Thursday, June 16, 2005

Add The Adjective Hypocrites

When talking about Democrats, and their lack of any new ideas, lack of an agenda, obstructionisim, negativity, and Liberalisim, we can add hypocrites to the list as well. This is nothing new, and I've called them hypocrites on several occasions. But in recent news it appears that they are getting outright arrogant about it. Come to think of it, lets add arrogant to the list as well. Ok! The first example is this Democratic Convention held in Buffalo that was attended by Hillary Clinton. Just weeks ago, old bitch Hillary called the news media spineless because they dared to report on issues in a manner not to her liking. Namely, they reported some negative things about the old bat and things she said, that happened to be factual truths. So what does our hypocrite air bag senator do, she closes the Buffalo event to the media. There ya go, freedom of the press. But I don't seem to hear the crys of constitutional rights, and the freedom of the press amendment, and how Hillary blatantly violated the medias rights. No, all we hear are crys about the supposed rights of murderers held in a prison camp who were caught killing our innocent civilians. Hillary disagrees with one thing they say about her and they are BANNED.

Now lets turn the scenario around. Lets say the Bush administration tells the press that he will do no more pressers at the White House. Do you think the press will stand for that? Hell no they won't, they would crucify the man. They would beat their breast and chant about their rights and freedom of the press faster than you can fry an egg. They would argue about the public's right to know what the leadership of their country is doing. But old bitch Hillary can just shut them out, and neary a word is said in protest. Second example is this jackal senator Durbin from Illinois. Of course he is a Democrat. Durbin has the gall to stand up during a speech and make statements that compare out military personnel to Nazi's and Gitmo as a Gulag. This ass cannot even come up with something original, he has to use an already unproven statement. So let me get this straight, he can demean our troops, and criticize our countrys efforts in the war on terror, and this is OK, and according to him he does not have to apologize for speaking his mind, yet these ignorant jackals like senator Joe Biden will stand and make a public statement that Gitmo is an embarrassment for American in the eyes of all other nations? I don't think so, I think its traitors like Durbin who are making our country look like a laughing stock to the rest of the world. They are over there laughing at the idiots we voted into office who are making a mockery of our own people. They also have the gall to criticize the president when he accidently tangles or mispronounces a few words, yet this ass humiliates the country and its military, and the media is deaftly silent. Then we have the disgracefull actions by a group of spoiled Liberal brats out in California, who have the gall to interrupt their Governor when he is trying to speak. He has worked so hard to help get that state out of the quagmire the Liberals have gotten the state into, and all he gets in return is chants, snide remarks, banners of protest, and other ungrateful ignorant activity. Those type of persons are a disgrace. They are a disgrace to themselves, their familys, their state, and their country. Their hypocracy and selfishness knows no bounds. Its all, about them. Governor Swarzenegger has a huge mess to clean up out there, and he is wanting the people of that state to let him and the other elected officials know what they want by holding a vote. This is a great idea. The cost is high, but it is the first and important step in a solution to a very difficult problem, and it lets the people speak and get involved. But the Liberals, special interests and union jackals are in an uproar. Their union members who are getting paid four times what they are worth due to union blackmail tactics might have to give that up. These union workers who are getting too many freebie benefits without paying a dime towards the cost might have to get off their asses and actually contribute. Its will be no more gimmie, gimmie, gimmie for the poor little greedy union dolts. I'm real tore up they might actually have to earn what they are really worth and contribute something as opposed to getting paid four times what they are worth and getting a freebie for everything. BooHooHoo. Now they are out there like the little sissys they are, pouting, crying, and acting like a bunch of ignorant shelfish children because they cannot have their way, the wrong selfish greedy union way, any more. Too bad, but thats the wrong way. These people need to have some damn respect for other people, particularly the Governor who has their states best interest in mind. But this all shows the selfish, hypocritical, two faced, arrogance of the Democrats and Liberals in its rawest form. Its sickening, and we must do everything we can to let them know we will not stand for it any longer.