Monday, May 23, 2005

True Colors

It took me a little while to come up with the name for todays blog. Each time something appropriate came to mind it contained such words as bastards or something similar. What I am refering to are the inconsiderate, unappreciative imbeciles in the world who would have the gall to protest and/or criticize the USA after all we have done for humanity and Democracy around the globe for centuries. This country tries so very hard, and is always willing to sacrifice the lives of their own people to save these unappreicative jackal, and what do we get, "you don't belong here", "get out", "US is a country of murderers" etc. So why do Liberals insist on giving a damn about how the world see's the US? Its obvious we have no respect across many nations, so why should we continue to molly coddle these jackals, and worry about what they might think if we just did what we had to do and did it decisively like bombing the crap out of Syria or Iran?

Frankly, I'm getting sick and fed up tired of sending our money, supplies, and troops over into countries who don't like us, and who cannot show us one bit of courtesy for the effort. Lets stop wasting our time, money and lives on their worthless asses, and simply pull out and leave them fend for themselves. Let the likes of Saddam torture their asses, and rape their women. Leave the Vietnam government oppress their people. Let the Taliban destroy their country and rule with oppression. Then maybe pieces of human feces like Osama, and Al-Sadr, who should be shot on sight, will be happy as they can then be free to continue to train and promote anti-Americanisim and terror. Our strategy should change effective immediately. From now on, when we know a country is a danger to the US, we bomb them into dust and leave them pick up their own pieces. The actions last week by these so called peace loving Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan, who have the gall to protest against America are appalling. Yes, the America who saved their asses, or was it the America that screwed up their Islamic radical murder plans. I think the latter is obviously true. What we do in doing good is a great tool to exposing the true terrorists. The questions is, why don't we take these bastards out when they expose themselves?

Al-Sadr is a terrorist and anyone who associates with him is a terrorist, and they should all be hunted down like the animals they are, and killed no questions asked. Then we have these ungrateful losers over in Jerusalem insulting the first lady who is on a mission of peace and understanding. She was invited by the officials there to visit some holy sites including a Mosque. She was respectful, and courteous, yet radicals from both sides heckled the first lady. So let me understand this, Judisim and Islam are peace loving, careing, peaceful religions.... bullcrap. Everytime you open the paper these Muslims are pissing and moaning about "infidels" approaching or doing something regarding a Mosque. They are not allowed near them, or in them. So much for a free compasionate, loving religion. This is so much bullcrap. If a person wanted to enter a Mosque they should be allowed and able to do so freely. This bullcrap with getting all bent out of shape over someone visiting a Mosque is a crock, and exposes Islam for the hypocracy it is. A Mosque is a damn building, nothing more. Those jackals who were being disrespectful of the first lady should have had their skulls opened up with the but of a rifle until they showed a little damn respect. Its these same imoral jackals who demand we respect them and their murderous religion, yet they can turn around and disrespect us without cause? As I said, bullcrap. These jackals need to get a life and get over this Islam is wonderful crap. The same with the Jewish protestors. The US has been a staunch ally of Israel for decades, much to the extent that we have suffered the consequences in the world arena for supporting 'the jews', and these selfless morons have the gall to disrespect the first lady when she comes to visit. Absolutely unacceptable. Its high time the US stopped being a buddy buddy to countries around the globe and left them fend for themselves. Then we'd see who comes crawling back and screaming that the US doesn't care and we condone murder etc. Their hypocracy knows no bounds. Their true colors come out no matter what we do, so lets fend for ourselves for a change and screw the rest of them.