Tuesday, June 14, 2005

A Lesson Learned?

Maybe, just maybe now that a high profile DA and prosecutor in California has had his butt handed to him, DA's across the country will get past this "we gotta blame someone" thing. Have you ever wonderd why these idiots never admit they made a mistake? Its one huge part of whats wrong with our judicial system. Police, judges and DA's just cannot admit they made a mistake, or let anything they start go because thats simply the right thing to do. In the case of Michael Jackson this is quite evident. It was so obvious that the accusers were nothing more than grifters and money mongers, and more importantly, the evidence in no way supported the charges. Many people disagree with the verdict, I happen to think it was almost dead on. In reading the articles and line by line testimony ad nauseum thats filled our media since this trial began, I came to the following conclusions. First, Michael is a very very strange man. But this is not a against the law. Second, I think he may have served alcohol to minors, but he was not convicted of that. This is the only thing I feel the prosecution proved and should have won. Third, Michael in all of the evidence I read about, never did anything more than have a boner and ask for vaseline or plant a kiss on a kids head. Nothing was shown that proved that he touched kids privates, or placed his privates where they should not be, or asked or forced the boys to touch or do anything to him. So one could only conclude based on the evidence, that he maybe at most taught these young boys how to get self satisfaction. This also is not against the law. Nowhere did anything solid and conclusive come out that put Michael into a position of touching or doing anything that would remotely resemble molestation. So the verdict I am afraid was the right one, and I hope that Michael finally grows up and stops with the childish interactions that made him a target. The DA should have seen that he clearly had a piss poor case and refused to press charges. People do not like Michael because he is wierd. They pick on him relentlessly because he is wierd. They blow everything he does out of proportion, such as him showing the crowd his baby over a balcony. He had full control over that child the whole time and simply held him up for everyone to see. The media went apeshit and immediately started reporting that Michael hung the child over the railing and almost dropped him. No, thats not what happened at all, and its obviously clear from the repeated showings of the film that, that was not what happened. But they go on the attack and blow everything out of proportion just to make Michael look bad because he is a wierdo. This case was no different. It was a needless waste of time and money that should have never happened. We shall see if history continues to repeat itself in regards to DA's in general and especially with Michael Jackson. I hope to see change regarding both.