Monday, May 30, 2005

Thank You!!

Today is Veterans day, and I would like to send out a huge thank you to all of those good souls who risked their lives to fight for the nations causes. This goes especially for the families of those who made the ultimate sacrifice and died in the line of duty. Todays soldiers have a lot of advantages with the technologies that are out there, they are a lot better off than our bretheren who went to Europe or the Pacific during the world wars. But this makes them none less brave and determined to get out there and do whats is right, and kick ass. They have a lot of bravery, more than I probably would have had if I had been drafted.

In reflecting today, I was watching historical film footage of the second world war on both the European and Pacific fronts. Compared to today, the general public has changed a lot. We still have those brave souls who go over and fight for our causes, and thank God. But back then everyone was all but clamering at the chance to get into a uniform and go kill the enemie. Thats what war is all about, taking out the enemie. In stark contrast with today, these men and women went and did what they had to do to get to and eradicate the enemie. If they had to level an entire town thats what they did. We had none of this Liberal kinder gentler war bullcrap. We knew that innocent people would sometimes get killed. This is the price we all pay for freedom, and those innocent people and their families knew and accepted bravely the fact that they may die for the cause. This is not the case today. Today we have spineless Liberals and communist special interest groups sticking their noses into everything. They have managed to effectively hamstring the miltary in such a way that no matter how well they do, its never good enough. This is a disgrace and the American people should not stand for it.

Another big difference and the one that counts the most, is that what ever they did back then, it was supported beyond question. The media printed stories that promoted our men and women at war around the clock. People had pride, self respect, and a ton of patriotisim. They presented the fighting men and women in the best possible light. They treated them with respect, and dignity, and thats as it should be. But today, the media is ignorant, selfish, rude and inconsiderate to name a few adjectives. They belittel our military, and constantly harp and build up negative stories meant to promote their Liberal hatered. They on numerous occasions have been caught in bold lies, making up false stories to defame our country and the military. This activity is completely opposite to what we saw in the US during the world wars, and its down right disrespectful. This too has got to stop. This country has, all during its history, made the greatest sacrifices of any other country on the globe, to not only protect our own interests and borders, but those of other countries as well. Many hundreds of thousands of men and women have bravely given their lives fighting for the right thing. They deserve the highest amount of respect they can possibly be afforded, even if they make a mistake, or just do what they have to do no matter how brutal it may seem.

We need to not give a crap if its not popular with the spineless Liberals and communist special interest groups. Who the hell are they to undermine our military, and the country in general because they want to be a bunch of spinless sisseys? This is communisim at its best here people. These spinless Liberals and their ilk as I've said before are tearing this country apart from the inside. Little by little they are undermining our way of life and our ability to do what is right, and what is needed to do to defend ourselves. They are spineless, gutless and shameful. They just don't get it, the fact that people are going to die wheither we are at war and allowed to do what we need to do to eradicate the enemie, or if we are sitting here like passive sissies sucking our thumbs. They fail to realize that its best to have highly trained and equipped personnel doing our bidding and at the same time they are being killed, they are also taking out the enemie, hopefully in larger numbers. This to me is preferable to having 3000 truly innocent people killed by a bunch of jackals in a single day than we've lost in over a year in conflict overseas. But they are too narrow minded and stupid to see this benefit as the lesser of two evils. One evil must and will happen, and I'd choose the war one over the non-defensive sitting target one any day. I believe in an eye for an eye. If you are attacked, you attack back twice as hard. They hit us, we hit them twice. They kill our innocent people we obliterate them. We go into their towns and obliterate them and everyone in them if thats what it takes to take out the enemie. We simply do what we got to do, plain and simple. No spinlessness, no mercy. Its the only way. God bless those who serve, and those who have served.