Thursday, June 30, 2005

Ears Closed, Eyes Wide Shut

First off I'd like to say thanks to our most pathetic president of all time, Jimmy Carter. Thanks to you, you hapless appeaser idiot, we now have a terrorist as president of Iran. A country you handed to the terrorist during your term, by your pathetic appeasements that allowed the Shaw to be overthrown by terrorists, and turn the country into a serious problem.

On to the main story, the presidents speach on Iraq. I watched the presidents speach and found that in a nutshell it was basically a rehash of his previous positions on the matter of the Iraq war. We must fight terrorisim where it thrives, and we must stay the course. I know this because the last several times he has had to waste his time repeating them, I was able to listen and comprehend what was being said. Liberals must have a serious problem with listening and comprehension, and deciphering what they are seeing and hearing. They continue to harp endlessly on falsehoods, inuendo, and Liberal left lies in vain attempts to discredit the president and the war effort. In their blindness, they say assnine things that tick me off to no end such as "Iraq has nothing to do with Osama Bin Laden", and "Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11'. BULL! Iraq has everything to do with Osama Bin Laden and 9/11 and terrorisim. These Liberals are naieve enough to think that we are stupid enough to believe otherwise? I'd be willing to bet my dollar that if good old liar Bill Clinton were in office that this war would be the best thing since sliced bread, and it would be all about 9/11 and fighting terrorisim, IF we would even be at war seeing that Clinton was a spineless appeaser too. In clear and concise terms, Iraq was a terrorist regeme, terrorists align with terrorists and terrorisim. Any link with terrorisim in any way, is a link to terrorisims leaders, namely Osama Bin Laden and Abu-Musab al-Zarqawi. If anyone does not agree with that fact they are a serious moron plain and simple. Further, in fighting the terrorists, and using their resources to fight in a war in Iraq, it lessens the likleyhood of another 9/11 type of attack happening here on US Soil. It does not eliminate the possibility, but it helps greatly in lessening the likelyhood of another attack. So there are the obvious links for you Liberals jackals who continue to harp about there being no connection between the three. Your wrong as usual. Stop wasting our time trying to discredit the president and this much needed war. Stop with the spineless rhetoric, and crying about 1753 dead and thousands more wounded. Stop with the lies about pre-war intentions, and stop with the insinuations of lies by the leadership. The casualties are so small in number compared to Vietnam and WW2 that its hard to make a comparison. We have done an outstanding job of keeping casualties down, try praising that instead of using that and the dead to propagandize your commie causes. One memo about a topic that was talked about before the war is not proof of an agenda, it simply means our secretary of state would like to know how our allies felt about Saddam and keeping him in power or removing him. You can harp about lies all you want, but the only ones that are factual lies are the Liberal lies about this whole issue. You twist words, you make up stories, and you corrupt facts to fit your version of things, and when questioned you resort to cussing, and tantrum throwing. Liberals need to grow up, and stop wasting our time and resources instead of pouting like a bunch of loser sissys. Liberals also have the audacity to stand there and criticize the president for poor planning. They accuse him of not planning well enough for the aftermath of the initial offensive. They say he did not plan well enough for the insurgancy. Who in the hell can plan accurately for an event like a war? Listen to how assnine those statement are. Are we to believe that the president and his staff should have known exactly how each offensive would play out, exactly how many insurgents would actually come into play, exactly how the insurgents would operate from week to week including their various murderous tactics? Is this what the administration was expected to do? You've got to be kidding me! Now they continue with this bullcrap line of improbable requests, and constantly demand completion dates? So were also to believe that the president and his staff can accurately predict exactly when the Iraqi police, army, and security forces will be fully at the ready and the insurgancy will give up or be defeated? Nonesense. These damn Liberals get more rediculous each and every day. Anyone who does not see that as fact is a Liberal hymie of the highest order themselves.

Lastly comes Joseph Biden. Another pathetic waste of sperm in my opinion, had announced his possible intentions of running for president in 2008. The announcement was all full of maybes, but then within a week we have a PAC formed in his name called. Unite Our States. Please, spare me. First of all he's already lying about his intentions. Why form a PAC if your not sure your even running? We cannot Unite Our States if the Liberals and commie entities such as ACLU continue to drive wedges between every issue they do not support causing demographics to become fractured. As is typical, anything Liberals and their ilk do is destructive in the name of being constructive. They claim that this PAC site will help determine if this idea is a good one or ends in failure. Save yourself the expense Joe, I can confirm your aleady a failure, as a Liberal senator, as a representative of this state, and as a human being.