Thursday, May 26, 2005

When In Paris...

Well, right now there are probably several hundred thousand men wishing they were "in" Paris. Paris Hilton that is. Personally, I've never found Paris all that attractive at all. She's not ugly or anything, but nowhere deserving of the hype she gets in my opinion. But then comes along this very hot Carl's/Hardee Burger commercial, and I will admit, in that spot I find Paris very hot indeed. Of course every time a great and creative commercial comes out we have, and here is another one of those catch words that warn us that Liberals are about to act, "watchdog" groups pissing, moaning, and using every sensationalization catchword adjective in the Liberals book of "How To Make A Big Frigging Deal Out Of Nothing". Basically theses so called watchdog groups are made up of societies losers who have no life, but a propensity for being control freaks. This ad is a great ad, its shows no nudity what so ever, yet for the adults who understand and enjoy a normal life, its quite entertaining. But not to these watchdog zealots, to them this is pornography, its an outrage, it does not belong on our airwaves (Pretty arrogant if you ask me.), its unacceptable.... and I have to whom? You? Mature and sensable people know suggestive behaviour is NOT pornography, and acting in a spicey manner is not an outrage. The only jerks being outraged here are those control freaks who have to have everything on the planet operate according to their shallow and narrow minded rules. WRONG! These watchdog groups need to get a life. They can start by getting mental help, and enrolling into classes that treat people with control freak addictions. If we as consumers continue to let these police state watchdog groups attempt to control everything we experince in day to day life, then we have no life. We succum to their will, and as they are attempting to do here, we'll have everything they deem inappropriate censored and banned from the airwaves. That is unacceptable. I agree, there are limits. Full nudity, hardcore gross sex acts, or outright murder or something of that nature on national TV is unacceptable. But to bitch and blow way out of proportion a commercial because it was racey and sexy is assnine and wrong. I want to point out one thing of huge interest with this issue that truly points out how Liberals work. If one reads the many copies of the different reports on this issue on Fox, ABC or Drudge etc, one watchdog group seems to be doing all of the complaining, the Parents Television Council. Who the hell appointed them TV police is what I'd like to know? But the Liberal pattern of modus-operandi is blatantly clear. Here are a few quote examples of how Liberals sensationalize nothing and spout their garbage:

"The Parents Television Council say the ad is much too hot for prime time."

"People ... are choosing to take their business elsewhere because they are so [disgusted] with this commercial," PTC's Melissa Caldwell said."

"This blatant sexually charged ad has no place on the public airwaves, and especially when children are in the audience. They need to be held responsible for marketing their raunchy, sexually graphic ad to millions of children via broadcast television and at the Carl's Jr./Hardees' web sites without any restrictions," the PTC said in a press release.

You can see the one sided pattern of a control freak clearly in all those quotes. It is, as is typical with Liberals, "All about them". Its their way or no way. In a truely free and democratic society this is nothing more than censorship by the Liberals who simply don't like what they see and hear. With that, I think I'll get a double at Carl's today for lunch, and be sure to run my toung between the meat as I eat. Yum!