Friday, July 01, 2005

An Opportunity For Great Change

Today a great opportunity for the good conservative people of this country opened up wide with the resignation of justice Sandra O'Connor. Justice O'Connor was a middle of the road centrist judge who sometimes played both sides with her decisions. However, one must note some of her more recent decisions and watch how she moved to the left as time went by. She was the swing vote in the wrong direction when it came to the seperation issue. If this country is going to get back on track, and restore its former values, moral structure, and correctly applied law based on the constitution and not on what the justices think, then it is imperative that her replacement be a solid conservative. If and when justice Rhenquist retires or passes, which may be soon due to his failing health, then it becomes even more critical to have a solid conservative replacement appointed to the court in his place. With both of these critical positions filled with solid conservative american loving justices, then maybe we will see correct constitutional based decisions coming from this court, and a lot less successful bullcrap actions from the likes of such communist outfits like the ACLU. Urge your president to appoint a solid conservative to these positions, and urge your representatives and senators to support their appointment, and vote them into office.