Monday, June 27, 2005

Order Some Dunce Caps

Did you ever notice how slow Liberals are when it comes to real and true problems that need to be addressed? I've been driving now for 31 years. Driving in Delaware and surrounding states petrifies me. Each and every day its road moron after road moron. Running lights, running stop signs, passing on the shoulder at highway speed, driving up the shoulder, failure to signal, failure to yield, crawling up someone ass, illegal passing, crossing the center line or white shoulder/lane lines, illegal turns, and last but by no means least, speeding. These inconsiderate morons don't understand english? This type of selfish ignorant crap has been going on for decades. Ironically, in todays News Urinal, there is a front page article entitled, "Speeding becoming a serious problem." NO!!! Ya think!? Where have these idiots been? Speeding along with a ton of other traffic offenses IS ALREADY a problem. Speeding and a boat load of other illegal actions have been occuring with alarming regularity for decades! So now they are just starting to notice that selfish ignorant morons are speeding? Do they also see the other serious problems occuring on a daily basis? Why is it that the Liberal media are so slow to acknowledge real problems? I think I know why. Because they are afraid that local government will actually take action, and give the police more powers to do their jobs. Liberals are terrified of authority. That is unless they are the authority. They pick on speeding thinking its simple to step up patrols and, as mentioned in the article, have police stop with the X miles over rule that we all know is there, but the police deny exists. This is where police would normally not pull a driver over and ticket them if they were only going a few miles over the posted limit. Well, this, as with most Liberals hairbrained ideas, will not work. They, as always, try the approach with as little impact, and as much appeasement as possible. I think the police should not waste their time ticketing drivers for 5 mph over or 2 mph over, and go after the freaks going 25 mph over, and passing on the shoulder. The problem is, these drivers are sharp, and they know they can get away with what they do because the police are limited in numbers and in power. The police need to be given more powers, and more advanced means of traffic control. Something like police hiding on side roads accessing a problem streatch of road so they are out of sight. This way the road moron going 87 in a 60 zone and passing on the shoulder will not see the police, and have a chance to correct his/her actions before the police can catch them. While these police sit in the wings, a chopper is in the air and watching the eratic and illegal movements of a driver, identify the vehicle and radio to the hiding police. The police then come out of hiding, suprising and catching the real offendors. When I lived in Florida, police in a small town used a tactic similar to this, and it was quite effective. They would place officers in several successive side streets in wait. These side streets were heavily surrounded by shrubbery so that a driver could not see the police as they sped along. In the first side street an officer would suddenly jump out onto the sidewalk holding a radar gun and get their reading before the driver knew what happened. They instantly radio to the other officers the offending car, and they step out and pull the driver onto the side street and write the ticket. They allowed 5 mph over, but they caught a LOT of idiots speeding. Similar monitoring could be done at problem intersections where these road morons run lights and stop signs all the time, and start writing tickets. But I feel that the Liberals are afraid that this would give the police a little too much rope for their liking. As we've seen today, they will pressure police a little to start with a zero tollerance policy, which will do not thing to stop the real criminal drivers, but it will cause a hardship for the average Joe who is just plodding along trying to get to his/her minimum wage job. So, as usual, the Liberals would have an idea that sounds OK, but lacks in smarts. This, in traditional Liberal fashion, will be implemented wrongly which will cost innocents money, and not resolve the real problem. Its the Liberal way.