Wednesday, June 08, 2005

True Face Of The Democratic Party

I must be short again today as my time is short due to the ramping up of projects at work. Today I will mention two incidents in the news media that really start to show the true face of the Democratic Party. First is the idiotic statement by former president Jimmy Carter in calling for the closure of Gitmo. Carter claims that the US has been humiliated in recent days and as a show of good faith for human rights, we should close this base and set the prisoners free. Sorry Carter, you had your chance to do your thing for "human rights" and we saw, and are still suffering, the consequences. In true Democratic form he calls for the US to place its tail between its legs and run for the hills like a bunch of spineless dolts. We should consider doing this just because of some communist group like Amnesty International called us some names, and the ACLU is digging hard for some sort of dirt? Are you saying we should cave in and let terrorists have their freedom in the name of human rights? When are the terrorists who murder innocent people by the hundreds and thousands, and have ramped up the best score board tally of human rights violations around the globe going to be addressed, criticized, and brow beaten? When are you and the other commie "human rights" groups going to go after the terrorists, and humiliate them, and dig up and expose the dirt on them? As is typical, appeasement is the order of the day with Liberals and Democrats. Always more willing to turn tail and run as opposed to putting up a fight which in the long run will end more suffering and human rights violations than if we just tried to appease the terrorists. What am I missing here? I'm not following the logic. OH! Thats it, this is a Democrats stance, there is no logic!

Second, is our old madman pal himself Howard Dean. The more he opens his pie hole the more he exposes the ass the Democratic party really is. Keep on harping Howard about Republicans being an all white christian party. Yeah, then turn around and tell people that the Democratic party is more mature and more fair, and more tollerant and more accepting of diversity. Factually, its those who are screaming the loudest about tollerance, human rights, equality, acceptance, and how the Republicans are not on board with those issues, that are the ones who violate most of those issues' principles while claiming conformity out the other side of their mouths. Its the old kettle calling the kettle black again. I'm glad Dean is their leader and spokesperson. I could think of no one on the planet so well suited to exposing what the Democratic party is all about than Howard 'madman' Dean.