Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Deals and Squeals

Boo Hiss! Frankly I'm a bit dissapointed today hearing that the Liberal Democrats have talked the Republican majority into a deal regarding the filibuster issue. The thing that bothers me is that unless this problem is permanently nipped in the bud, it will come back to haunt us again. This was made possible with the half hearted "deal" that was made as it only applies to this session of congress. The next congress that comes into session will not be bound by this agreement, and the whole mess starts over again. Republicans should have seen this coming, and if they were truely trying to stop the abuse, made sure it was in fact stopped, and for both sides of the aisle. This so called deal is a temporary fix, and the Republicans have effectively tied their hands or opened themselves up to being egged in the face. I would not trust the Liberal Democrats not to have some sort of scheme up their sleeves to get around this part that they agreed to, which was not to filibuster unless extreme circumstances prevailed. Well, knowing Liberals, everything they can conger up will be made into an extreme circumstance. This will force Republicans into using the nuclear option anyway, and therefore make them look like they reneged on the deal, when it was the Liberal Democrats who set them up with a crappy so called deal. Mark my words, they have something up their sleeves, and it won't be good.

On the squeeling side of the fence are these jackals out in California bitching about a monument to the different cultures of this country. Etched into the stone are quotes, sayings and thoughts from a wide variety of cultures, and this is as it should be. Then comes along a bunch of jobless jackals from Save The State with nothing better to do than read something into the words that is not there. They insist that the words are "racist" in nature and demand that they should be removed. Fortunately, both the artist and the local government are refusing to remove or make changes to the exhibit. This is as it should be. These no life Liberals always scream about their rights and how we have the right to speak freely in this country, but let someone say something that they can twist into some malagned meaning that they do not like and as I quote them, its: "I don't believe the First Amendment protects this type of speech. It's not freedom of expression, it's government-sanctioned sedition.". First of all, its obvious that these people are uneducated morons. Sedition is conduct or language inciting rebellion against the authority of a State. Why in hell would California sanction rebellion againts itself? It makes no sense, but then again, Liberals never do. You see, this is exactly how Liberals work. Its all about freedom of speech, individuals rights, no/less government intervention, until something is said or done that they don't like, then the tables are turned 180 degrees, and we hear the "exceptions" to their previously expressed rantings. Bottom line is that they are hypocrites, and uneducated hypocrites at that. They want everything to be as they see it, and any one or any thing that does not fall into lockstep with that idealology is denounced. Sound familiar? Think communisim, think dictatorships. I am dissapointed as this group thats doing the hypocracy thing seems to be a group with some good goals in mind, how they got caught up in this Liberal bullcrap is a mystery. None the less, they are wrong and I'm calling them out on it like it or not. It just goes to show that we really need to look closely at all organizations, even those who claim to be on the right or typically seem to try to promote the correct causes. But in this case, they have had the gall to demand that the inscriptions be removed by the 4th of July. I would not be suprised if these idiots pulled a PETA stunt, and defaced the monument. We shall see, if they do, they need to be brought to justice, and swiftly.