Friday, June 24, 2005

Prime Examples

We went from famine to feast over night here as far as subject matter is concerned. All of todays comments are regarding Liberals and what they do best.

First is this joke of a decision by the LIBERAL justices on the supreme court that will violate land and home owners rights across the nation. They have ruled that a municipality/city or similar such government entity can take your land and/or home if they deem that its use in a different manner would be of benefit to the community. So much for eminent domain and homeowners rights. Now all we need are the crooked politicians to trump up bullcrap reasons and grandoise tales of how any property should be taken as changing its use would benefit the community. Special interests will be having a field day with their new land grab powers. All they have to do is butter the bread of their political pals and have them work their magic, and the land is theirs. This brings up my question for the day. Where now are the Liberals and their screaming about a persons civil rights? Where is their outrage at this legalized land grab by the rich developers and investors? There is NONE, and you know why, because this was Liberals at work. Do you think they would have sat still if some Republican city official suggested legislation that allowed the forceful taking of a persons land? Do you think they would have sat still in silence if conservatives came up with this idea, or how about the Bush administration? Hell yes we would have heard every cry manageable. But the silence is deafening.

Lets comment on Karl Rove. This is a very revealing incident. Karl speaks the truth on this subject of how Liberals reacted to 9/11 vs how conservatives reacted to 9/11. He is 100% correct in what he said in that Liberals wanted to appease and litigate, while the conservatives wanted to kick butt. Whats interesting is how many Democrats jumped up and started spouting off about being outraged by Mr. Roves' statment. So are they admitting that they are indeed Liberals? Mr Rove addressed only Liberals, not Democrats. So either we must conclude that Democrats are indeed Liberals, or they are stupid idiots. In any event, there is nothing to be outraged about when someone is speaking the truth as Mr Rove did. He did not come out and defame the military, or the people who died on 9/11 like Durbin did. Durbins coments were insulting, untruthful, and wrong. Thats your outrage. But as usual Liberals and Democrats saw nothing wrong in Durbins comments, but had a huge problem with the truth. As a result, unlike their reaction, or lack thereof, regarding a real issue, they now start acting like two year olds with their demands of an apology and resignation crap over a comment that was based on truth and fact.

Lastly, I have to comment on the editors comments in todays paper which were typically Liberal and revealing as to where they really stand. They had sharp criticism for the amendment thats moving forward regarding the desicration of the flag. In typical Liberal fashion they use the old and unapplicable argument that this amendment if passed would be a supression of an individuals right to free speach. Bullcrap. This is not about free speach. This is all about having some respect for the symbols of your country. People today, many of which are Liberals, have a serious lack of respect for anyone and anything they deem fit to violate. When called out on their ignorant, selfish, and disrespectful actions, they start with the crying about freedom of speach. Basically there is a fine line between assult and freedom of speach. You cannot abuse one right to violate those of another a-holes! That is what this is all about. When you assult the flag by desecrating it, you insult and threaten those soldiers you love to use as a tool by saying they fought so you could have a right to desecrate that flag. Bullcrap. You not only insult them, what they did, what they stood for, but you insult every person in this country. Then you have the gall to call this freedom of speach. No, its an assult, and its wrong.