Monday, June 20, 2005

Just When You Thought You've Heard Everything

Oh.... My.... God. I've never in all my life thought that Decmocrats and Liberals would ever get this pathetic. Splashed all over my local paper is this rediculous article about these British intelligence papers regarding Condoleeza Rice, and the alleged war agenda the administration was supposed to have immediately after 9/11. This is absolutely unbelieveable that Liberals would need to stoop so low as to all but fabricate a bullcrap headline implying Bush had a war agenda from the beginning, from meaningless information such as this. The most glaringly pathetic and assnine thing in the article was this statement from the reporter that in order to protect his source he hand typed the information onto plain paper, and then destroyed the originals? Does he think we are stupid? These leftist idiots just don't learn do they? We've had several articles appear in the media over the last year or so that proved to be complete fabrications and/or outright falsehoods. We've had outright falsification of documents, and we've had unsubstantiated articles published, and now we have a combo of both unsubstantiated data, and falsification of documents that were allegedly honestly destroyed in an attempt to be nice to a source. Please! Do Liberals really think the American people are that stupid, or is this real hard wishful thinking on their part? Then they are going to attempt to make a damaging report against the Bush administration out of inuendo, and a simple dinner conversation where Iraq and regime change was discussed at the same time? Anyone with half a working brain knows that regime change in Iraq was discussed amongst our allies by several presidents before W2, including Democrat Bill Clinton. So now we are to believe that because W2's advisor happens to talk about regime change just after 9/11 its more significant, and has a more sinister meaning behind it than when Clintons people talked about it? I don't think so. Again, this is so much Liberal bull. I hope other Americans are getting quite sick and tired of this trump up a bogus story method thats quickly becoming a favorite MO for the Democrats, Liberal Media and Radical Left. I know I am. They cannot come up with one legitimate bit of information to work with, so they constantly trump up falsehoods to keep the waters churning. Enough is enough. Liberals and the Radical Left need to get a life, and realize that their assnine and idiotic idealology is wrong and not what the good people of this country are looking for.

Our second item of mention today is the laughing stock of an article in todays paper where its announced that Joseph Biden, the biggest Liberal jackal known to man, just behind Ted Kennedy, is contemplating a run for the presidency. What a way to start a week with a scare like that. Biden running is scary enough, but if he shoud actually succeed would be a travesty for this great country. It would be a monumental step backwards to the likes of the Carter administration. Biden is a radical left Liberal Democrat. He has done nothing for the hard working people of Delaware outside of violating their rights, catering to the credit card industry, catering to his touchy feely Liberal watchdog groups, and would do nothing but cater to radical left special interests, and the Liberal agenda if he should be elected. He should not be re-elected Delaware's sentator let alone be given one second of consideration as to the presidency. Be warned people, Joseph Biden is a dangerous man, and should not be voted into any office if you care at all about your freedoms, rights, morals, or about Americas future and safety.