acting like third world animals.

With that aside, this whole screwed up mess would not have happened if the news media was not hell bent on reporting anything and everything negative about the war on terror. Talk about communists, these unappreciative imbeciles would sell out their country, and run it through the international mud just to sell a few of their cheap worthless papers. Or maybe there are other hidden agendas besides a good bottom line? This is a huge wake up call for the American people who still hold the old American values to heart, and care about this great country. The communists could not defeat us in a physical war. They had taken over some huge and powerful countries like Russia and China, and they still could not get the upper hand. But these criminals are not stupid, oh contrary, they are very cunning. After repeated defeats on several fronts such as the fall of the Berlin Wall, and the fall of the USSR out of communisim, new ideas were brought to the table. Ideas as to how they could eliminate this country as an obstruction to their goals, or better yet, succeed in making it fall altogether. They figured out that they could, over a long period of time, and with patience, take over this country from within. They figured that if they infiltrated very quietly and subtly over a period of decades, several major entities in this country, that they could steer its direction from one of prosperity and forward growth, to one of stagnation, internal conflict, and social decay leading to its possible collapse or total take over. It reminds me of that movie Independence Day, where the aliens used our own satellites against us. That is what is happening here, they are using our legal system, positions of high office, and our constitution against us. They knew that if they effectively hijacked the judiciary, positions in higher office, and the press, that they could successfully control the secret invasion, and make is all appear to be ligit. They used small pockets of dissent in the country during and after the Vietnam war, to plant the seed of their plan, and have steadily progressed to this day. They started with the anti-war effort and the civil rights movement as their tools, and moved forward from there. Small steps at first, then bigger and bigger steps as they gained more inroads and momentum. Today we have large communist entities that wield huge power such as the ACLU, thousands of special interest groups, and they have successfully taken over certain states such as California and Mass that have the largest base of gullable followers for their twisted cause. They have succeeded in infiltrating political offices and corrupted same. They have successfully infiltrated the judiciary, and made a laughing stock of our legal system as they turned it around and used it against us, our morals, and our American ideals. They have successfully infiltrated the press so they can not only get positive coverage for their evil deeds, but at the same time fester dissent for what is right and just, and those who would attempt to do the right thing for the country. We see this communisim at work every day. All we ever hear is negativity towards everything good in this country, we hear negativity about people who wish to do what is right for the US. We witness trumped up and/or hyocritical character assasinations used as a power tool to remove people they see as a danger without having to deal with due process, or proof, or any of the justifications that should be afforded a person. They constantly continue to portray the country in the most negative light possible, and even to the point of creating blatantly false stories such as the CBS George Bush papers lie, and the Quran story lie. They do this to deliberatlely cause internal dissent, and to cause this country to look bad in the eyes of the world, and the over all goal is to isolate us from any allies who might help us in the final days. They have no guilt, no class, no conscious, and no morals. Their only goal is to bring this country down at all costs while hiding behind the constitution, and they are succeeding. Newsweek, and any other media outlet who participates in such acts should be shut down as communist operations in the name of National Security. To have them exist and print such garbage and un-truths is un-American, reaks of communisim, and is a pathetic disgrace. Frankly I am sick and tired of them and their bullcrap.

I do everything I can to expose these criminals, and give them a hard time, and make sure they know that we know what they are up to, and that it will not be tollerated. It is not easy. We as the people of this country who really care and wish to uphold what is right both legally, and morally, have an obligation to speak up and do something to stop this cancer from spreading. If we do not act, they will win, and our great country will cease to exist as the great entity that it used to be and can be again. Taking back our press and ensuring that there is accurate and fair reporting, and demanding responsible journalisim is the first step, and we must demand that as our first step. We must not stop there. We've already awakened to an extent, and wisely elected more conservative people to office. Aside from the moles in that group, we at least have a hope of getting some needed changes made. Why do you think the Democrats fought so hard not to lose control? It interrupts their agenda thats why, and in the mean time we are taking some steps back to where we should be, and they cannot stand that. The hardest entity to take back is the judiciary. As the Liberals love to use as a tool to intimidate the gullable, these judges are appointed for life. Its almost impossible to get rid of them once they are in position. Of course, again, why do you think they are abusing the filibuster and screaming bloody murder. The conservatives have discovered their plan and want to put a stop to it, and install some fairness to the process and the nominations again. Its no wonder the Liberals are in an uproar, their biggest and most powerful tool, the judiciary, is being taken away. If that happens they lose a major tool in their secret war, their whole plan takes a huge step backwards, and thats why the Republicans and conservatives must do everything they can to ensure that the system is not hijacked and abused by the Liberals. We as citizens must do all we can to help them achieve that goal.