Thursday, June 02, 2005

The Patriot Act

Sorry for missing a few days, I've been really sick with a combo of strep and bronchitis. Before that hit me like a ton of bricks, I was doing some extensive research on the Patriot Act. What would posses me to do such a thing? Well, an editorial in the Delaware Voice column of the News Urinal, our local Liberal propaganda rag, entitled 'Patriot Act raises risk of Policec State'. This of course was meant to do what it did for me, get my attention. GASP! A police state, oh dear oh my.....

In typical Liberal fashion, the author comments on a recent writing and immediately states that the whole Patriot Act should in essence be scrapped. He states that it was written in a hurry in a near state of hysteria right after 9/11 cleverly making sure he does not mention that it was a complete bipartisan effort meaning that the Democrats had everything to do with its creation. But he was sure to attack the "rightest Republicans" and placing blame on them for wanting to grant the FBI unbridled subpoena powers which he called a fortaste of rights abuses. Ok so he now has the attention of the gullable idiots, and maybe a few like me who are waiting to pick this garbage apart with some facts. It is at this point that he shows that he is a true Liberal indeed.

He stops talking about anything the Patriot Act covers, and goes off on a 4 paragraph rant on the war on drugs, and seizures, and how much we spend on the war on drugs and how it was a dismal failure. Like I said, he had my attention, but I was waiting for him to prove his point. I wanted him to quote the parts in the Patriot Act that allegedly give the FBI these unbridled subpoena powers, and point out specifically other evils that would justify that the Patriot Act should be scrapped, and how it was a danger to our civil rights. None were forthcoming. Liberals of course keep harping about how dangerous the Patriot Act is, and how its is supposed to be one of the biggest violations of civil liberties ever written. I'll sum up my feeling on their opinion in one word. Bullshit. Do these morons ever really read anything? Maybe they are hoping they can use their old tricks of partial quotation that makes something sound so bad in hopes that the people have not read this wonderful piece of legislation, and will get all upset about it and join in their cry. Currently, our old PAL's (Thats translated Personal A$$ Lickers.) the American Communist Liberals Union aka The ACLU has filed a lawsuit to have parts of the Patriot Act found unconstitutional. As is typical, these jackals need to get a life. Their biggest beef is allegedly some as yet unnamed clause in the act that allegedly gives the government permission to collect data on individuals without a judge authorized warrant. This is incorrect. Nowhere in the entire Patriot Act does it say that the government has carte-blanc abilities to gather personal information.

What in part it does say for example is this: It clarifies the legal code in several places to include terms related to terrorisim and terrorist activities. IE: if a clause originally said a warrant may be obtained if the authorities had reason to believe that an extortion or other listed crimes were being committed, that list now includes engaging in terror activities. Its that simple. It also expands what crimes the authorities are allowed to investiage, and how. If a clause previously had said burglary, robbery, murder, it now also says planting bombs related to a terrorist act, terror surveilance, and other terror related activities, and the methods now include wire taps and electronic communications surveilance. The difference is that with these new powers its explicitily stated that they must be used within existing legal restraints so as not to violate an individuals rights. (Thats the part the ACLU forgets to mention by the way.) They have also tightened the way in which financial institutions work with unknown clients, and when dealing with large amounts of currency.

However, again, in all new requirements that are given, in ALL instances it is clearly noted that any and all compliance must be done within the constraints of existing civil rights laws. So as is typical, the ACLU and other Liberal trouble making communist entities are screaming wolf, and there are no wolves in the woods. They are trying to use their old scare tactics to mislead people into believing that their rights are being seriously violated, when the exact opposite is true. The Patriot Act is there to help further protect us, and to give our authorities permission to investigate terror activities more readily. I've read this document, and it is quite large, several times, and nowhere in its contents can I find the section where the government is given permission to gather information on any individual in any manner that would violate their rights without their permission, or without the proper due process. The Patriot Act should and must be renewed in its entirety, and even expanded upon to include items that were not known at the time of the original documents writing.