Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Waaa Waaa Waaa I Want It Now.....

Today we talk again about another black man wanting preferential treatment just because he is black. Marc Thomas CEO of a subdivision of GE sued the company today claiming that the company discriminates against blacks. Is anyone else getting sick and tired of this same worn out bullcrap excuse?? I know I am, and I'll tell you what, if your black, your making it harder on yourself with the crybaby unsubstantiated racisim bullcrap, OK. With Mr Thomas, its the same old story, he's not paid enough, he's not promoted fast enough, and its all because he is black. Bull! What Mr. Thomas wants is to have GE push him past other workers with seniority over him, and give him preferential compensation treatment because he is black. Bottom line is that Mr Thomas has only been with the company for 4 years and has already been promoted to CEO. I fail to see a problem with that outside of the fact that he moved up way too damn fast for being a Noob, and junior employee seniority wise. What about all the other qualified employees who have been busting their asses at GE for 10, 15, 20 years or more and have not gotten a promotion or killer raise? They may be getting better pay, but they've EARNED it by right of seniority. We don't hear them complaining they were not promoted because they were white, hispanic, indian, or other, and GE had to cater to your blackness. Ya see Mr Thomas, in this country we EARN our way with hard work, and no expectations, especially racial preference expectations. Just because your black holds no weight, and if they are not being discriminatory which is how I see this issue, that is the correct way to conduct business. If GE were to promote you, and give you better raises "because your black" would be to discriminate based on race. So get off your racist horse, and get over the fact that you just might have to work hard and long to actually EARN what you are seeking, and stop with the po bleeding heart negro being passed over caus'in his skin is black crap. Grow up!

Today we also have one of my favorite articles, a The Sky IS Falling article. These are articles where the story tellers run around, probably naked, waving their hands in the air and screaming of impending doom. Lordy them Liberals are funny as all get go. The article actually was a headliner and it read, base closing would be devastating to NCCo economy. You have to like the choice of the word devastating. It brings to mind my days in Florida after hurricane Andrew. I can see it now, buildings leveled, homes ripped from their foundations, blight and poverty abound, people sleeping in the streets. Paleeeese! These jackasses know nothing about devastation. Anyway, in reading the article, I found that as is typical with Liberalized rantings that their issues are non-issues. There is no big deal here. The closeing affects a very small national guard air unit. Its not a major serious base closing like they closed Patterson or something and 8,000+ personnel were being transfered out. We're talking about 6 to 8 planes, and a few hundred people. There being transfered is not going to mean the collapse of the entire countys economy. So as is typical, we have this The Sky Is Falling sensationalization of a non-event. I see many problems with the story. They talk with a local pizzaria, and the manager in there shows them his plaque with some photos of guardsmen in an attempt to get us into a sympathetic mode I suppose. The reporter goes on to tell us about the three servicemen who are in there and they ordered a pizza. It was noted by the manager that they get some good business at lunch time too. So what we are to believe is that the entire county's economic structure will fail if a pizzaria loses a few dozen pizza and sub sales??? Somehow I doubt very seriously that that would be the case. If the pizzaria is doing so poorly that the loss of a few pizza sales would take them under, then they have other problems they need to address. This is the same for other local businesses. They show a guarsdman filling his tank with gas as if to imply that if the station is closed that we'll have several filling station failures. Bullcrap! The sucker punch was the local fire companies. They start with the fear tactics, and start with their safety sales pitch and how they hope that the guard unit is not closed down just in case there is a fire emergency on the airport property. They claim they need them (the guard unit) to cover that situation. For what?? So you guys can sleep in, or send firetrucks and crews out along with the ambulance on a skinned knee call so they can waste their time? Please, get over yourself. You do not need any minescule fire unit sitting in the airport to cover your asses "just in case". The countys economy is not going to fail because a small facility at the airport is going to be closed down. Enough with the scare tactics and lame attempts at pity. If small businesses in the area cannot withstand a minescule drop in sales, then they already had a financial problem to begin with and should close down. Closing these bases are a great idea. They will save the country billions of dollars that are wasted to support and maintain small meaningless offices. They should be closed, so stop with the crying and whining.