Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Catching Up And How To?

I am back from vacation. It was good to get away for a short while with no TV, no Blogs, no newspaper, and no phone. Not too much has happened since. The Liberals are still going back and harping on previously rehashed issues for the most part. Joe Biden is still a jackass. Karl Rove seems to be their whipping boy for now. As usual, the idiot Liberals want to lynch the man because he is a conservative and made a comment perfectly within the legal guidelines. Mr Joe "Jackass" Biden is already calling for him to be fired. No Joe, you should be fired, and the sooner the better as far as I am concerned. I cannot belabor this issue as there is nothing more to say as its the same old story. The London bombings were the only incident that happened of any significance. Of course now we have these Liberal idiots out there who have the unsubstantiated gall to say that London got hit because of their alliance with the USA, and the war in Iraq. Can't these mindless dolts come up with a new line? Of course they are wrong again. London got hit because Islamic murderers hate anyone who is not of Islamic faith to their liking. If the Liberals assnine statement were true then why did these murderers bomb or commit Ilamic based murders in Israel(5/1/05), Somolia(7/11/05), India(7/6/05),Thailand(7/6/05), Dagestan(7/5/05)+(7/2/05), Saudi Arabia(6/18/05), Russia(6/12/05), Chechnya(6/9/05), Algeria(6/7/05), Philipines(5/27/05), Yeman(5/7/05), and the list goes on and on. Many of the places listed above have been bombed or witnessed murders repeatedly. None of these places have soldiers or other personnel fighting terror along with us. As is usual, Liberals blab off their big mouths without knowing the facts. Shut up unless you know what the hell your talking about. So this brings me pretty much up to date. My posts may be sporatic for a while due to time restraints caused by my job. But I will post as often as I can and as issues warrant.

One thing I did get a chance to think about when I was relaxing. I have this Blog, and there are a ton of other excellent conservative Blogs out there. There are also a lot of great Conservative web sites around, and the number thankfully is growing. But I have to wonder. We always see news about the supreme court making horrendous decisions, many times regarding law suits brought by the likes of Liberal special interest groups, and the ACLU. Its depressing to work so hard to keep a web site going and to do a Blog on a day to day or even weekly basis only to see these things still happening. What twists the knife for me is we never hear about Conservative wins. We never see or hear about anyone challenging the supreme court, or filing suit against the ACLU, or filing suit because they wanted to say a prayer before class but their rights were violated by the courts or ACLU. We never see this, and we certainly never see a win for our side obviously. So, are we all just preaching to the choir? We all have excellent words. Excellent rebuttles for Liberals, and corrupt organizations like the ACLU or MoveOn etc. But if we are not actually taking actions and winning judgements, are we really making any progress or are we just making a lot of noise and its otherwise status quo? I want to know as concerned Conservatives, what have we done, and what can we do to be pro-active and make statements, and get permanent changes, and get correct judgements? How can we get an assnine judgement reversed? How do we actually go after courts, judges and groups like the ACLU, and actually get things changed and the ACLU stopped/barred? I not only want to take names, I want to kick butt too. There must be a way.....