Wednesday, May 25, 2005

In All Fairness

In all fairness, I'm always ragging on Liberals and Democrats, which they deserve. But something happened yesterday that made me think. My wife became angry with me before she left for work, and I didn't get a goodbye kiss or a wave as she sped out of the driveway. Only two things could have caused this to happen. She was mad at me for not wanting to give our son back his PS2, which was taken away because he was "Failing to Turn In Assignments" in school, and who's latest midterm progress report still showed "Failing to Turn In Assignments" albeit in lesser numbers. Or, she didn't like my Liberal bashing answer to her question, whats up with this filibuster thing. One clue may have been her comment that I'm always cutting on Liberals and Democrats, but I never criticize Bush or the Republicans. This got me thinking, and this is what I came up with.

Yes, I am critical of Bush and the Republicans, I'm just a lot less verbal about it as the issues are not as critical as many of the Liberal creations. I've written many Blogs, and many of my points are contained therein. My main points I suppose would be that typically Liberals will do things that violate my rights in favor of some special interest or minority many times undeserving ones, they almost always hold up progress, they almost always cost me money needlessly, and they rarely make sense. On the other hand, there are issues that Bush and the Rebublicans promote or believe in that I just don't agree with or like at all. Yesterday, I wrote that I thought that this filibuster agreement was a bad idea. I think that the Republicans caved into the Liberals and allowed the door for abuse by Liberals and special interests to continue. The judiciary is a very critical area. Judges are appointed for life, its all but impossible to overturn a judgement, and all but impossible to get rid of bad eggs. So its very critical that people are appointed who have NO Liberal tendencies. Its the only way to guarantee that the law will, in a majority of cases, be interperated correctly and without Liberal bias. This is one of the key three areas that Liberals must control in order to get their plan of twisted ideals implemented. That is why they are abusing the system to avoid a vote. Thats why they are in an uproar. So I am not happy with this decision and can only hope they know what they are doing.

Another issue is the Stem Cell research issue. Human kind cannot move forward to improve on the human condition if we are stymied by such nonsense. I disagree with Bush when he says that these cells are a life. No, they are simply cells. They happen to come from humans, but thats the only correlation. To stand there with people who were once a cell in a dish basically, and now are whole humans and use them as an example to make a point that these cells are actually people is pretty poor. Another issue is abortions. I strongly believe in preserving life as much as possible. But I believe that if a woman wants to abort her child, then that is her decision to make, and the goverment needs to keep their noses out of it. If she ends up being wrong, she'll have to answer to a higher authority. If we are going to promote individual freedoms and allow people to have casual sex freely outside of marriage, then this is a logical part of that over all picture. This is an odd one in that for all intents and purposes it comes across with all of the Liberal traits. The unborn babys rights, the government interference thing, the cost to tax payers to support many of the children that may have been aborted, and now find themselves abandonded by the mother who was forced to keep them. Makes one think. Lets move on.

Another issue I have, and one that I wrote about, was the bankruptcy bill issue. The banks for decades have abuse the system and slanted all of the rules into their favor. Many of these rules go contrary to contractual law, yet they are allowed to continue. Then when the banks dig themselves into a hole, and people are bailing out on them hand over fist, then they force another law to further slant the rules into their favor instead of being made to address the real problem, which is their own way of doing business. I'm all in favor of being pro-business. When businesses do well they hire people. Those people spend their money and that stimulates the economy. That stimulation causes an increase in demand, and businesses hire more people to cover the demand. Its a positive, pro-active cycle. But to continue to cover a business who abuses the rules, and to place a law that violates the basic rights of an idividual, and take away their ability to start over is just wrong if the other side of the problem is not addressed at the same time.

I also strongly disagree with Bushs' desire to cut funding for Amtrak. I am very pro-railroad. I think they are the most efficient and cost effective means of transporting people and goods than man has ever devised. I think its a travesty that our great rail infastructure is being left to rot and decay, while airlines and trucking industries are subsidized with billions of taxpayer dollars. Trucks especially are the most dangerous, wasteful, inefficient means of moving anything, yet they pay little or nothing to ruin our highway infastructure and endanger our safety each day on the nations roadways. No, the rail system is the one entity that should be subsidized and promoted with zeal, and the trucking companies are the ones who should be cut off and made to pay for the use of our highways that they now use basically for free while they pollute our air.

Lastly. I think going to war was the right thing to do. To sit around and say lets forgive them, we'll let it go this time, is just what those jakals were hoping for. They saw the Democrats sit on their hands for decades while they grew, and festered, and killed. Then they made the big mistake, they attacked the US directly, and they should be exterminated for doing so. My beef is that the administration is trying to cater to the bleeding heart Liberals, their human rights and humanitarian whinings, and attempting to fight a kinder gentler war. We cannot do that. We need to go where we need to go, and do what we need to do and kick some ass. We need to stop worrying about entering a religious building to clear it out of murderers, and having some local jakal strike up an anti-American protest. Thats happening anyway. Go in there, and kick some ass. Go into where ever you got to go, bomb what ever you need to bomb, and get the job done, and stop dicking around with the touchey feely Liberal bullcrap. So there you have it. Those are the things that I don't like about Republicans and Bush. But you will note the differences between what and how Liberals do things, and how the Republicans and Bush do things. That the things that Republicans and Bush have done probably won't cost me money, for the most part won't violate my rights, and won't hold up progress, and thats the difference that appeals to me, even though none of them make sense.