Thursday, July 14, 2005

Stupidity Is Requirement

I'm convinced that to be a Liberal, you have to be a stupid person. I may have touched on this or something similar before, but what the hey. One thing that bugs the hell out of me is stupid people. Hence, Liberals bug the hell out of me and I don't like them. We as a race of so called intelligent beings are constantly tossing out that fact, that we are the intelligent race on the planet. Well, in my opinion, maybe some of us, but in limited numbers. It does not mean that someone has to have all knowledge, or even a high IQ. It means that someone must have a bit of common sense, and be able to think and reason correctly and make sense. Liberals seem to lack these qualities. Most of how they do things and the stuff they come up with makes no sense. Many times when they speak they cannot prove their point, and its obvious they have not thought anything out, but rather blindly looked for tidbits of an over all picture that key in on the twisted idea in their heads if taken out of context, or twisted into a meaning not originally intended. So what we get is a mishmash of nonsense. Today we had a writer in the opinion page that just had to write about the media. But what they said made NO sense what so ever. Besides the usual diatribe about how the administration hates the press because they allegedly tell the "truth", and people in the administration don't like what they hear, they made statements such as: "It is not the responsibility of the press to be fair and balanced, but to speak the truth." Well yes it is!! The media cannot be telling the truth if they are only giving a slanted one side of an over all story. For example, if we constantly see only the bombings and murders in Iraq on the news, we would assume, as is their intention, that things are going horribly wrong over there. But thats not the true story. The true story is that things are doing pretty well over there, so well in fact that the administration has begun to suggest possible troop reductions. What we don't see are all of the citites and towns where peace reigns. We don't see the new schools and children in class. We don't see new homes being built, we don't hear about new roads, and new businesses opening up and doing well. All we hear is the negative. To tell the whole truth about Iraq, the press must present a fair and balanced picture of both the good and evil sides. Otherwise they are not telling the whole truthful story, and that is wrong. The administration has nothing to do with that, its a Liberal/Media thing. If the administration were to desire to do something, they would in all likelyhood press to have the good success stories told as well by the media. This has not happened because the administration respects keeping their nose out of the media, and not using it as a propaganda tool. This is a sign of a great administration, an honest administration, and a fair administration.