Friday, June 03, 2005

Human Waste

Hows that for an eye opener title? Well, we're not going to talk about poop or anything, just some Liberals. Now, with that title I could be ready to talk about Ted Kennedy, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, George Soros, Michael Moore, and a whole host of other Liberal losers. But today we are going to talk about Howard Dean. Yes the head of the DNC, the big loon, the madman. Are Liberals and Democrats really that stupid to think this madman is good for their cause? I just cannot fathom embracing this man for any reason. Yet there they sit and listen to his mad rantings, and non-sense. Then they actually applaud him too! The last example that I recall in recent history where a madman was allowed to rant like Dean does in public, as the leader of a political party, that was able to whip his gullable audience into a frenzy, and had ideals that were just as sick was during the third reich in the form of Adolf Hitler. Dean's MO is strangely similar, and so are that of his followers. More importanly, and the scariest point of all, so are their ideas and goals.

Howard Dean is a danger to this country, and so are the gullable dolts who blindly follow his lead. This is why it is so important for normal conservative people to make sure we make a stand against everything they do and stand for. For to fail to do so will bring the same results as those brought by the third reich, and history shall have repeated itself.