Thursday, June 09, 2005

Technology Is Great, If Its Left Alone To Happen

Technology can be one of the coolest things a person can experience. There is nothing like moving forward, trying out new gadgets, and testing the latest gizmo. Humans in general would be a lot farther along today if technology were left alone and allowed to happen without interference from spineless Chicken Little groups.

One of the neatest things to come along in recent years is the ability to pay for your purchase by simply entering a small code and putting your finger on a scanner. Its called BioPay. Its a new technology where by persons register by presenting a confirmed check with proper identification to a participating retailer, and once they are entered into their system, grabbing ahold of a small ball so their fingerprint data can be electronically entered into the system. All of this takes about 2-4 minutes. When your ready to complete your transaction simply enter your code and put a finger on the scanner and your done. I like it!

However, as I've written before in my Blog, there are always some group of idiots with their Liberal sized peabrains who start with the gloom and doom sky is falling crap. In this instance there are "civil libertarians" who baselessly claim that this whole system raises privacy concerns. They claim that this data can be stolen and put the participants at high risk. Ok... like CitiBank loosing a tape of several hundred thousand records in a UPS shipment is any more or less dangerous? If your that much of a squeemish dolt, then don't sign up! Its always some Liberal jackal reading the worse possible scenario into everything thats brought to the table. This is a wonderful and helpful idea, and should be promoted as such. But to sit there like closed minded idiots and complain like the world will come to an end if this technology is allowed to move forward, is just stupid. They also go harping on how this technology will never catch on because people associate fingerprints with crime. Where do these people come from? Who sits there and thinks this unfounded garbage up? Then they try the old maybe this, maybe that scenarios. Maybe this data would be compromised and then what. Exactly, then what? What happenes when a box of checks is stolen or a credit card is stolen? We handle it! This technology will help greatly to reduce those types of crimes from happening in the first place, as its very hard to steal someones fingers. Even if a hacker could get into the computers, there are no actual scans of the fingerprints in there so they could even attempt a James Bond move, and make a fake set of fingerprints out of latex. The computer simply stores some digital data references that are unique to a humans fingerprints, that allow a computer to identify the person.

So as is usual, the nay sayers complaints are unfounded. Hopefully their whining and moaning will not slow down this technology. I hope it spreads like wildfire in a town near me, as I'll be signing up but pronto. As for the Liberal civil libertarians, please get a damn life, and go sit in your plastic bubbles with your hands folded and neatly placed on your laps, and shut up.